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Chapter 709: Fierce Fight

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Chapter 709 Fierce Fight

As soon as they found themselves amid the storm created by Vicente and Rory, the vampires quickly used their special abilities to form a strategic arrangement. Three of them cleared a path for the fourth, the strongest among them, who was tasked with eliminating a significant portion of the enemy group.",

Sensing through Lina and Casey's abilities that she was targeted to be turned into an inferior vampire, Sarah acted swiftly. She concentrated all the magical power of her four pentagrams, targeting precisely where the enemy would appear the next second.

Layla, witnessing the same development, infused her hand with mana, ready to fight.

The creature approached Sarah so swiftly that even Layla, the quickest of the group, struggled to track his movement.

But as he opened his mouth to bite, Sarah intervened. She unleashed a combination of her powers and the electromagnetic energy from her 4th-grade armor.

Metal chains sprang up, binding the creature's ankles, while Lina and Casey augmented the assault with their armor, putting pressure on the vampire.

Though such tactics were trivial for a superior vampire at the level of an Earth Sovereign, their nearly flawless response surprise the creature.

With a sly grin and a lick of his lips, he thought, 'Looks like someone is anticipating my every move.'

Before he could move, he felt his chest being sliced open and noticed what looked like a hand reaching for his corrupted heart.

He instinctively moved one of his hands, slapping it into the apparent void, aiming it at the unseen being that had attacked him.

Layla moved enough to dodge the enemy's attack while Vicente let the metals now in the vampire's body attack his internal organs.

The creature's eyes narrowed as he momentarily missed his move while feeling the immense pain of his organs being torn apart.

It wasn't enough to endanger his life, but he couldn't help but open his mouth in agony, momentarily losing his ability to fight.

Seizing the opportunity, Onyx flew quickly at the creature, his beak and claws covered in darkness.

Just as the vampire was about to reach the young man with the short red hair, Vicente appeared in front of his friend, still invisible.

The vampire felt his opponent coming at him, but his speed wasn't enough to dodge such a close attack.

Vicente held both of the vampire's arms, creating a magnetic core inside his enemy's body. As he pressed hard on the vampire's arms, even the creature's strong bones couldn't withstand the pressure. Soon, cracking sounds were heard.

Using a mixture of his own and Torne's powers, Vicente raised the power of his storm to another level as he destroyed the vampire's soul in front of him.

The cracked gray barrier exploded like glass, while the vampire alone in the storm fell into a terrible situation, unable to withstand the many attacks, while the overconsumption of his mana weakened his soul.

The opponent in front of Vicente was in an even worse situation, unable to withstand the many blows to his organs while his opponent allowed him to neither defend nor counterattack.

Even before the second vampire fought Onyx, preventing the black-feathered beast from killing the first vampire, Rory would feel the fall of the first enemy at Vicente's hands.

The young redhead man would continue to stimulate the storm, not giving the wounded vampire a chance.

Fierce winds attacked the vampire, drops of water that looked more like needles and electric lightning.

The first vampire, initially wounded by Layla and Vicente, got up, still in pain, and tried to return to his plan of killing Vicente and Rory's followers.

But just as he thought he could eliminate one or the other of these enemies, he felt not only the aura of one of his weaker companions disappear completely, but also someone enter his mind.

It wasn't just someone, but two people, one of whom he honestly couldn't do anything against while trying to defend himself, and the other who was actually putting his life in danger.

"Shit!" He muttered, finally realizing that today's fight would be fatal for his group.

Even if any mistake by Vicente's group would cause the death of his companions, that didn't change the fact that the vampires themselves would be the ones to be exterminated there today!

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