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Chapter 477: Unlucky Young Master (3)

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Bai Wuchen held some status in the Mystic World. However, when he saw Ye Jiushang, he lost his wits. That was why he was so panicked. He quickly controlled his emotions and relied on his willpower to maintain his composure.

“I didn’t expect the lord of a small Heavenly Saints Empire in the Tongxuan Realm to be the master of Nine Cloud Palace. This really shocked me!”

“What I like to do has nothing to do with Young Master Wuchen, right? Just now, Young Master Wuchen said that he wanted to raze my Lord’s Estate. I really want to ask how you want to do that.” Ye Jiushang did not give Bai Wuchen a chance to change the topic.

He was in a bad mood today and was worried that he had nowhere to vent. He had not expected this Young Master Feces Pit to come knocking on his door and help him vent his anger.

“I was just saying it out of anger. Why take it seriously, Your Highness?”

“But I took it seriously.”


“I heard that when I was not around, you bullied my woman.”

“No, that’s not what happened…”

“I heard that you despise my woman for being dirty?”


“Then I want to see how clean you are.” Ye Jiushang did not give Bai Wuchen a chance to explain. As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his hand and sent out a powerful astral wind, sending him flying with his wheelchair.

Bai Wuchen knew that Ye Jiushang would attack, so he was already prepared. However, he had never expected his strength to increase so much after two years. He could not resist at all. His entire body was swept away. He spun in the air for a long time with his chair before finally falling into an extremely disgusting feces pit.

“Ah… It’s so dirty, so dirty, so dirty, ah…” Bai Wuchen let out a sharp cry. He wanted to leave this feces pit immediately, but he realized that he could not move. What had happened two years ago had repeated itself, making him almost go crazy.

This damned Lord of Nine Cloud Palace. Did he have to bully people like this?

“Ah… Ye Jiushang, you bastard. I’ll remember you.”

As Bai Wuchen’s screams spread, the people nearby ran over to take a look. When they saw a decent-looking young master soaking in a feces pit, they all asked in confusion, “Young Master, how did you fall into the feces pit?”

“How could a person casually fall into a feces pit? Furthermore, this feces pit is so remote. Not many people come here. How could he have fallen into it so easily?”

“Aiyo, it stinks!”

“All of you, get lost…” Bai Wuchen was so angry that he was about to lose himself. He wished he could bite his tongue and commit suicide. However, he could not do that. He could only continue to soak in the feces pit and curse Ye Jiushang thousands in his heart.

“This damned Ye Jiushang. Just you wait. I’ll definitely…”

Definitely what?

Bai Wuchen did not say anything else because he did not know what to say.

He knew very well what kind of existence the Nine Cloud Palace was. With just their Bai family’s strength, they were unable to contend with it. Furthermore, he was the one who had provoked them first. No matter what he said, he was in the wrong.

“Ah… Damn it, I’m so angry.”

Bai Wuchen’s followers were still in the Ninth Lord’s Estate. Looking in the direction Bai Wuchen had been sent flying, they thought to themselves, “Young Master is very unlucky!”

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