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Chapter 878: 878

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878 Same Name

Ouyang Xiangxiang had used many methods and paid a huge price. Finally, she could follow her family to the Imperial City to deal with the condensate iron matter.

This was the first time she had come to the Imperial City. Seeing the prosperity of the Imperial City, she quickly liked this place.

No matter where it was, what dynasty, or what country, the capital of a country was the most prosperous. The influential people also gathered here.

Perhaps she would meet prince charming on this trip to the Imperial City. Just like in those transmigration novels, she would meet a handsome male lead with heaven-defying ability.

Since the heavens had let her transmigrate to this place, they would definitely still look after her. When she met her Prince Charming, they would definitely work together and make a name for themselves. They might even be able to stand at the highest peak of this continent.

Based on what she knew, the highest ruler of the Tongxuan Continent was the Ye Dynasty. As for the Ninth Lord of the Ye Dynasty, Ye Jiushang, he was an unfathomable and mysterious person. Even the current emperor was afraid of him.

She wondered if Ye Jiushang was her prince charming, the male lead in her story.

Just as Ouyang Xiangxiang was fantasizing, a berating voice sounded from the side. “Ouyang Xiangxiang, we’re about to reach the Purple Cloud Tower. You’d best not act recklessly later, or I’ll immediately get someone to escort you back to the Ouyang family.”

“Fifth Uncle, I definitely won’t act recklessly.” Ouyang Xiangxiang pretended to be pitiful and spoke softly.

“You’d better not. The Imperial City is not Yu City. This is at the feet of the Emperor. Even if our Ouyang family is the number one refining family, we don’t have much capital to cause trouble here, especially with the people from the Ninth Lord’s Estate. Stay as far away from them as you can.”

“Fifth Uncle, are the people from the Ninth Lord’s Estate really that terrifying?”

“The people from the Ninth Lord’s Estate are not terrifying, but offending the people from the Ninth Lord’s Estate will not end well.”

“What kind of person is this Ninth Lord?” Ouyang Xiangxiang kept asking.

Fifth Uncle Ouyang saw through Ouyang Xiangxiang’s thoughts at a glance and mocked her coldly. “Someone you’ll never be able to climb up to, so you’d best put away that thought and not cause trouble for the Ouyang family. Otherwise, no one can protect you.”

Ouyang Xiangxiang said pitifully, “Fifth Uncle, I didn’t think too much about it! I just want to know a little about the people and things in the Imperial City.”

Generally, the more mysterious a person was, the more likely they were to be the male lead… This was usually what was written in books.

Since she was the female lead of the story, the mysterious Ninth Lord should be the male lead.

It seemed like she had to find a chance to meet the Ninth Lord. Otherwise, what if she missed the male lead?

Ouyang Xiangxiang firmly believed that she was the female lead, and that the so-called Ninth Lord must be the male lead. At this moment, she was fantasizing about the various beautiful scenes of the two of them meeting and falling in love.

But at this moment, Fifth Uncle Ouyang suddenly said, “Your thoughts are all written on your face. How can you say that you haven’t? Let me tell you, the Ninth Lord already has the Ninth Imperial Consort. What’s her name again? I think she’s called Xue Fanxin…”

Hearing the name ‘Xue Fanxin’, Ouyang Xiangxiang immediately stopped fantasizing and asked in a panic, “Fifth Uncle, what did you just say? What’s the Ninth Imperial Consort’s name?”

Xue Fanxin… Could it be such a coincidence?

No way. Transmigration was not like cabbage. How could anyone be qualified to enjoy it?

They probably had the same name.

She was the heroine of the transmigration story this time. It was definitely not Xue Fanxin. Xue Fanxin was definitely dead. It was impossible for her to transmigrate to this magical place like her.


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