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Chapter 122.2

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 Wen Jiayu sobbed, looked aggrieved, and said in a soft voice: " feet are numb and I have no strength. I'm scared."


  Wen Jiayu's original intention was to let Ji Sheng carry him out.


  But what he didn't expect was that Ji Sheng just said "oh" and backed out.


  Wen Jiayu: "???"


  Ji Sheng grew up in a military camp and had never seen such a delicate boy. In his opinion, only girls who had been pampered since childhood and needed to be taken care of could be pampered.


  After all, in his mind boys were naturally stronger than girls.


  After Ji Sheng exited, he did nothing but stood aside and watched Shi Haoyan.


  Shi Haoyan's face turned pale.


  The treasure he always protected in his arms was treated like that, which made him feel very uncomfortable. He even had the idea of ​​fighting Ji Sheng, but he also knew that Ji Sheng had high mental power and rich combat experience, he wasn't someone he could compare to.


  On the side, Zhong Zheng winked at a soldier, who stepped forward and took Wen Jiayu out.


  Wen Jiayu shed tears and glanced at Shi Haoyan anxiously.


  He opened his mouth, but in the end he just bit his lower lip and lowered his head sadly, his voice trembling: "Yes, I'm sorry... I'm too scared... I was given an injection and I couldn't exert any strength. "


  Shi Haoyan's heart ached.


  He said indifferently: "The medicine matter has nothing to do with Wen Jiayu. He entrusted me with the testing of the medicine, however for the sake of efficiency and making money early, I didn't conduct the third and fourth tests. Commander Ji should also know, Wen Jiayu, a little scientific researcher, has no ability to avoid the test. How could he bribe the tester with just a kiss, as the Internet says?"


  Ji Sheng looked at Shi Haoyan coldly.


  Shi Haoyan's heart skipped a beat.




  I shouldn't have said these words so early, instead I should reveal them slowly during the interrogation phase.


  It's all my fault for being anxious. When I saw Wen Jiayu showing that kind of look, I subconsciously wanted to protect him.


  Ji Sheng said nothing and turned his attention to Wen Jiayu.


  Wen Jiayu was wearing a soldier's coat, but his slender neck was like a swan, and his straight and slender legs were exposed. In addition, he was given an injection, he was so weak that he could only stand aside leaning on the table, his whole body was soft and weak.


  Ji Sheng didn't ask about the medicine, but said, "Carry him."


  Wen Jiayu said in low voice: "You don't need to carry me, I will walk by myself."


  He glanced in the direction of Ji Sheng calmly and subconsciously walked towards him. However, he accidentally tripped over something under his feet. He screamed and fell towards Ji Sheng!


  Ji Sheng frowned and felt the sound of wind coming from behind. He thought Wen Jiayu was going to attack him and subconsciously hid aside.


  There was a "bang" sound.


  Wen Jiayu fell firmly to the ground, and his head suddenly hit the leg of the table beside him.




  The hem of the coat was lifted up around Wen Jiayu's waist, exposing his round buttocks to the air.


  A few soldiers couldn't help but look at it.


  There was nothing strange on Ji Sheng's face, he frowned: "Why do you want to attack me?"


  The people on the side who saw everything: "..."


  Originally there was nothing funny about this scene, but with Ji Sheng's cooperation, it became a bit funny.


  The soldier, who had some thoughts in his heart when he saw Wen Jiayu's appearance, couldn't help laughing when he heard Ji Sheng's words. 


       Zhong Zheng also had a smile on his face and explained: "No, commander Ji, he just tripped and fell towards you."


  Wen Jiayu was so ashamed and angry.


  It shouldn't...


  It shouldn't be like this.


  He wanted to get up from the ground, but many strange memories suddenly appeared in his head, filling his head all at once. His strength was drained, and he fell to the ground again. He had a splitting headache and couldn't help but groan.


  I remember!


  I'm not from this world at all, this world... this world is a novel! ! !


  Wen Jiayu looked confused, but he quickly figured out what was going on.


  He time traveled to this world and lived in this world instead of the original Wen Jiayu since he was a child. However, this book was completely different from the plot in his memory.


       He thought that it was reasonable to say that in this Mary Sue novel, as long as he was a respectable character, everyone should like him, if everyone liked him, they wouldn't hate him and frame him...


  Influenced by the novel, he subconsciously thought that Huo Ling would never dislike him, so he did it with Shi Haoyan.


  Subconsciously, he felt that he wouldn't be deceived, so he was deceived easily.


  Subconsciously, he felt that there must be no problem with the medicine, so he didn’t do the third and fourth tests.




  Everything because of that novel. Subconsciously, he trusted the novel too much.


  And, the biggest difference was...


  Chu Chen.


  Chu Chen shouldn't marry someone else. He should become a vicious male supporting character. After getting engaged to Huo Ling, he tried every means to deal with him and even hired someone to kill him. This made Wen Jiayu's flower protectors furious. In the end Chu Chen died miserably.


  But now, everything was different.


  But now he had no time to think about this. He was awake at the most embarrassing time.


  He should pick himself out quickly.


  Wen Jiayu suddenly raised his head and shouted to Ji Sheng, "Commander Ji, I was forced!"


  Ji Sheng: "?"


  Ji Sheng was startled, opened his bracelet, and opened the the quotations to identify whores Chu Chen gave him before.


  Wen Jiayu couldn't see what Ji Sheng was looking at.


  He had almost sorted everything out and knew that there were two points that he needed to clarify. On the one hand, it was about Chu Chen being drugged, and on the other hand, the medicine.


  "Chu Chen... As for what happened to Chu Chen, Ah ling and I were in a relationship, but suddenly I heard the news that he and Ah ling were engaged. I became very sad, so I told Shi Haoyan about it, and also told him that I was very unhappy, but I didn't expect that Shi Haoyan would do this... If I knew, I would never tell Shi Haoyan. "


  Wen Jiayu said painfully, "It's all my fault. I really didn't expect things to come to that point."


  "As for the medicine..."


  Wen Jiayu glanced at Shi Haoyan vaguely.


  Shi Haoyan was startled.


  It's one thing for you to be willing to help take the blame, but it's another thing for others to take the initiative to pass the blame.

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