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Chapter 301: One with the Sword

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Yi Fentian left, but the others were still around. All of them looked at Xue Fanxin swinging the sword in a daze, feeling that such a scene was very beautiful. The person using the sword was even more pretty, making their hearts flutter.

Bai Han and Xue Hanxi were both stunned. They did not overthink like Yi Fentian and only admired Xue Fanxin’s beauty. Although they were a little regretful and disappointed, it was just that. Their mind was empty because of the beautiful scene in front of them.

Xue Fanxin practiced her sword technique as though she had forgotten everything around her. Her heart only had the sword in her hand while her mind was filled with scenes of blades and swords. She was comprehending the mysteries and essence of the sword technique and displaying what she had comprehended.

When Ye Jiushang saw Xue Fanxin’s current state, he could not help but be shocked. “She has actually reached the stage of becoming one with the sword.”

Little Xin’er was giving him more and more surprises!

To be able to reach her heights with her Spirit Refining Realm cultivation was really a miracle among miracles. Even he could not do it.

He wondered what kind of surprise Little Xin’er would give him in the future.

He was looking forward to it.

Xue Fanxin did not know that she had become one with the sword. She only worked hard at practicing the sword, comprehending, sensing, and communicating with it. She treated the sword as her friend and fought alongside it, advancing and retreating together.

“Oh my god! This woman has actually reached the realm of becoming one with the sword! Master, Master, am I seeing things?” Although Little Lei was admiring Xue Fanxin, it was only a little. But when he noticed her comprehension, he could no longer remain calm.

Gu Jinyuan and the others’ cultivation levels were not high enough, and even Zhuri was the same. They had no idea what Xue Fanxin’s current state meant. They only found it strange. It was only when they heard Little Lei’s words that they realized that it was the realm of being one with the sword.

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“Your Highness, what’s becoming one with the sword?” Zhuri asked curiously. He was infatuated with increasing his strength and yearned for that realm.

Before Ye Jiushang could answer, Little Lei said smugly, “You don’t even know the realm of being one with the sword. How ignorant. It means to resonate with the intent of sword. The person’s will and sword’s intent are interlinked. There is a sword in the person and there is a person in the sword. Person and sword are one, understand?”

The group was still perplexed. They looked at him in a daze as if his explanation had made them more confused.

The four great clans, on the other hand, were more stunned than Zhuri and the others. Everyone had a feeling in their hearts that the realm of becoming one with the sword was too far away from them. It was like the stars in the sky, impossible to reach in their entire lives.

Bai Han’s gaze at Xue Fanxin was getting hotter and hotter. It was very difficult to associate her with the idiot who had sores all over her face.

Actually, he had never really believed that the person who had saved him in the Hundred Herb Hall that night would be that stupid, useless Miss from the Duke’s Estate of the Nanling Empire. Therefore, when he met Xue Fanxin and saw her for the first time, after learning of her identity and strength, he had always wondered if the person who had saved him was actually her.

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Because of this suspicion, he had been anxious to draw the line with Xue Fanxin back then, not wanting to have anything to do with her.

But now, his doubts gradually disappeared. His intuition told him that his savior was Xue Fanxin.

Unfortunately, he had missed the opportunity to befriend her.

While Xue Fanxin was practicing her sword and the others were watching her, a sharp cry suddenly sounded from the lake.


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