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Chapter 710: The Vampire Plan

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Chapter 710 The Vampire Plan

Vicente skillfully deployed his mental powers against the strongest vampire in the area, easing Casey's access to the vampire's memories.",

As this superior vampire was about to strike at Lina, who moved to intercept, he found himself temporarily paralyzed under the combined mental onslaught from both Vicente and Casey.

Casey penetrated his opponent's mind, realizing Vicente was attacking the vampire to clear a path for him. 'Let's see what you know before I erase your primal instincts,' Casey thought to himself, his third eye glowing as the four pentagrams activated.

The group lost the advantage of Lina's prophetic abilities, but it no longer mattered. While Vicente kept the vampire's motionless, he shifted his focus to another severely wounded foe.

Weakened from the exertion of reaching this point and using both his and Torne's strength, Vicente approached the vampire caught in the storm, finding him lying on the ground in agony.

A sword materialized in Vicente's right hand, and with a swift motion, he decapitated the vampire.

With the vampire's body now motionless, Vicente turned to the severed head, using his mana and Torne's combined forces to obliterate the vampire's soul.

Seeing this, Rory had already moved towards his opponent under the combined mental attack of Casey and Vicente, knowing that Onyx could fight his own opponent alone for a few moments.

It was the Earth Sovereigns in his group who couldn't risk being near the vampire under mental attack!

He, Sarah, Layla, and Lina formed up against the enemy, which was moving slowly because of Casey and Vicente's attacks.

Rory made the creature's body burn, with explosions appearing under the creature's skin, while Lina was the one to lead the attacks, as she could predict the enemy's behavior and dodge more easily.

Layla and Sarah lined up to support Lina as she tried to attack the creature from a safe distance.

The creature only made himself more vulnerable by attempting to act against Vicente, only to have his heart pierced by Onyx's sharp beak while Vice moved to destroy his soul through the wound the black bird caused.

"Wretch..." That was all the vampire could say before he fell into the darkness of death, plummeting from the sky already dead.

Vicente acted in time to help the rest of his staff and soon used what little mana he had left to put pressure on the last vampire in the area with the help of his mount.

Casey's power reached its limit and he and his companions retreated at the exact moment he freed the creature from the mind control the vampire had suffered for over a minute.

He instinctively moved to attack Lina, but just as he was about to wound the brown-haired woman, the pressure of Vicente and Onyx's cultivation pushed him to the ground and prevented him from succeeding.

Seeing the opportunity before her, Lina struck the final blow of the battle, using everything she had left to exterminate the vampire's soul.

She didn't do it alone; Vicente and Onyx helped her. Still, it was by her hands that the last enemy in the area died!

After making sure the vampires were dead and there were no other enemies around, the entire group relaxed, feeling extremely tired after such a tough fight.

Even though he was mentally and physically exhausted, Casey looked at his companions and said in a worried tone. "I saw the vampire's plans when I read his memory." He pointed to the body of the last opponent while Vicente gathered the bodies in the area.

Casey said the most important thing first. "The vampires do not intend to wipe out all the magicians at once. They killed the strongest pillars of the magicians' community first, but they won't go after those with the potential to become Paragons, or even the few Paragons left on the continent.

Their plan is to keep these people believing in the hope they will grow stronger and eventually become good "nutrients" for the vampires.

In short, their intention is to treat us like livestock, using us to nourish and empower themselves!"

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