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Chapter 903: Chapter 903 - Chapter 903: Five Colored Elk

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Chapter 903: Five Colored Elk

Xue Fanxin trained in the forest for ten days. Apart from the first day she encountered the wolves, she did not encounter any danger after that. It was only on the last day that something was wrong.

The little animals were so frightened that they were trembling. There must be a high-level demonic beast nearby.

“Don’t be afraid, I’m here!” Xue Fanxin stroked a small animal hiding by her feet, then stood up and looked in the direction of the commotion.

In a dense crop of grass not far ahead, a colorful elk suddenly walked out, like the legendary auspicious divine beast.


The elk ignored the other small animals around it and walked straight towards Xue Fanxin.

Xue Fanxin stood still and only stared straight at the elk walking towards her. When the elk came in front of her, she asked nervously, “What… what’s the matter?”

She could not sense any hostility from this elk, so she dared to stand still and talk to it.

Furthermore, she could sense that the elk seemed to be very anxious, and its eyes revealed its anxiety.

“Human, I need your help.” The elk spoke with great difficulty after standing in front of Xue Fanxin and staring at her for a while. The words were not very smooth, and the pronunciation was not very accurate.

Hearing that the elk could speak human language, Xue Fanxin was a little shocked, but it was only a little. Seeing that the elk was getting more and more anxious, she asked, “What do you need me to help you with?”

“My wife… difficult labor…”

The elk wanted to say more, but it was not good at speaking the human language and could only briefly express some important information.

Although the elk did not reveal much, Xue Fanxin already knew everything. “I’m very willing to help you and your wife. Please take me there.”

“Thank you!” the elk said with difficulty at the end. Then, it turned around and walked in the direction it had come from. It was a little fast, indicating that it was very anxious.

Xue Fanxin did not think too much about it and quickly followed. If not for her recent training, she probably would not have been able to catch up to the elk in front of her.

The elk was afraid that Xue Fanxin would not be able to keep up, so it specially slowed down. Furthermore, it would look back from time to time. If Xue Fan was far behind, it would wait on the spot.

After running for about two hours, Xue Fanxin followed the elk to a strange cave. The entrance of the cave was actually sealed with spirit energy. If the elk had not personally brought her in, with her ability, she would not have been able to break the seal at the entrance.

After entering the cave, a five-colored light flashed inside. Crystals of all colors could be seen everywvhere in the cave. Gold, green, blue, red, and yellow were piled together and emitted a dazzling light. They were very beautiful.

This place was like a colorful dream world.

Xue Fanxin knew why the elk had brought her here, so she did not think of playing or having any greed. Instead, she followed the elk into the depths of the cave.

When she reached the deepest part of the cave, she saw a pregnant female elk lying on a huge five-colored crystal. She was giving birth with great difficulty, but her strength had already been exhausted, and she was still unable to give birth to the little one in her stomach. Perhaps she felt that her vitality was about to dissipate, but the child could not be born yet. She shed tears of pain and sadness.

Just as the female elk was in pain and despair, she saw her husband bring a human in. There was hope in her heart again, and she became a little agitated. No matter how weak she was, she could last a little longer..


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