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Chapter 122.1

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Zhong Zheng went upstairs with three third-class soldiers and found Ji Sheng.


  He glanced at Shi Haoyan in the room and the man lying in the birdcage, he stopped looking around and said respectfully to Ji Sheng: "Commander Ji, everyone in the villa has gathered in the living room downstairs."




  Ji Sheng responded lightly and raised his chin at Shi Haoyan, "Catch them."


  Shi Haoyan looked slightly calm, he said calmly: "I can take responsibility for the crimes I committed."


  "That's great." Ji Sheng said indifferently.


  Shi Haoyan: "But this matter has nothing to do with Xiao Xie."


  Ji Sheng glanced at him and then looked at the man in the cage: "Whether this matter has nothing to do with him or not is not up to you. He will also be taken back and cooperate with the investigation."


  After Ji Sheng finished speaking, Zhong Zheng and the soldiers stepped forward. Zhong Zheng arrested Shi Haoyan. Another soldier took off his clothes to cover the man named Xiao Xie, carried him and stood up.


  Xiao Xie looked a little flustered: "I...why are you arresting me? I didn't do anything."


  "It's not just you."


  Ji Sheng chuckled, and while replying to Xiao Xie, he looked at Shi Haoyan, "Everyone in this villa, as well as some people in the Shi family, will be arrested. Do you think that I'm just causing trouble for you because of one person? You have done too many wrong things before, and the Shi family has also done many wrong things before. You probably will never get out of prison in this life."


  When Ji Sheng declared that Chu Chen was his cousin, he was so sure that the people who heard it wouldn't be able to open their mouths.


  Shi Haoyan's expression changed slightly.


  He really had done a lot of bad things.


  The reason why Shi Haoyan directly used such despicable methods to deal with Chu Chen after listening to Wen Jiayu's words was not because he hated Chu Chen so much, in some ways, if Chu Chen and Huo Ling were together, it would help him. Also because this was the behavior and attitude he usually used when dealing with people.


  He had indeed committed many bad things. In case Ji Sheng really wanted to investigate everything...


  There was certainly no chance of him coming back.


  And in the short term, none of his men would be able to return to this place.


  Only a few people knew that there was a secret room in this room, if all these people couldn't come back.


  Then Wen Jiayu...


  Shi Haoyan wavered, and finally became determined and chose to keep silence.


  Compared with Wen Jiayu being caught or leaving him, he would rather Wen Jiayu never see the light of day.


  In this way, the last person Wen Jiayu saw was him.


  He was the last person Wen Jiayu touched.


  A trace of madness flashed in Shi Haoyan's eyes.


  He lowered his head to hide his expression.


  Wen Jiayu, who was inside the wall, suddenly became anxious.


  According to what Ji Sheng just said, if Shi Haoyan was taken away and no one knew that he was in the secret room behind the wall, then he would definitely starve to death!


  Originally he hoped that Ji Sheng would take him away, so now he immediately reached out and knocked on the wall, shouting loudly: "Help, help! I'm here!!!"


  However, the material of the wall was very special. If people standing inside the secret room behind the wall, they could clearly hear the sounds outside, but the shouts from inside the secret room couldn't be heard outside, and the outside was very noisy.


  Xiao Xie was so frightened, he kept making rebuttal and beg for mercy. Several soldiers scolding him not to make noise, and Zhong Zheng's report were all mixed together, and no one could hear Wen Jiayu's cry.


  Hearing Ji Sheng's command and his voice gradually faded away, Wen Jiayu was so anxious and burst into tears.


  I don't want to starve to death!


  Who can save me?


  In the end, Wen Jiayu burst into tears in despair.


  The other side.


  After everyone went downstairs, Ji Sheng scanned the faces of all the servants gathered in the living room, but there was no Wen Jiayu.


  "You take all these people back and lock them up, and come with me to the Shi family's company later."


  Ji Sheng passed the document on his bracelet to Zhong Zheng, "This is the content of the Shi family's illegal crimes in recent years. These conditions are enough to arrest the people in power in the Shi family."


  Zhong Zheng glanced at it and felt that the contents above were listed one by one, very detailed and shocking.


        It seems that the Shi family is going to collapse.


  "Yes!" Zhong Zheng responded with a loud voice.


  Before leaving, Ji Sheng had been observing Shi Haoyan quietly. Seeing Shi Haoyan couldn't help but glance back upstairs, he raised his eyebrows slightly. He said to Zhong Zheng: "You take these people first, I will go out later."




  Ji Sheng returned to the room. He stood there, surrounded by silence. He listened carefully and finally heard a faint cry, but the sound was not clear.


  He stood at the door and shouted: "Wen Jiayu."


  There was a sound of crying, followed immediately by a cry for help.


  Ji Sheng was very patient and followed the sound, and soon discovered that the sound was coming from the wall.


  This Shi Haoyan.


  I almost got deceived.


  Ji Sheng coldly called Zhong Zheng and others back, he asked Shi Haoyan: "Where is the switch."


  Shi Haoyan remained silent.


  Ji Sheng didn't want to talk nonsense to Shi Haoyan, he directly ordered: "Smash the wall."


  Wen Jiayu was shocked.


  Smash the wall? ?


  I'm still in the secret room behind the wall!!!


  What if it hits me? ? ?


  Wen Jiayu immediately objected, but no one heard what he said clearly.


  Shi Haoyan seemed to have thought of this and said, "Stop, stop, the switch is over there!"


  He had the intention of going over and pressing the switch, but he was grabbed by the soldiers and couldn't move at all.


  Ji Sheng, on the other hand, acted as if he didn't hear Shi Haoyan's words, and directly used his mental power to smash the wall without blinking. When the other soldiers saw this, they also started to smash the wall.


  Wen Jiayu could only huddle in the corner, staying as far as possible from the wall, crying silently amidst the huge tremors.


  A hole was made in the wall. When Ji Sheng looked inside from the hole, he saw a handsome boy without any clothes, huddled in a small corner, his palm-sized face covered with tears, and a pair of round eyes staring at him.


  Ji Sheng ordered coldly: "Come out."

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