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Chapter 586: Until the Breakthrough

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Although Ye Yi and the others had been sent to the Nine Cloud Palace, there were quite a few people left. There were men and women, young and old, looking like they were dragging their families.

“Ah Jiu, are we going straight to Yu City?”

The Ouyang family was in Yu City. If she wanted to settle scores with Pei Xiangxiang, she naturally had to go there.

While expecting a positive answer, a certain lord turned her down. “We’ll stay here for five days.”

“What? Stay here for five days? In this remote place?” Xue Fanxin exclaimed, her mouth wide open in confusion.

The others were the same. They looked at Ye Jiushang, not understanding what he was up to.

He did not beat around the bush and said, “It is indeed satisfying to take revenge with your own hands, but you have to have strength first. Apart from Zhuri, you guys are weaklings in the Mystic Realm. I don’t care about others, but Xin’er, your cultivation level needs to be at the Spirit Master Realm. You are now at the peak of the Spirit Transformation Realm and have faint signs of breaking through. I’ll help you during this time.”

“What if I can’t break through in five days?” Xue Fanxin felt that this matter was a little uncertain.

She was clear about her cultivation level. Although there were signs of a breakthrough, it didn’t mean she would definitely achieve it. She could sense that this breakthrough was difficult.

In fact, every time she broke through, it was quite difficult. Without a certain opportunity, she could not advance at all.

“We’ll stay for another five days until you break through,” Ye Jiushang said. His body emitted a terrifying aura that could not be disobeyed. No one present dared to raise any objections.

Xue Fanxin felt that the sky above her was about to collapse.

Ye Jiushang did not care. “This is the Yunling Mountain Range. There are often some low-level demonic beasts active in the periphery. From now on, your mission is to kill five Rank Three demonic beasts every day.”

“Five Rank Three demonic beasts?” Xue Fanxin had no concept of the level of the demonic beasts and did not know how powerful they were, so she did not have much of a reaction.

Xue Batian, Gu Jinyuan, and the others had also just come to the Mystic Realm.

As for Little Lei… he did not care about Rank Three demonic beasts at all. He did not feel anything.

Just as everyone was wondering what a Rank Three demonic beast was like, some strange sounds came from the surroundings.

Ye Jiushang restrained his aura and pretended to be an ordinary person with no cultivation level. He stood behind everyone and smiled mysteriously. “There are two gophers approaching here. Be prepared. No one is to interfere. Xin’er will deal with this battle herself.”

He had said that he wanted to guide Xin’er and help her increase her cultivation level, but he had never done so seriously. From now on, he would spend all his energy on this matter. He had to help her increase her strength quickly.

Only the strong could walk the path of the future. He did not have much time left. He had to make Xin’er stronger.

“Ah Jiu, what’s a gopher?” Just as Xue Fanxin was about to ask more clearly, she noticed two rats the size of adult dogs nearing her.

The rats had sharp protruding teeth, their claws a terrifying sight. Their bodies were huge and menacing.


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