System's POV - Chapter 315

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Chapter 315

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Chapter 315.2: The Arrival Of The Legendary Rookie [Part 2]


When Thirteen arrived, those who were present in the Gateway immediately became ecstatic.

Right now, the name Zion Leventis was a very hot topic among Wanderers, even surpassing the popularity of the so-called Prodigies of the current generation.

"Colonel, is this the device that transmits the information of a Wanderer?" Thirteen asked after he was led inside the Headquarters of the newly arrived Wanderers in Wayside City.

"Yes, it is," Warren replied. "But, this is for public use. I advise the Young Master to use our private appraising device, so that your information will be protected."

The device that was present in the Headquarters was a means for the Monarch Clans, as well as the Prestigious Families to check the information of the Wanderers who wished to become their retainers.

If the Wanderers showed considerable skills and talent, they would be scouted and trained under their family's banner.

The Central Government followed the same principle. However, Warren didn't wish for the other Families to know anything about Zion's information.

Unfortunately for him, the ten-year-old had other plans in mind.

"It's fine," Thirteen stated. "I'll use this instead."

Without even waiting for Warren's reply, Thirteen walked towards the device and pressed his right hand on what seemed like a crystal ball, which would scan his body to record his current data.

This artifact was similar to the first gateways that appeared in Pangea. It was a technology that was sent by The One to let Wanderers show off their talents to others.

But, there was one condition of using it.

The Wanderer must wish for his information to be viewed freely.

If someone were to force a Wanderer to show his stats, the device wouldn't work because that was a rule that was set by Laplace Demon, to prevent others from abusing this technology.

The moment Thirteen placed his hand on the Crystal Ball, a projection appeared on the giant screen, which could be seen by everyone in the headquarters.

The agents of the Monarch Clans, Prestigious Clans, Central Government, and other influential factions, and families, all looked at it with great expectations.

They wanted to see just how powerful Thirteen was, and they planned to send this information to the heads of their families and organizations.

Name: Zion Leventis

Age: 10 Years Old

Race: Human

Rank: Rookie

Skills: None

Items: None

Avatars: None

< Permanent Debuff >

— Rank Ban

— Skill Ban

— Item Ban

— Avatar Ban

Unique Abilities: Universal Language Proficiency.

Beast Companion: Tiona.

At first, everyone thought that there was an error in the device because the data that appeared wasn't what they were expecting.

However, after Warren asked Zion to try it a second time, the same results appeared, which created a buzz in the surroundings.

What everyone didn't know was that the information that was appearing in the projection was incomplete.

Before leaving the Celestial World, Thirteen asked Laplace Demon to tweak his Status Page, so that certain skills, and abilities wouldn't be detected by the Appraisal Tool that was used in Pangea.

Of course, Laplace Demon was more than happy to agree to Thirteen's request because he believed that the boy would get too much attention when he returned.

Because of this, he tweaked the ten-year-old's stats, and made sure that the only thing that the Appraisal Tool would see were the stats that Thirteen wanted them to see.

"As you can see, Colonel, it seems that I can't pass the Rookie Rank," Thirteen said calmly. "Can I still join the Central Government?"

"I-It's fine!" Warren replied. "We don't discriminate against those who want to be our soldiers."

Although he tried hard to hide it, there was still a tinge of disappointment in his voice after seeing Thirteen's data.

The promotion that was waving at him earlier seemed to have run away somewhere, making the Colonel sigh internally.

"Follow me for now," Warren said. "If you really wish to become a part of the Central Government, we need to follow the proper procedures."

Thirteen nodded. "Understood."

As Warren took Zion away to be interviewed, his data spread through the network of Wanderers like wildfire.

Leventis Main Residence…

"Father, there is news," Michael opened the door of Arthur's office without warning, and looked very troubled.

"Did he now?" Arthur asked back as he glanced at his son. "It's about time he returned. Where is the little rascal right now?"

"He's in Wayside City," Michael replied. "But, that is not the problem right now. Please look at this."

Michael tapped on the artifact in his possession, which emitted a projection in front of his father.

Lady Callista and Hans, who were also at the office, gazed at the projection calmly.

However, a few seconds later, the calmness on their faces disappeared and was replaced by disbelief.

Even Arthur, who didn't expect this sudden turn of events, couldn't help but clench his fists tightly.

"We have our agents in Wayside City, right?" Arthur inquired. "Order them to bring Zion back here right now."

"Father, it is our agents who have sent us this information," Michael answered. "Zion plans to join the Central Government and purposefully used the Appraising Device meant for the public."

"What?! He plans to join the Central Government?!" Arthur exclaimed. "Did he get his head hit during the battle?! What kind of nonsense is this?! Tell our people to bring him here. Tell them to drag him if they have to!"

"Understood, Father," Michael immediately opened the communication channel to talk to their people and gave them the order.

While this was happening, several big shots in Pangea were also looking at Thirteen's stats with mixed reactions.

Some pitied him because they thought that the world had lost such a promising individual.

Others rejoiced because they hated the fact that a mere seven-

year-old was getting a lot of attention as of late.

The Heads of the Monarch Clans, as well as the Prestigious Families on the other hand, felt relieved because they didn't want any talented individuals rising within the Leventis Family.

When Gerald was kicked out of the family and was targeted by the Assassin Organization, Death Wish, everyone thought that his wings had been clipped, making the Prodigy of the Leventis Family fall from grace.

However, when Gerald made a comeback and massacred the Assassins who were after his life, the Prestige of Death Wish plummeted and their fame took a great hit.

They thought that it was only a matter of time before Gerald regained his bearings, and once again became the powerhouse of his generation.

But, to make matters worse, his son, Zion, had become a legendary figure among Wanderers, especially those who were being sent to Solterra for the first time.

They believed that since a seven-year-old was able to survive such a difficult mission, they could survive on their first missions as well.

Now that the Prodigy that they feared to rise among the younger generation was stuck in the Rookie Rank, all their worries disappeared because they had seen that he did not have the ability to pose a threat to anyone.

Meanwhile in the Main Headquarters of the Central Government…

Rianna, who was in the command room with her little sister and Father, looked at the projection in front of her with shock and resentment.

She couldn't believe that someone as capable as Zion would no longer be able to advance in rank.

The other restrictions that he received prevented him from becoming a True Wanderer because he would not be able to use Skills, Items, and Avatars, which were the core traits and abilities of being a Wanderer.

"Rianna, is that the same Zion that you praise so highly?" Rianna's little sister, Kate, asked.

"Y-Yes," Rianna replied. "But, there must be some kind of mistake. This is just impossible. This has never happened before."

Rianna's father continued to look at Thirteen's stats with his hands clasped behind his back.

He was reading the information about the Rank Ban, Item Ban, Avatar Ban, and Skill Ban, which had been revealed in Thirteen's profile, with a calm expression on his face.

"Rianna, do you know the three types of Wanderers?" Rianna's father asked, while still looking at information in front of him.

"No, Father," Rianna replied.

The man with gray hair nodded before looking at his two daughters calmly.

"There are three types of Wanderers," Rianna's father stated. "The first one are the regular Wanderers. They are the people who explore the world of Solterra, looking for a path to survive, or a path to increase their strength.

"The next type of Wanderer is called a Pathfinder. These people are the leaders, who guide other Wanderers to reach a common goal, or accomplish a task which needs many people to resolve.

"There are several Pathfinders in the world, and you will encounter a lot of them in your journey in Solterra."

Rianna, who was listening silently earlier, spoke her thoughts out loud.

"Then that means that Zion is a Pathfinder, right?" Rianna stated. "He is a great leader, and able to lead the other Wanderers to safety."

Rianna's father didn't affirm, or deny Rianna's words, and simply continued his explanation.

"The third type of Wanderer is called a Beyonder," Rianna's father declared. "They are the Wanderers who exceed the norms, and pave a path not only for Pathfinders and Wanderers, but for all the people they meet.

"I have only met one Beyonder in my lifetime, and I met him three hundred years ago during the great expedition that challenged the Genocide-Level-Gate that appeared in our world.

"He played a crucial role in killing the Leader of the Jinns, but perished because he was betrayed by the people whom he thought were his allies. I have never seen another Beyonder in my lifetime, but… I have a feeling that this Zion Leventis might be the next Beyonder to appear in this world."

Rianna looked at her father with surprise because she wasn't aware that there were classifications between Wanderers.

"Perhaps, this boy's potential is too great that even The One felt threatened of his existence," Rianna's father stated before taking out his communicator from his pocket and dialed a number.

"It's me," Rianna's Father said as soon as the connection was established. "Approve the registration of Zion Leventis, and assign him as the Head of the 69th Battalion that we are planning to form this year.

"Give him the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, and allow him to handle everything, including the recruitment and management of his Battalion. If someone complains, tell them to find me."

Rianna's father didn't even bother to wait for the reply from the other side before cutting the connection.

"Zion Leventis…," Rianna's Father smiled faintly. "Let's see if you are going to start a revolution, or lead this world to its destruction. I can't wait to see how you will grow up."

Rianna, hugged her sister, while clenching her fists tightly.

If there was truly a Beyonder among Wanderers, she believed that the seven-year-old who saved her three years ago, was the only one suitable for that position, which even her father admitted was far from his reach.

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