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Chapter 121.2

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Shi Hao said calmly: "I've been thinking recently, since the escape route has been blocked, instead of letting you be taken away and we can't see each other in the future, you will continue to hook up with other men or be with other people, so why not let me kill you with my own hands, so that we can be together forever?


  At the end of the sentence, Shi Haoyan actually showed a sweet smile.


  He stretched out his hand and traced his fingers across Wen Jiayu's face: "Don't force me."


  Wen Jiayu shuddered.


  This time he felt cold, but not because of the wall, but because of Shi Haoyan's tone.


  How come...


  How could Shi Haoyan have such an idea?


  After seeing Shi Haoyan's crazy and forbearing eyes, Wen Jiayu knew that Shi Haoyan was serious.


  There was a real murderous look in his eyes, as if he wanted to slice off the flesh bit by bit from his body and then eat it all into his stomach, let him become one with him.


  The wall in front of him closed little by little, and Wen Jiayu didn't dare to say anything anymore.


  He was afraid of angering Shi Haoyan.


  Shi Haoyan was very satisfied with this.


  He turned around, opened the door on the side, and looked at the man who was already standing outside the door and had taken off his clothes, he said calmly: "Go in."


  The man clenched his fists and lowered his head in agreement.


  Almost as soon as Shi Haoyan was ready, Ji Sheng went upstairs and found the room where Shi Haoyan was.


  As soon as he opened the door, he saw Shi Haoyan and a man in the birdcage.


  Neither of them were wearing clothes and seemed to be doing that kind of thing. Seeing Ji Sheng coming, Shi Haoyan stood up slowly.


  Ji Sheng glanced at the dying man in the birdcage with marks all over his body.


  That man wasn't Wen Jiayu.


  Shi Haoyan spoke slowly, put on his clothes gracefully, and asked, "Who are you?"


  His tone was a little bad, but there was a smile on his face, "I don't think it's polite to enter other people's room at will."


  Ji Sheng said: "I don't think it's a polite thing to hide Wen Jiayu privately."


  Shi Haoyan stared at Ji Sheng.


  The two looked at each other.


  Originally, with Shi Haoyan's character and status, he should have been defeated long ago, but perhaps because of what happened in the past six months had made Shi Haoyan mature a lot, or it was the thought of Wen Jiayu behind him that made him stronger.


  He wasn't afraid of Ji Sheng at all, and said a lie without blushing: "I don't understand what you are talking about, but I don't like being wronged. If you think he is here, then you can look for him."


  Shi Haoyan wasn't afraid at all.


  It was hard to find the trace of the place where he hid Wen Jiayu. If it hadn't been used today, Wen Jiayu, who had lived in this room for about a month, wouldn't have known that there was such a secret room here.


  And the entire room was made of barrier materials, making it undetectable.


  As long as he didn't say anything, no one would know Wen Jiayu was here.


  Ji Sheng didn't continue to probe, but suddenly asked: "Did you do what happened to Chu Chen in Wangcheng?"


  Shi Haoyan was worried and slightly startled when he heard this question.


  Chu Chen?


  Why did Ji Sheng ask about Chu Chen at this juncture?


  What does this have to do with Chu Chen?


  Could it be that Chu Chen told Ji Sheng that Wen Jiayu is here?


  No, if this is really the case, then Ji Sheng shouldn't ask about the grudge between the two of us, instead he should ask whether Chu Chen is my accomplice.


  Shi Haoyan said cautiously: "What does this have to do with you?"


  "Motive?" Ji Sheng asked again.


  Obviously, he had already pinned this matter on Shi Haoyan and knew that it was Shi Haoyan who did it.


  Shi Haoyan couldn't help but become vigilant.


  What else could my motive be? It's just that I like Wen Jiayu and couldn't bear to see Wen Jiayu sad, but naturally I won't say such things directly.


  He said calmly: "You are overthinking. Although I do have a crush on Wen Jiayu, but..."


        "No, you are overthinking."


  Ji Sheng directly interrupted Shi Haoyan and smiled, "Chu Chen is my cousin. In addition to coming to look for Wen Jiayu, today I also want to arrest you for this matter. No matter what your relationship is with Wen Jiayu, please come with me. "


  Shi Haoyan's expression changed.


  The society they lived in was a very chaotic place.


  Because the distance between galaxies was too large, it was very difficult to supervise, and there were many gray areas for various illegal crimes, but generally they wouldn't be caught, the people in the military department were too busy to take care of themselves because of internal strife.


  They had to kill the Zerg and supervise the Star pirates. They were so busy and had no time to deal with the gray areas.


  Occasionally, when some people touched these gray areas, they would kick the iron plate and hit the muzzle of the people in the military department.

[踢到鐵板 Tī dào tiě bǎn: lit. To kick the iron plate; a metaphor for failing to achieve the goal and being rejected or rebuked instead.]


  But Shi Haoyan never thought that killing a little mouse in Wangcheng would cause any disaster.


  But he was wrong.


  Chu Chen turns out to be Ji Sheng's cousin! ! !


  Who is Ji Sheng? He is the high-ranking commander of the Alliance Army. This position is very valuable and can only be held by the strongest among all the soldiers in the military.


  Moreover, the upper generations of the Ji family were all soldiers, and their positions in the military are deeply rooted and involved a lot.


  If the two weren't at odds because of Wen Jiayu, Shi Haoyan would have been thinking about how to hug Ji Sheng's thigh when he saw him.


  Someone like him and Chu Chen actually...


  Are they brothers? ? ?


  The one who was equally horrified was Wen Jiayu who was standing behind the wall.


  He looked slightly confused.


  Although he didn't know why, Wen Jiayu always felt that this Ji Sheng should also like him.


  If that's the case, then...then if I really get together with Ji Sheng in the future, won't I become Chu Chen's sister-in-law in the future?


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