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Chapter 655: 655 Ignore Her

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655 Ignore Her

It was afternoon when Xue Fanxin came out of the rockery. The sun was setting.

Heiyao suddenly appeared and knelt on one knee. “Your Highness, Her Highness the Consort Dowager has arrived at the Lord’s Estate and insists on seeing His Highness. His Highness previously ordered us that he would not see anyone, but Her Highness the Consort Dowager barged in directly. We don’t dare to do anything to her.”

Although their master was dissatisfied with the Consort Dowager’s actions, he had only withdrawn half of the guards. This meant that he still had some feelings for her, so they did not dare to be too ruthless to her, afraid that they would cause trouble.

“Tell Her Highness the Consort Dowager directly that Ah Jiu is not around. Let her return to the palace.” Xue Fanxin’s impression of Consort Dowager Jing was not that good. She roughly knew what was going on with her.

Ah Jiu must have made Consort Dowager Jing anxious by withdrawing half of the people, so she came personally. Unfortunately, he was in seclusion. She was destined not to see him.

Even if Ah Jiu had not been in seclusion, with her understanding of him, he would not have met with Consort Dowager Jing.

“Your Highness, I’ve already gotten someone to inform the Consort Dowager that His Highness is not in the residence, but she is determined not to leave. She insists on waiting for him to return.” Heiyao was in a difficult spot. Consort Dowager Jing’s identity was a little special. If it were anyone else, they would have long been thrown out.

“If she wants to wait, let her. Don’t arrange a room or send someone to serve her. Just let her wait in the hall. She can wait as long as she wants. Tell the servants to do whatever they want. Don’t worry about her.”

Although Heiyao did not know Xue Fanxin’s intentions, he did not ask further. He just had to listen to her orders.

The lord had already notified them. During his seclusion, everything would be decided by the Consort.

As for that Consort Dowager Jing… it didn’t matter.

Consort Dowager Jing waited in the Ninth Lord’s Estate for a long time without seeing a shadow of Ye Jiushang. She got increasingly anxious. The bad feeling intensified.

She started thinking that she might have been abandoned by Ye Jiushang, so she left the palace and headed to the Ninth Lord’s Estate. She hoped to personally apologize to him.

If Ye Jiushang did not forgive her, her future would be bleak. She would be no different from the concubines who had been banished to the cold palace in the harem.

Her brain had been muddled. Why did she scheme against this unfathomable Young Master?

With her little ability, she actually dared to scheme against the Young Master. Wasn’t that courting death?

“Your Highness, His Highness is indeed not in the residence. The Consort is not around either. If you want to wait, then wait.” The butler received orders from above and came to convey some information. After saying his piece, he left.

“Sigh… You…” Consort Dowager Jing wanted to ask the butler a few more questions, but he did not give her a chance. Even the maidservant had left. Only she and the person she had brought were left in the hall.

Could it be that Jiushang was so angry with her?

When Consort Dowager Jing thought about how miserable her situation would be without Ye Jiushang’s protection, she panicked. Despite knowing that her wait might be futile, she still had to wait.

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