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Chapter 605: Why Are You Dazed?

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Xue Fanxin did not know anything about the Ye Dynasty and the various factions in the Mystic Realm. In a few blinks of the eye, she was brought to a gorgeous palace by Ye Jiushang.

It was not just a pretty building though; it also had a defensive function. The walls vaguely gave off spirit energy fluctuations. At a glance, one could tell that they were not built with ordinary stone.

The various facilities in the room were also extraordinary. Even a chair was valuable.

It could be seen that the people who lived here either had extremely noble statuses or powerful backers.

Ye Jiushang brought Xue Fanxin to a warm jade bed in the room. When the palace maid saw this, she gave way respectfully and knelt on the ground to greet them.

“Greetings, Ninth Lord.”

“Xin’er, come and take a look at the Consort Dowager.” Ye Jiushang ignored the maids. Instead, he sat by the bed and looked at the unconscious woman with a nervous expression.

Although Consort Dowager Jing was not his biological mother, she had given him all her motherly love. He treated her as his real mother.

Since his mother was sick, how could he not be anxious?

Xue Fanxin got ready to check the woman. Unexpectedly, just as she took half a step forward, someone else’s voice sounded from outside the door.

“The emperor arrives, the empress arrives.”

All the palace maids in the room knelt in the direction of the door. Their foreheads were pressed against the ground, and they did not dare to move.

After a while, a middle-aged man in a yellow robe and a graceful and beautiful woman walked in. The two of them were noble and had experts protecting them.

There was a young and beautiful woman beside the beautiful woman.

A group of people walked in just like that. They ignored the palace maids and eunuchs and came to the side of the jade bed. Seeing that Ye Jiushang was present, everyone was a little shocked.

“Jiushang, when did you return?” The emperor was the first to speak. He had a smile on his face and looked quite happy. Even if Ye Jiushang did not bow to him, he was not angry at all.

“The Ninth Lord has always been elusive. What a coincidence that we came today,” the empress said with a smile, secretly sending a look to the woman beside her.

When the woman received the empress’s hint, she took a step forward and bowed slightly to Ye Jiushang. “Yuefu greets the Ninth Lord, blessings to the Ninth Lord.”

Yu Yuefu used her most perfect state to perform in front of Ye Jiushang. Her words and actions were natural and unrestrained. She had applied some makeup, highlighting her natural beauty. Her body emitted a gentle aura, which made people feel very comfortable.

Anyone who saw her would feel love for her.

However, Ye Jiushang did not react at all. He allowed Yu Yuefu to bow. He did not ask her to straighten up and ignored her. Instead, he said to the dazed Xue Fanxin, “Xin’er, why are you in a daze? Take a look at the Consort Dowager.”

“Ah?” Xue Fanxin finally reacted. “Alright, I’ll take a look at Her Highness immediately.”

Yu Yuefu was still waiting for Ye Jiushang’s reply. After all, it was tiring to maintain a bow. But there was no response. In the end, what she saw was Ye Jiushang talking to another woman. This made her furious.

She knew that the Ninth Lord was cold and arrogant by nature and did not like to talk to others. However, when she heard the Ninth Lord treat the other woman so well and even address her intimately as ‘Xin’er,’ she was very displeased.

What kind of woman could make the Ninth Lord treat her like this?

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