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Chapter 480: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

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Chapter 480: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

More than ten baskets of mushrooms with different types and effects were there.

Matthew exclaimed,

I didnt expect you to invent so many new species!

Now he understood why Blinken wanted so many mushrooms.

In the eyes of a mage who was clever, these mushrooms were just another form of magic scroll!

Dudley smiled modestly.

Rather than saying that I invented them, its better to say that they invented me.

He didnt explain too much.

At this moment.

The three of them had already looked through the dozen baskets of mushrooms on the ground.

Matthew suddenly pointed at a small basket in the corner and asked,

Are those mushrooms too?

Dudley nodded.

Yes, thats what Lord Clayde specially instructed me to prepare this morning.

This is a gift for you two.

As he spoke, he carried the basket of mushrooms over.

This is the Child-giving Mushroom.Folloow current novÊls on nov/3lb((in).(co/m)

Sir Clayde hopes that Mr. Matthew can eat more to increase your vitality.

Dudley said ambiguously.

Matthew suddenly felt a headache.

Margaret, on the other hand, was addicted to acting. She poked Matthews waist hard, then put her hands on her hips and said in a very fierce tone,

Hurry up and put it away!

You only know how to copy scrolls every day! Matthew did as he was told. Dudley snickered for a while and then said,

I really envy you guys.

Not only are you lover, but you are also of the same kind.

Ever since the Sun God fell, I was the only Sun Elf left.

Lover (omitted);

Betrayal (omitted);


While the elves on the continent of Aindor were engaged in a mighty civil war, the Sun God Gerrard, who was once very popular, was betrayed by three of his most trusted servants in the war of gods.

In the end, Gerrard was killed by the second-generation God of War, Vasnov.

His body fell, his Gods Kingdom shattered, and he fell to thousands of planes.

It was different from other Fallen Gods.

When the Sun God fell, his self-created nebula domain produced a wonderful effect.

Under the effect of this domain, when the Sun Gods corpse fragments hit the sky of Aindor, it formed a special terrain unique to Aindor: the ruins on the clouds.

At first, the ruins on the clouds only had the Sun Gods body and the God Kingdom fragment.

But as time passed, people discovered that a strange vortex had formed on the ruins above the clouds.

This vortex could attract the body and fragments of a gods kingdom when they fell and properly contain them.

From then on.

All the fallen gods had a part of their bodies, and fragments of their kingdoms fused into the cloud ruins.

The vortex was also Imown as the last tear of the Sun God.

In any case, Gerrard, in the Age of Enlightenment, was a symbol of progress compared to other gods.

He was a straightforward and self-righteous god. Other than his fiery temper when he drank too much, he did not seem to have discovered any other shortcomings.

Information summary, a nameless divine researcher, Hodean.

So the Sun God was the senior transmigrator who had launched several rounds of divine battles that eventually led to the formation of the Cloud Ruins.

Matthew read through the main points in an instant. He asked Dudley with a regretful expression, Ive heard about the Sun God. Hes a respectable god.

What happened after that?

Dudley turned his body and reminisced.

Later, I walked alone in the wilderness, but unfortunately, there was no place for me in Aindor.

Although that unexpected turmoil ended the elves civil war, the Sun Elves also died in the chaos.

I lost my people, my home, and everything.

The eagle hounds from the other gods in the heavenly realm even started to hunt me down.

I had no choice but to escape to the inner plane..

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