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Chapter 121.1

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 Ji Sheng sent a question mark to Chu Chen.


  The h-310 galaxy and Wangcheng were still able to communicate. Chu Chen replied within less than a minute after he sent out the message.


  Chu Chen: It’s a good thing. You should read it on the way, it should come in handy later.


  Ji Sheng: "?"


  Ji Sheng still had a good impression of Chu Chen, his cousin, especially after staying with him and eating several meals cooked by him. Although he didn't know what was going on, it was from his cousin after all, so he opened it and took a look.


  The quotations of whore, chapter white lotus:


  ——I was forced to do it.


  ——I just told him that I have been unhappy recently. How did I know that he would do that to others? If I knew, I definitely wouldn't say it to him...


  ——It's all my fault, I really didn't expect this kind of consequences...


  Taken out of context, these words are a little unclear.


  Ji Sheng didn't understand.


  He read all the words inside and closed it.


  Not long after, the army from the h-310 galaxy contacted Ji Sheng.


  Ji Sheng left the spaceship stopover, took the army's suspension car, and said directly: "Go to the Shi family's house."


  Nearly a dozen soldiers were also sitting on the suspension car.


  Except for one second class soldier, the rest were all third class soldiers.


  But on a galaxy like H-310, second-class soldiers were rarely seen, and most of them were third-class soldiers.


  The truly powerful people gathered in the imperial capital.


  "Hello, Commander Ji. I'm their squad leader, my name is Zhong Zheng. If you have any ideas, just give these soldiers orders. Everyone respects you."


  The second-class soldier came over to greet Ji Sheng with a smile on his face.


  Ji Sheng glanced at him: "Well, you don't have to be so formal."


  "Excuse me, are you coming to the h-310 galaxy this time..."


  Ji Sheng interrupted him: "Follow me."


  Everyone looked at each other.


  After receiving the instructions from above, they only knew that Ji Sheng would come and they must cooperate with Ji Sheng's actions, but no one knew what Ji Sheng was doing here. After hearing this, they could only listen to Ji Sheng's words.


  Along the way, they couldn't help but feel a little uneasy as they looked at Ji Sheng who kept silent.


  After everyone arrived at the Shi family's house, they were stopped by the guards at the gate. Ji Sheng didn't move. Zhong Zheng showed the identification certificate on his bracelet, and the guards suddenly didn't dare to stop them anymore.


  "Squad leader Zhong, why are you here?"


  When the housekeeper of the Shi family heard the news, he immediately went downstairs and walked to the gate to greet him with a smile. His eyes saw Ji Sheng who was standing beside him. He paused in his steps, and the next second, a knife was held to his neck.


  He was stunned for a moment and quickly raised his hands.


  Ji Sheng calmly ordered: "You guys go in, search, and bring everyone out."


  After speaking, Ji Sheng walked towards the housekeeper and asked, "What is your identity?"


  "I'm the housekeeper here."


  "Then you should be familiar with the people in this house, right?"


  Ji Sheng smiled and asked in a calm tone, "Is there anyone who shouldn't be here?"


  The sweat on the housekeeper's forehead immediately dropped.


  Some of the servants here might not know the specific situation, but as the housekeeper of the house, he was responsible for all the affairs of the entire house, including the purchase of supplies. How could he not know that Shi Haoyan was hiding someone?


  He tried to keep calm, and his body didn't tremble, but his head was lowered, and he didn't dare to look at Ji Sheng in front of him.


  Ji Sheng withdrew his gaze.


  He took a step and walked over to the house.


  On the second floor of the Shi family's house, Shi Haoyan had already heard the noise.


  He frowned.


  Ji Sheng's arrival was too sudden and too fast.


  Shi Haoyan had been thinking about escaping recently. Although he was prepared, he didn't expect that Ji Sheng would come so quickly. Now Ji Sheng's visit caught Shi Haoyan off guard.


        Looking at Wen Jiayu who was sleeping in the birdcage, Shi Haoyan's eyes darkened.


  He walked over and hugged Wen Jiayu directly.


  Wen Jiayu rubbed his eyes, huddled in Shi Haoyan's arms and yawned: "What's wrong?"


  "Don't talk."


  Shi Haoyan said softly, "No matter what happens outside, don't talk."


  Wen Jiayu: "?"


  Wen Jiayu was a little stunned when he saw Shi Haoyan knock on a small area on the wall. The wall in front of him opened silently, revealing a space that could accommodate three or four people!


  "Go in." Shi Haoyan coaxed him.


  Wen Jiayu wasn't stupid. He guessed something and said with panic on his face: "Is Ji Sheng here?"




  Shi Haoyan simply responded and pushed Wen Jiayu in.


  Wen Jiayu wasn't wearing any clothes, and when his skin came into contact with the cold wall, he couldn't help but tremble. In addition, the space inside was so small, he immediately wanted to get out of it.


  Just kidding, this place is closed. If I really go in, if something goes wrong and I can't get out, won't I be suffocated inside?


  Besides, he wanted Ji Sheng to discover him.


  However, recently, Wen Jiayu didn't know what was wrong with Shi Haoyan's mind, he didn't trust him anymore. He would inject Wen Jiayu with medicine every once in a while.


  Wen Jiayu could sleep for more than ten hours a day recently, and his body was very sore. He had no strength and was easily pushed in.


  Shi Haoyan said coldly: "You'd better not do anything unnecessary, otherwise..."


  He approached Wen Jiayu and said softly, "Today is the day you die."


  Wen Jiayu didn't care.


  Even if he was really caught, as long as he cooperated, he definitely wouldn't be killed. He didn't believe what Shi Haoyan said at all, and he couldn't help but think about Ji Sheng in his mind.


  Shi Haoyan smiled and added: "There's no need for Ji Sheng to take action, I know what you're thinking."


  Wen Jiayu was startled and his eyes suddenly widened: "You..."

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