System's POV - Chapter 318

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Chapter 318

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System's POV

Chapter 318.1: Star Kingdom [Part 1]


"Wow!" Rhia clapped her hands after getting out of the car.

They were standing in front of the Star Kingdom, which was the name of the theme park of the Leventis Family.

The entrance of the theme park was quite impressive. There were even mascots greeting the children who had come with their families to enjoy the theme park.

Thirteen held his two sisters' hands and walked to the gate with confident steps.

Fluffy, Boo, and Albion trailed behind them, which earned them countless gazes from the kids and the parents that had come to the theme park.

Only Wanderers were capable of summoning Avatars, so all of them thought that the monsters following the children belonged to the handsome teenage boy with short black hair and green eyes.

Of course, Thirteen knew what they were thinking, but he didn't bother to correct their assumptions that the monsters following them didn't belong to him.

"Tickets, please," the clerk manning the gate said with a smile.

"Here you go," Remi handed the tickets that her brother had given her beforehand.

The Clerk then tied a small bracelet on each of their wrists and reminded them that if they planned to have their Avatars accompany them inside the Theme Park, they would be held liable for any damages caused by them.

Thirteen nodded in understanding and assured the Clerk that his Avatars would behave properly.

Unfortunately, as much as the Avatars were well-behaved, there was a human who didn't plan on behaving.

"Bwadder! There! There!" Rhia excitedly pointed at a mascot who was giving balloons to the children who would pass the gate.

"Okay, calm down," Thirteen replied, feeling happy because he believed that he had chosen the right place to spend some fun time with his two sisters. "We'll get the balloon."

"Bwalloon!" Rhia said as she tugged at the pants of the mascot, asking for her balloon.

The Mascot, of course, handed a balloon to Thirteen, who tied it on the three-year-old's wrist so that it wouldn't fly away if she accidentally let go of its string.

He did the same to Remi so that his other little sister wouldn't be left out.

"Bwadder, no bwalloon?" Rhia tapped Thirteen's wrist before looking up to look at his face.

"Okay. Give me one balloon too," Thirteen, who had a soft spot for children, said to the Mascot.

The Mascot, of course, gave him a green balloon, which Remi happily tied to his wrist.

A few minutes later, the three of them headed to the Petting Area where the harmless Rank 1 Monsters were located.

Rhia giggled as she petted the head of a fluffy white rabbit who caught her eye.

Remi, on the other hand, approached a Marmot that was busy eating a cookie and lightly rubbed its head and belly.

Fluffy and Boo felt jealous, so they approached Remi and Rhia, wanting to be petted as well.

Of course, the two girls who loved their two pets played along and gave them the attention they wanted.

Thirteen then eyed the Corgi-sized Unicorn beside him and asked it a question.

"Jealous?" Thirteen asked.

'Jealous of what?' Albion replied using telepathy. 'Jealous of these low-class monsters? Oh, please. Do you really think that I need attention that badly?'

Thirteen glanced at the unicorn's tail, which was wagging left and right, and laughed internally.

It was obvious that Albion also wanted to be petted by Rhia, who was now petting a small pink piglet.

However, it was too proud and arrogant to lower itself and beg for the three-year-old's attention.

Rhia loved Boo and Albion and would always drag them with her wherever she planned to take a nap or play.

Although all of her memories of the past had been erased completely, she still felt a strong attachment to them.

While Albion was deep in thought about whether he should lower his pride or not, he and Thirteen noticed two pink-haired girls looking at two fluffy white rabbits, which seemed to be paralyzed with fear.

"Do you think these rabbits will taste good if we roast them?"

"Cinnamon thinks that we should give it a try."

The staff who overheard the two girls hurriedly went to tell them that the animals in the petting zoo were not meant to be eaten.

The two girls then looked at the rabbits with disappointed looks on their faces, making Thirteen and Albion wonder if they were truly serious about eating them.

'Poor kids,' Albion said. 'It seems that their parents are not feeding them properly.'

Suddenly, Rhia waddled toward the two girls. She took out two cookies from her snack pouch and handed them to the girls.

"Cwookie!" Rhia smiled as she looked up at the two girls who seemed to be a few years older than her sister, Remi.

"You're a good girl," the pink-haired girl said as she accepted the cookie that Rhia gave her.

"Cinnamon also thinks that you're a good girl!" The girl named Cinnamon accepted the cookie given to her and started to nibble it.

"Still hwangry?" Rhia inquired because she could tell that the two girls were still hungry.


"Cinnamon is hungry, too!"

Rhia then walked towards Thirteen and grabbed his hand.

"Bwadder. Hwangry!" Rhia said as she pointed at the two pink-

haired girls with a sad look on her face.

"Okay. Let's treat them to something good." Thirteen crouched down to pat Rhia's head. "Good girl."


Thirteen then glanced at the two girls, who were looking at him with curious gazes.

"What are your names?" Thirteen asked.

"I'm Maple!"

"I'm Cinnamon!"

"Both of you have cute names," Thirteen said. "Do your parents love to eat?"

"Mama loves to eat!"

"Papa also likes to eat!"

"Where are they?" Thirteen inquired.

"Not here," Maple replied.

"Maple and Cinnamon secretly left the house~" Cinnamon smiled.

Thirteen didn't know if the two girls were joking or not, but he just smiled and nodded his head.

He then reached out to touch his earpiece and asked his subordinates who were secretly following them to look for Maple's and Cinnamon's parents inside the park.

The teenage boy was worried that the two girls had been separated from their parents by accident and had wandered into the Petting Area because the cute animals caught their eye.

"Okay, let's eat first," Thirteen declared, which made Maple and Cinnamon very happy.

"Mwaple, Cinah, come!" Rhia grabbed hold of the two pink-

haired girls' hands and pulled them toward the exit, as if she knew exactly where the restaurants that served food were located.

Thirteen and Remi followed behind their sister, who seemed to have made some new friends in the park.

While this was happening, Thirteen's subordinates were trying to reverse search the faces of the two girls in their database so that they could find their parents.

However, try as they might, they couldn't find any information about them.

They even accessed the database of the Theme Park, in order to get some information about the two girls.

However, after a meticulous search, they came upon a surprising discovery.

The two girls weren't wearing any bracelets on their wrists, which doubled as a tracking device.

This tracking device was something that the staff of the theme park used in order to find lost children who had become separated from their parents while exploring the attractions of the theme park.

However, there were no such bracelets in the two children's possession, which made them wonder how the two of them managed to get past the gate, which was guarded by Masters and Grandmasters, who were there to ensure the public's safety.

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