The Bloodline System - Chapter 1495

Published at 11th of June 2024 12:48:35 PM

Chapter 1495: Chapter 1495 Arriving At Deitrick's Party

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Chapter 1495  Arriving At Deitrick's Party

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Stark stroked his chin; "Well, they can't be on the ship all the time, now can they?"

"Yeah. Hopefully they're fine but it's possible they're not on the ship right now. I'll try again later." Gustav took a deep breath before turning around.

"Let's head out," Gustav voiced.




Meanwhile, back on Earth, Aildris and E.E were making their own preparations.

"Atrihea City is about thirty minutes flight from here," Aildris said, checking the coordinates on his handheld device. "We should arrive well before the party starts."

E.E nodded with a serious expression. "Since we are both headed there as MBO officers we shouldn't encounter any trouble."

Aildris nodded. "I've already arranged for a private landing pad. We'll be in and out without any issues."

E.E snapped his fingers and vortex appeared before them.

"Or we could just use this," He suggested.

"Appearances in a certain fashion is sometimes important. In this case, it is," Aildris replied.

He proceeded to tell E.E where his aircraft was located and E.E opened a vortex to there instead.

They instantly arrived in the private hangar where Aildris's ircraft was stored.

The aircraft had a shimmering blue exterior and seemed to be one of the most recent models from the leading technological group in Plankton City.

"Let's get going," E.E said, climbing into the co-pilot's seat. Aildris took the pilot's seat and activated the controls. The aircraft's engines roared to life, and they smoothly lifted off the ground, soaring into the sky.

As they flew, the landscape below slowly transformed from the urban sprawl of Plankton City to a more rural and scenic vistas surrounding Atrihea City.

Rolling hills, dense forests, and sparkling lakes dotted the terrain, creating a picturesque view.

Soon Atrihea City begin to come into view and one could spot floating structues in different areas of the sky.

E.E looked out the window, his mind racing with thoughts of their mission. "I think I might have the best way to make Deitrick spill more info."

Aildris glanced at him. "Besides sooting his ego?"

"Hehe it's gonna be a more of a good cop bad cop kind of thing. You soothe his ego while I'll try to bring it down which will cause him to want to mention more great things about the state of the alliance," E.E voiced with a thoughtful gaze.

"When did you start scheming like Gustav."

"He rubs off on all of us, doesn't he?"

The landscape shifted once more, revealing a bustling metropolis with a mix of historic and modern architecture. The city definitely had a lot of cultural heritage and vibrant arts scene, making it a fitting location for a high-profile event like the welcome-back party.

Aildris guided the aircraft towards landing the venue, a grand mansion on the outskirts of the city, surrounded by manicured gardens and ornate fountains.

As their spacecraft landed, they drew the attention of many who had gathered here.

This was just the type of attention they wanted so they won't be recognized as ordinary upon entering.

-"Who is that?"

-"I don't know but it has to be someone influential."

-"Young Deitrick welcome party sure has attracted big shots."

Some of the guests at the entrance whispered amongst themselves.

E.E adjusted his suit while preparing to get off the aircraft; "Let's do this."

"Sure," Aildris nodded as they both got off their seat.

As they approached the entrance, they could hear the lively chatter and music coming from inside. The party was in full swing, with guests mingling and enjoying the festivities.

Inside the mansion, the opulence was on full display. Crystal chandeliers hung from the ceilings, casting a warm glow over the elegant décor. Servers moved gracefully through the crowd, offering trays of exquisite hors d'oeuvres and champagne.

Aildris and E.E made their way through the crowd, greeting a few familiar faces along the way.

They caught the attention of some guests who were outside on their time of arrival and some began talking about them.

-"We have some young MBO officers here today."

-"I think I recognize them, didn't they participate in IYSOP?"

-"That E.E has built himself quite the reputation in the MBO."

E.E and Aildris smiled at each other as their flamboyant arrival was bearing the fruits they wanted.

They spotted Deitrick in the distance surrounded by a group of admirers, regaling them with tales of his time in the Alliance Corps.

His handsome appearance hadn't changed but he looked way more mature than years ago and a bit taller. He also happened to have a strong presence surrounding him, hinting at how far he had grown.

They both decided to keep a little distance for a bit as they engaged in the party.

Soon word about the arrival of two MBO officers who were youngsters just like Deitrick reached his ears.

Deitrick was curious about this as a person whispered in his ears. He soon turned towards their directions.

"Time to put our plan into action," Aildris said, giving E.E a reassuring nod.

They immediately approached Deitrick, who looked up and smiled, recognizing them. "Aildris, E.E! It's been a while. What brings you here?"

"We heard you were back in town and couldn't resist the opportunity to catch up," Aildris replied, his tone friendly. "Your father's party is fantastic."

Deitrick's chest puffed up with pride. "He does know how to throw a party, doesn't he? So, what have you two been up to?"

Aildris seized the moment. "We've been keeping busy, but nothing as exciting as your adventures in the Alliance Corps. You've got to tell us more about it. I've heard it's incredibly challenging to get in."

"But surely not as challenging as the MBO... Right?" E.E added.

Deitrick's eyes sparkled with excitement as he launched into a detailed account of his experiences, relishing the attention.

 Aildris and E.E listened intently, occasionally interjecting with questions that steered the conversation toward the information they needed.

"So, what's it like inside the Alliance?" E.E asked casually. "I've heard it's a tightly guarded secret."

Deitrick nodded, his expression serious. "It is. The security is top-notch, and only the highest-ranking corp members know the exact location. It's incredible, really, how they manage to keep it all under wraps."

Aildris leaned in slightly. "I can only imagine. It must be quite the logistical feat. Do they ever worry about breaches or unauthorized access?"

Deitrick laughed. "Not with the systems they have in place. Plus, each officer's ship is equipped with security measures to prevent that. Only specific ships can access the location, and even then, only under strict protocols."

"Besides who would want to breach the alliance? The panel masters are always present and each of them are not too far from Jack's level of power."

Aildris feigned awe. "That's impressive. Makes me wonder how anyone could ever find it without authorization."

Deitrick, enjoying the admiration, continued to elaborate on the measures, inadvertently revealing more about the protocols and security systems.

Aildris and E.E exchanged a subtle glance, knowing they were getting closer to the information they needed.

"Surely the panel masters cannot be compared to the MBO finest officers," E.E perked his chin up with a tone of pride.

"Oh they are better. They keep the place running when the MBO leader are not around. Since meetings do not hold all the time, the Alliance council is not usually functional but the MBO leaders visit every now and then for one situation or the other..." Deitrick kept tooting away non stop.

E.E and Aildris continued their conversation with Deitrick, carefully steering it towards topics that might reveal more useful information.

The atmosphere in the party was lively, with guests mingling, music playing softly in the background, and the clinking of glasses adding to the ambiance.

"So, E.E, you also participated in IYSOP," Deitrick said, a hint of jealousy creeping into his voice.

E.E smiled modestly. "Yeah, it was quite an experience. The challenges were intense."

Deitrick's expression soured slightly. "Well, participating in IYSOP isn't as important as being part of the Alliance Corps. You know, real-world missions, actual combat situations, not just some interstellar competition."

Aildris interjected. "True, but IYSOP does well to give us the opportunity to raise our our planet's banner. Being a part of the alliance corps means you don't specifically belong to a single planet."

Deitrick scoffed. "Ria also participated in IYSOP, yet he's in Alliance custody now. Shows how much that competition is worth."

E.E and Aildris exchanged a quick glance, taking note of Deitrick's slip. E.E feigned interest, probing further. "Ria's in Alliance custody? Where exactly?"

Deitrick, caught up in his moment of pride, nodded. "Of course. He's in Cell Block Delta-7. They keep all high-value prisoners there."

E.E and Aildris mentally filed away the information. This was a crucial piece of the puzzle.

As the conversation drew to a close, Deitrick, eager to showcase his skills and gain more prestige, suggested a friendly spar. "How about a sparring match? Just for old times' sake. It would be a great way to see how much we've all improved."

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