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Chapter 163: You're So Awesome

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The mineral veins in the Red Maple Forest basically all belonged to the royal descendants and aristocrats. Even the large factions in Heavenly Saints City did not dare to have any improper thoughts. Even if they did, they did not have the ability to compete with the royal family.

Xue Fanxin had just arrived in Heavenly Saints City and was not aware of the situation here, especially about the Imperial family and the various large factions. It could be said that she was a blank slate and had no idea that the mineral vein of the Red Maple Forest was so far away from her.

However, even so, when Ye Jiushang heard Xue Fanxin say that she wanted it, he did not hesitate to fulfill her wish. “Since you want it, I will naturally do my best to help you obtain it.”

“Is it dangerous?” Xue Fanxin was not happy that Ye Jiushang had fulfilled her wish. The first thing that came to her mind was his safety.

Ah Jiu could not use force now. If this matter was dangerous, she would rather not have that mineral vein.

“You just need to know that in Heavenly Saints City, or even the entire Tongxuan Continent, as long as it is something I want, I can obtain i

“You’re that impressive?”

“Do you feel proud to have such an amazing husband?”

“Tch, just because you have a piece of the sky, you can’t carry the entire universe.”

“What’s a universe?” Ye Jiushang asked curiously, very interested in the new words that Xue Fanxin said from time to time.

‘Where did this girl learn so many strange words?

“The universe is the entirety of the great space-time continuum, and it contains everything, It’s not just this world, but there are also other worlds in outer space.”

‘When Ye Jiushang heard Xue Fanxin’s explanation, his eyes were filled with shock. He asked solemnly, “Xin’er, how did you know that there is another Heaven beyond the Tongxuan Continent?”

“The world is huge and there are all kinds of strange things. What’s so difficult to understand?” Xue Fanxin randomly found an excuse to hide it, clearly unwilling to say too much.

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Although Ye Jiushang was still very curious, he did not want to force Xue Fanxin. If she did not want to say it, he would not ask. Anyway, he would find out in the future.

Seeing that Ye Jiushang did not ask further, Xue Fanxin felt a lot more relaxed. This was one of the reasons why she liked to spend time with Ye Jiushang. He respected her space. Although this guy was a little domineering at times, that was sweet domineering, On major issues, Ah Jiu would not make

things difficult for her.

“Let’s go,” Ye Jiushang suddenly said. He stood up elegantly and picked up the person in his arms before putting her down.

“Where are we going?” Xue Fanxin allowed Ye Jiushang to carry her. She was already used to having intimate contact with him.

“Don’t you want the mineral vein?”

“Ido want it, but this isn’t something that can be taken just because we want it. Even if we can, we have to be prepared before we make a move! Don’t forget that you can’t use your cultivation now. Do you want to bring the Night Shadow Guards with you?”

“No need. Just bring the Mystic Crystal White Tiger.”


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Although Xue Fanxin did not know what Ye Jiushang was up to, she was very cooperative. She brought over the Mystic Crystal White Tiger, which was sleeping soundly after eating and drinking its fill. During this time, she even wanted to visit Xue Batian, but she was stopped by Ye Jiushang.

“Grandpa is in seclusion. Don’t disturb him.”

“Seclusion? Seclusion for what?”

“You have already healed his meridians and dantian. As his granddaughter’s husband, I also wanted to express my gratitude and gave him a chance. If nothing unexpected happens, your grandfather will definitely reach the Spirit Transformation Realm when he comes out of seclusion. In Heavenly Saints

City, someone in the Spirit Transformation Realm can do whatever they want.”

Xue Fanxin knew why Ye Jiushang had gone out of the way to help Xue Batian. He had done it entirely for her. He would also care about the people she cared about.

What should she do? She was really touched by this man..

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