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Chapter 479: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

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Chapter 479: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

However, there was no charcoal or fire under the grill.

Instead, it was a mushroom with orange spots, a strangely long stem, and a thick and round top.

Dudley skillfully placed a few mushrooms and some seafood on the grill, then stepped on the roots of the orange mushrooms.

A miraculous scene appeared.

The mushrooms umbrella suddenly split open, and finger-like tongues of fire shot out from within.

The flame gently roasted the ingredients on the grill.

Dudley took out a large jar of mutton oil and brushed it with a brush. The ingredients on the grill immediately made a sizzling sound.

The strong fragrance was carried to the two of them by the island wind. Margarets nose twitched slightly, revealing a surprised expression.

It smells good.

Dudley smiled brightly at the two of them. You came at the right time.

Try my new mushroom skewers!

As he spoke, he handed over a bunch of mushrooms on the grill.

Matthew was a little hesitant when he saw the strange spots on the mushroom.

Margaret, on the other hand, was very bold. She took the initiative to take the skewer of mushrooms and took a small bite. Her eyes lit up immediately, and she ate it all.

Are you sure youre okay? Matthew asked discreetly.

Margaret waved her hand.

I have Poison Immunity. I can eat anything after its cooked!

As she spoke, her head glowed with green light.

Soon after.

Half of her face also turned green.

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[Duration: 30 minutes]

After personally testing and discovering that these mushrooms were indeed edible, Matthew and Margaret also opened their stomachs to eat.

Dudleys barbecue skills were superb. In addition, the ingredients, mainly mushrooms and seafood, were indeed not bad. Before long, the two of them had their mouths full of oil.

Other than the taste of the mushroom itself.

Matthew was more concerned about the attributes they could provide.

He tried almost all the edible mushrooms and found that other than the duck leg mushrooms that could temporarily increase strength, there was also the Monkey Brain Mushroom that could increase agility.

[Durian Mushroom] that can be immune to [Stinky Cloud] after consumption;

[Steel Mushroom] that increased ones physique temporarily;

[Illusion Mushroom] used to increase perception;

There was also the Mage Mushroom that could temporarily increase mana.

However, Matthew didnt eat the Mage Mushroom.

Although he didnt ask about the specific cultivation principle, it wasnt difficult for Matthew to deduce the origin of the Mage Mushroom from the cultivation process of the Duck Leg Mushroom.

However, the mushrooms they ate were only the tip of the iceberg in Dudleys mushroom kingdom.

After eating.

The Dusk Elf enthusiastically introduced the baskets of mushrooms to Matthew and Margaret.

Look, this kind of umbrella has light green spots on its surface. Its big. This is a muscle mushroom. This is also edible. After eating it, people will lose their rationality for a short period of time and become hot-blooded idiots who only know how to exercise and wrestle.

This umbrella has a white surface and is larger in size. This is the Sausage Mushroom.

Thats the Shrieking Mushroom. Be careful, dont scare her. Shell scream.

This light blue mushroom with a pointed head is called Frost Mushroom. As long as you have three of these mushrooms, you can create an ice cellar.

I was roasting Flaming Mushroom. This is Lightning Mushroom.

And this, this is a love mushroom specially cultivated for men and women who lack love experience. After taking it, you will feel like youre in love. Isnt it great? I know its useless to you two, but I think there are many others who will need it..

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