The Bloodline System - Chapter 1497

Published at 11th of June 2024 12:48:33 PM

Chapter 1497: Chapter 1497 Jack Vs Angy

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Chapter 1497  Jack Vs Angy

Author's Note: Unedited Chapter


Pulling himself out of the golden body state, Gustav found himself back on Agon, panting from the exertion.

He realized he had been in the state for over thirty minutes. It was a new record. Before he could gather his thoughts, Miss Aimee's projection appeared before him.

"Congratulations, Gustav," she said with a proud smile. "You've reached the goal. It's time for you to use the Warp Demolator."

"Not yet," Gustav replied urgently. "My friends are in trouble. I gotta go."

Miss Aimee's expression turned serious. "I understand. But remember, you have a limited time."

"I know," Gustav said while turning around to leave. "I'm headed to Earth. I'll use the Warp demolator once I get back."

Miss Aimee nodded. "Very well. Be careful, kiddo."

Gustav nodded with an expression of determination before heading to pack up some essentials.


Stark wanted to come along, but Gustav shook his head. "I need to conserve as much energy in my dimensional bracelet as possible. I'll be going alone."

Stark frowned but nodded in understanding. "Be careful."

Gustav didn't waste any time. He input Earth's coordinates into the dimensional bracelet, and it began counting down.

< ...2 >

< ...1 >

With a flash of blue light, Gustav vanished from sight.

Gustav reappeared atop a mountainous region in Plankton City. The cool wind ruffled his hair as he looked around, taking in the familiar landscape.

 Without hesitation, he shapeshifted into a different look—a tall man with short brown hair and a plain face.

He had also learnt to also suppress his bloodline energy because with the aura he originally gave off, the entire city would feel that an alpha ranked Mixedblood was around.

Satisfied that he wouldn't draw attention, he leapt into the air.

[ Flight Has Been Activated ]

He sped across the sky as a blur against the horizon. In an instant, he arrived atop E.E's apartment building.


He immediately manipulated his body atoms, turning into milky light particles as he phased through the roof and down a few floors, arriving directly inside E.E's apartment.

The place was eerily silent. Gustav's eyes darted around the room, taking in the familiar surroundings.

"They already left..."

Realizing the apartment was empty, Gustav decided to properly spread his perception.

He closed his eyes to focus on their specific features, feeling the energy signatures around him. He could sense multiple spacecraft leaving Earth's orbit but his perception soon wrapped around a particular one.

"They're almost gone completely," Gustav muttered to himself while his brows knitted in frustration.

He prepared to intercept Endric, Aildris, Falco, and E.E, who were flying away from Earth in his spacecraft, unaware of his presence.

Just as he was about to leave, a sudden chaotic energy surged through his perception. He turned his attention to a particular icy region of Earth.

"This energy feels... Familiar..." Gustav muttered while his eyes slowly widened.

As Gustav sensed the familiar energy emanating from the icy region, his perception zeroed in on that direction.

The scene that unfolded before his mind's eye was both shocking and urgent. This was the exact place where the death angel was being held and where Jack was stationed as a guard.

Gustav's eyes widened in shock as he sensed a familiar yet altered presence that had just materialised like a glitch in reality.

 Her body was half white and half black, her eyes reflected a terrifying duality, and an inverted horn jutted from her forehead.

The figure that appeared was unmistakably Angy in her altered form.

With his perception providing feedback like a video recorder, Gustav could see that Jack had already confronted her. The sense of urgency spurred him into action. He couldn't afford to waste a single moment.

Without hesitation, Gustav activated his powers and shot towards the icy region at breakneck speed.

[ Lightning Blitz Has Been Activated ]

The landscape blurred around him as he crossed a terrifying distance, scaling multiple cities in one fell swoop.

Despite his speed, the battle between Angy and Jack had already commenced before his arrival.

Jack dark hair flowed in the icy wind, and his eyes were locked onto Angy, who hovered above the frozen ground, her dual-colored form exuding a menacing presence.

Both their energies clashed despite having not met each other with blows physically.

The surroundings were croaking in pressure and landscapes sinking due to this.

"Who are you?" Jack demanded as his voice echoed through the desolate landscape.

Angy did not respond. Her eyes were cold and devoid of emotion. In her hand, a dark blade materialized, its edge shimmering with a dangerous energy that seemed to slice through time, space, and reality itself.

'That blade... Very powerful. I should avoid head contact.' Jack said internally as star shaped patterns began to appear around him.


Without another word, the two clashed.


Angy's speed was incredible. Her movements were comparable to line like blurs as she darted around Jack, delivering swift and powerful strikes.

Jack, however, was no ordinary opponent as she must have been aware of.

He parried her attacks with ease, palm striking her wrist to prevent the slashes at close range before countering with devastating blows of his own.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

The devastating blows were unable to connect as Angy speed matched that of his, colliding with his palms and fists before they could hit her.

Such collisions were causing sounds akin to explosions as the surroundings suffered the consequences from their relentless clashes.

However, despite Angy's strength in this state, Jack no doubt had more experience and made use of it.

He bound Angy's empty hand with his space construct, rendering it momentarily immobile as he evaded a slash and sent a fist towards her frozen side.


Angy was sending flying across the air but Jack didn't let her get too far before he performed another action.

Eight star shaped patterns appeared around Angy's figure, instantly boxing her in.

Her entire frame was soon struggling to fit into the box of this space as it began to compress.

"This feels awfully familiar..." Jack mumbled.

"Oh yes. We've done this before but not in this timeline, right?" He added with a look of understanding.

Within the box Angy's face displayed an expression of struggle as the materialised blade fell out of her grasp and her body contorted while the space continuously shrunk.

"Well, I hate to break it to you but regardless of the timeline, I already gained experience from our previous battle so don't blame me for using that to my advantage. This time I will properly discard of you," Jack stated with a tone of assurance.

Gustav arrived at this moment on scene with a disoriented expression.

He wanted to move in but instantly stopped himself.

'What do I do? Do I help her? But my vision... If I interfere right now, will it spell the end for Jack?' Gustav found himself lost on what action to take.

("Don't interfere. Just look away if you can't handle it,") The system's voice chipped in.

The sight of Angy getting boxed in to the point where her bones began to creak and twist, truly wasn't something Gustav could bear to see.

"How can you ask me to look away...I can't let it end this way," Gustav wanted to interfere at this moment but the System spoke again.

("You are one that likes to use logic over emotions right? Do you think Angy will be able to kill anyone or you for that matter if Jack takes care of her now?")

'So you expect me to just sit back and do nothing?'

("For the sake of everyone, Jack and yourself, yes.")

Gustav squeezed his fist so tight in frustration that blood began to drip from his hand.


Angy figure mangled even more as the box grew smaller and at this point, there was not even a single bit of space within Jack's construct.

Gustav turned to watch as his heart pounded in his chest. He recounted all the memories shared with Angy from the day they met to how she began to grow on him.

He recalled their last encounter before she was taken while watching blood seep from his skin.

His heart ached... He had never felt this way before.

"I can't do it!" Gustav voiced before vanishing.


He reappeared before Jack and held his outstretched hand.

"You don't have to kill her," Gustav stated as his fist clumped tightly onto Jack's arm.

"Huh? Who are you?" Jack questioned with a look of astonishment.

"It doesn't matter. Why not just capture her instead of killing her. She doesn't necessarily need to die, right?" Gustav tried to reason with Jack causing him to momentarily pause his actions.

"What do you mean by she? That thing is an abomination that I will not allow exist on this earth for even a second longer if I could help it. I am not risking the safety of this planet on the hope that this thing will stay captured. It is even more powerful than I remember," Jack waved Gustav off with a gentle yet firm shove.

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