The Legendary Fool

The Legendary Fool
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Thomas Lowe was destined for a life of mediocrity as he worked a dead-end job in rural america. But... Read more Thomas Lowe was destined for a life of mediocrity as he worked a dead-end job in rural america. But fate seemed to have other plans for him.One card changed everything. A power beyond imagination. A prophecy that put him in the crosshairs of Ancient Clans and Noble Houses that have existed since the dawn of the first era.The name of that card was…[Card Name: The Fool][Rank: Ephemeral [Legendary Unique] Collapse LitRPG, Male Protagonist, Portal Fantasy, Isekai, Character Growth, Secret Identity, Weak to Strong, Secret Organizationshe wrote 30 chapters for 4 months, not to mention that frankly nothing happened in them and it was possible to reduce it to 10 chapters, the guy is clearly on a recordI'm guessing this is a LoTM fan-fic? Or it's based on that universe?Well, I kinda understand the guy. I mean I have been writing for years and haven't past 70 chaps.Well, if you ask me why I can't it's because, I don't know what's the next chap until I write it. It just happens ????????Klein ThomasMoretti Lowe (this mc) ( •_•) (•_• ) ( ง )ง ୧( ୧ ) /︶\ /︶\ The Fool TitleKlein: I see youThomas Lowe: bookmarked.... will wait till it crosses 100 chaps...its a long way to go my friendohh i think so too.. just tell me if its good or not after reading.. will finish this one then..I read up to 32 and from what I can see it's just starting, I like where this is going and am looking forward to more chapters.... I think it's worth a shot to see if u like it now since a part of his power has been revealed join ranobes discord.. hehe its my 1st time inviting someoneso even if you have joined it,, join again with some altThanks I joined it yeahhhhIt's really a long winded MC, lots of talk, mental talks, that is becomes really annoying .

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