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Chapter 408: Call Me Queen

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Xue Fanxin did not know which corner Su Baifeng was hiding in to monitor her, but she knew that her spies must be loitering around. But she still played as she pleased.

“Girl, I have a feeling that Young Master Feces Pit won’t let this go. He will think of a way to get you back.” Little Lei was still laughing after leaving the Bai family. He recalled the scene of Bai Wuchen soaking in the pit.

“If he performs well enough, I’ll consider treating him. Otherwise, there’s no need.” Xue Fanxin was not too angry at Bai Wuchen’s subsequent performance. At the very least, he did not employ force.

It seemed that this guy was not hopeless. Although he had a serious mysophobia and was extremely arrogant, at least he had some rationality and knew how to read the situation.

“You’re so soft-hearted and greedy. If Young Master Feces Pit gave you more money, you would definitely save him.”

“You’re right about that. Since I can earn money, why shouldn’t I? That guy is actually not bad. He’s just obsessed with cleanliness and is arrogant. The rest are just so-so.”

“You just want to get his money. What a money-loving girl.”

“So what if I love money? I earn it through my own hard work. Rascal, can you stop calling me girl? It sounds very strange.” Xue Fanxin finally raised her opinion on how Little Lei addressed her. She had not cared before, but hearing too much now made her feel awkward.

“What should I call you if not girl?” Little Lei rolled his eyes. He was a little arrogant and was unwilling to lose out even in terms of address.

“Call me Sister.”

“No. If I call you sister, won’t I be shorter than you?”

“You are shorter than me, okay?”

“I’ll grow taller in the future.”

“Then we’ll talk after you grow taller.”

“Anyway, I don’t want to call you sister.”

“It’s okay if you don’t call me sister. Call me something else.”

“Call you what?”

“Queen sounds good. Just call me queen.”

“Pfft…” Little Lei almost burst out laughing.

What a hateful girl. She actually wanted him to call her queen. How was that possible?

Fuyun, on the other hand, could not help but laugh. She felt that Xue Fanxin and Little Lei’s bickering was very interesting. Even if she did not say anything, she felt happy.

“If you think it’s not good to call me queen, then call me Your Royal Highness the Queen,” Xue Fanxin ignored Little Lei and Fuyun’s laughter and continued with a serious expression.

Before Little Lei and Fuyun could respond, a commotion sounded from behind. It seemed like some important person had appeared and caused quite a stir.

“Get out of the way, get out of the way.

“I told you to get lost, did you not hear me?”

On the not-so-spacious street behind them, a large carriage was moving quickly. The animal pulling the carriage was not an ordinary horse but a unicorn.

The unicorn was relatively large and took up almost half of the street. Coupled with the carriage behind it, it blocked the entire street. Pedestrians could only sidestep it.

Even so, the carriage driver was dissatisfied. He forced the pedestrians to stand by the side and even waved his whip at them.

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