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Chapter 404

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In the blink of an eye, a very intense pressure was ushered into the whole Mount Ku Luo.  The wind in the mountain forest disappeared, and the group of magical beasts hiding in shock fell onto the ground. Low-level magical beasts that were rank two and below began to vomit blood from their mouths and their eyes had turned white before they lost their consciousness and died. On the other hand, mid-level magical beasts were prostrated on the ground as if they were being crushed by heavy stones. Only the high-level magical beasts could surpass this tyrannical pressure, but their legs were already breaking in sweat.


The mercenaries who hadn’t yet gone too far were still under this powerful pressure and could feel their whole legs turning soft. Even the seven wolves had trouble breathing under this pressure.


This incomparably powerful pressure made everyone in Mount Ku Luo extremely shocked.


Whether they were magical beasts or human beings, they had no ability to resist.


This was the presence of the world's highest peak!


In the instance that shadow appeared, the two Phoenixes were blasted several meters away, and they managed to stabilize their body and avoid falling from a high altitude with great difficulty.


But even so, they were shaken by such a powerful force.


The extraordinary figure was elegantly suspended in the midst of the sky. His ink-colored long hair which was gently fluttering in the wind complemented that outstandingly stunning appearance. His two golden eyes which were like a scorching sun lazily squinted, yet his eyes gave out a chill.


"Xiu..." Shen Yanxiao clutched her chest that was piercing in pain as she looked impressively at Xiu’s eyes, not believing her sight.


She had met Xiu several times in her heart’s lake, but this was the first time she had seen him in the physical world...


The warm sunlight that spilled on the earth shrouded Xiu’s whole body. The golden sunlight seemed as if it penetrated Xiu’s body as one couldn’t see his shadow on the ground.


This Xiu before her eyes was only an image and wasn’t the genuine being.


Yet, just the mere appearance of his image had brought about a huge effect on Mount Ku Luo.


Who was Xiu in the end?


Xiu’s chin was slightly raised, and his eyes squinted slightly in an arrogant manner.


Because of Xiu’s display of power, the two Phoenixes didn’t take any step forward and just cautiously watched the being that had suddenly appeared.


For thousands of years that the two Phoenixes had lived in Mount Ku Luo, with their strength as two Mythological Beasts, they had never met any worthy opponents. Even when they had battled with Vermillion Bird, they still had the courage to fight. But this mysterious man who just appeared suddenly caused a huge impact at the hearts of the two strong Phoenixes.


It was as if an invisible force enveloped their body that they couldn’t help but want to submit to this mysterious, unpredictable guy in front of them.


Don’t even talk about fighting this being when just by being in the same place as him, they already felt a burst of nervousness in their hearts.


From the moment Xiu had appeared, the previous anger of the two powerful Phoenixes suddenly settled down and was instead replaced by respect and fear in their hearts.  


Magical beasts had a keen and perceptive intuition that made them revere the strong and dangerous.


In terms of the two Phoenixes’ intuition, the person in front them was absolutely not one whom they could dare to go against. Before they could even touch him, this person could take them down without even moving a single step. They clearly understood their situation that they were definitely not this person’s opponent.


In the face of this powerful strength, everything was merely dust.


Although the Phoenixes were aloof and confident, but they were not stupid. They wouldn’t dare to run against this mysterious person.


Xiu’s indifferent eyes swept over the two Phoenixes who didn’t even dare to move the slightest bit. His eyes were especially chilly. He simply didn’t bother to deal with these two Mythological Beasts. His emergence was just to intimidate them.

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