The Bloodline System - Chapter 1496

Published at 11th of June 2024 12:48:34 PM

Chapter 1496: Chapter 1496 Suicidal Mission?

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Chapter 1496  Suicidal Mission?

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Aildris raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure? We've had quite a bit of training since our cadet days."

Deitrick smirked. "I can handle it. Besides, it would be fun to see how we match up now."

Aildris and E.E continued to talk with Deitrick, sensing that their attempts to deter him from a spar were failing.

"A spar isn't a good idea," Aildris said, trying to reason with him. "This is a party, after all."

Deitrick waved his hand dismissively. "Come on, Aildris. It's just a friendly spar. Let's show everyone some real skills."

E.E shot Aildris a concerned look, but Aildris nodded subtly, indicating that he had it under control. "Alright, if you insist," Aildris agreed reluctantly.

Deitrick instantly had it announced in the party that he would be having a spar with some old friends from the MBO.

-"Oh a spar? This should be interesting."

-"Let us see what someone from the alliance corps can do."

Deitrick's father, Mr. Haddon, quickly arranged for a stage and a barrier to be set up in the backyard. The guests gathered around, curious and excited to see the spar. The atmosphere buzzed with anticipation.

Aildris and E.E had been suppressing their bloodline energy the entire time, so no one really knew their true levels.

Deitrick, confident and eager to show off, unleashed his first gate bloodline energy. The ground beneath him trembled, and a wave of power rippled through the air, causing the guests to murmur in awe.

"Let's see what you've got," Deitrick said with a smirk, charging forward to attack.

At that moment, Aildris stopped suppressing his bloodline energy.

The effect was immediate and overwhelming. The barriers surrounding the stage shattered into pieces, and the ground shook violently.

Aildris's bloodline energy seeped forth, spreading across the surroundings like an unstoppable force. The pressure and intensity of his energy were undeniable, causing many guests to stagger and nearly collapse from the sheer oppressiveness of it.

Deitrick's confident expression faltered for a brief moment, a look of horror flashing across his face as he realized the vast difference in their power levels.

'Damn it! I thought my improvement rate was second to only that of Gustav... How did Aildris become this strong?'

He quickly tried to mask his fear with a forced calmness, but it was clear that he was outmatched.

"This... this isn't necessary," Deitrick stammered, raising his hands. "I'm calling off the spar."

The guests whispered among themselves, clearly impressed and somewhat frightened by the display of power. Deitrick stepped back, his face pale as he tried to regain his composure.

E.E stepped forward, his expression serious. "Deitrick, it's important to know your limits. Aildris is a Beta Ranked Mixedblood. Challenging him wasn't a wise decision."

"It was just to catch up hehe. Thank you for the lesson," Deitrick voiced with a bashful expression.

The atmosphere gradually returned to normal as the guests dispersed, though the conversation continued to buzz about the incredible display of power they had just witnessed.

E.E and Aildris regrouped, sharing a knowing look. "That went better than expected," E.E said with a small smile.

"Indeed," Aildris replied. "But at least we got some information. We just need to make use of what we know."

E.E nodded. "We'll go plan our next move once this party is over."




On planet Agon, Gustav stood in a secluded area, his body glowing with the radiant aura of the three-in-one golden form.

 His muscles rippled with power, and his skin shimmered like molten gold.

'Time to see what God Eyes can do in this state...' Gustav said internally as he activated God Eyes.

There was no system notification as usual and Gustav didn't know what he was expecting but it certainly wasn't what came next...

His sight extended beyond the physical realm.

In this heightened state, he unconsciously tapped into scenes that filled him with confusion and dread.

The first vision showed Aildris, Falco, and Endric engaged in a fierce battle in an unknown location in space. Blasts of energy and flashes of light illuminated their faces, twisted with determination and strain. Alien figures clashed with them, and the trio fought valiantly.

The scene shifted abruptly to Ria, restrained in a dark, cold cell. His body was battered, and his face contorted in pain as an unseen figure tortured him. The sound of his anguished cries echoed through the cell.

The vision then morphed into another, even more disturbing scene. Jack, the strongest Mixedblood, stood facing a formidable opponent. With a swift, brutal motion, Jack was sliced in two, his body falling apart in a grotesque spray of blood.

Gustav's heart pounded in his chest as he watched himself appear in the vision, only to be stabbed in the chest by a powerful blade that created a black hole at the point of impact.

This was something he had seen before.

Gustav's eyes snapped open, and he staggered backward as the golden glow around him faded. He realized he had been in the golden body form for twenty-nine minutes before it deactivated.

 However, the duration of his transformation was the least of his concerns. The visions he had seen were vivid and terrifying.

Miss Aimee's projection appeared before him.

."Miss Aimee," Gustav began with a tone of uncertainty. "I think I saw... glimpses of the future. Aildris, Falco, and Endric were fighting, and Ria was being tortured along with a couple more unsettling things. Is it possible that these are true visions of the future?"

Miss Aimee's eyes softened with understanding. "It could be. The three-in-one golden body amplifies your abilities, including your perception of time. What you saw might very well be future events or branches in time which might occur on this timeline or outside of it..."

Gustav's heart raced. "I need to contact them."

Miss Aimee's projection faded, and Gustav sprinted towards Stark's ship. His mind raced with thoughts of the visions, and his worry for his friends grew with each passing second. He reached Stark's ship and immediately tried to contact Endric, Aildris, Falco, and Ria. The transmission failed to connect, and frustration bubbled within him.

"Come on," Gustav muttered as his fingers flew over the controls. He tried again and again, but there was no response. "Why aren't they answering?"

Stark approached, placing a reassuring hand on Gustav's shoulder. "Gustav, calm down. Maybe try again later?"

Gustav clenched his fists. "Stark, you don't understand. I saw them in trouble. I need to warn them to stop whatever they might be planning to do."

Stark nodded with a serious expression. "I understand your concern, but they might be in a situation where they can't respond right now."

"No you do not understand..." Gustav stated while the image of a particular person flashed in his mind.

"I can't lose anybody else."

Stark let out a sigh upon hearing this. Depsite how poker faced Gustav tended to be, he actually bore a lot of emotional scars.

"If they are about to embark on something, doesn't that mean they haven't done so yet because if they are in the ship, they would have answered your transmission," Stark chipped in from a logical point of view.

Gustav took a deep breath. "You're right. I'll just wait and try again later."

The next day, Gustav continued his training, pushing himself harder than ever before. He activated the three-in-one golden body form repeatedly, trying to extend the duration of its activation.

He was only one minute away from reaching the goal so now more than ever he wanted to achieve it.

In the golden body state, Gustav felt the familiar surge of immense power coursing through his veins. The golden glow enveloped him, making him feel invincible.

He closed his eyes, focusing on Earth, letting his perception travel across the vast expanse of space until the blue and green orb of his home planet filled his vision. As he descended with his astral form, he zeroed in on Plankton City.

From his vantage point, he saw the bustling streets, the high-tech buildings, and the people going about their daily lives.

Everything seemed normal. As he floated through the city, an unexpected sight caught his attention – Falco. He was casually walking down a street, heading towards an apartment building.

'When did Falco return to earth?'

Gustav followed him with his curiosity piqued.

Falco entered the building, and Gustav, in his astral form, phased through the walls. He followed Falco to an apartment and was surprised to see Aildris, Endric, and E.E inside, preparing for something.

The room was filled with various equipment, and a tense atmosphere hung in the air. Ria was noticeably absent, and as Gustav listened to their conversation, the pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place.

"It is finally time for us to get Ria back from the intergalactic alliance," Aildris stated.

E.E nodded. "We've been over how the infiltration will go. Everyone just needs to stick to their roles."

Gustav's mind raced. The future visions he had seen suddenly made sense. The battle, the danger – it was all connected to this mission. He couldn't let them go through with it.

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