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Chapter 481: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

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Chapter 481: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

However, the environment in the inner plane was also very harsh for me. After all, I wasnt even a Legend at that time. I still remember that when I first arrived in the negative energy plane, I was almost eaten by an old bone dragon!

Fortunately, I still had some means of escape and managed to avoid those calamities.

I was really lost during that period of time. I was exhausted at the end of my rope, and I lost my way forward.

Only my survival instinct reminded me to live on.

Not only did I have to survive, but I also want to continue the Sun Elf bloodline.

Although I only had the mark of dusk on me at that time, I believed that the sun would rise again one day, and the Sun Elves would once again walk on that land.

With this thought in mind.

I continued forward. Not long after, I met Hussman.

I swear.

He is the most beautiful creature I have ever seen!

Dudley said emotionally,

I cant describe his beauty with words, but I can introduce him to you.

Hussman was a very gentle being, and he was also very shy.

He only liked to come out and bask in the sun at noon every day. At other times, even if we dig underground, we wont be able to find him. As soon as he finished speaking.

In the sand in front of the three of them, a lot of sand had sunk into the middle, as if something was drilling out of it.

Half a minute later.

A pure white flower bud with a pointed head poked out from the sand. The bottom of the flower bud was covered with green ball-shaped fur.

It turned around.

It suddenly shrank a little.

Good afternoon, Hussman. Dont worry. They are Sir Claydes guests. Im here, and no one will dare to hurt you. Dudley said gently.

Then, he said to the two of them,

Matthew nodded calmly.

However, he was extremely shocked in his heart.

He didnt expect the life Dudley mentioned to be a rotten sac!

As a Necromancer, Matthew knew the Rotten Sac very well.

It was a compulsory course for a middle-level or low-level necromancer to learn how to use the spores of rotten sacs to quickly parasitize the enemy and expand their infectious ability.

Matthew himself also had the ability of Rotten Sac Control.

This ability was enough to give him the power to dominate most of the Sacks of Decay.

However, Matthew couldnt control this rotten sac.

Can a rotten sac advance to Legend?

Matthew stared at this magnificent flower without blinking, and his heart was slightly shocked by the variety of creatures.

As you can see, Hussman is the Lord of the Rotten Sac. He looks like a giant plant, but hes actually a fungus, just a little bigger.

It was with Hussmans help that I was able to enter the Spore Domain and observe an unprecedented new world.

Although the world of microorganisms was generally not recognized by the outside world, they really existed.

They are too inconspicuous, too difficult to notice, so much so that even the will of nature has a vague idea of them.

Dudley introduced helplessly.

Matthew comforted him, The Will of Nature is a very vague concept. Its an amalgamation of general consciousness. Its easy to be disturbed by a few individuals with louder voices and have the silent majority ignored.

Dudleys eyes lit up. Do you also agree that microorganisms and spores are part of nature?

Matthew nodded, his eyes shining.

Not only did he agree with Dudley, but he also believed that the Spore Domain could be used as a bridge between nature and death.

Equalization was his goal, but his methods should be more diverse.

If I can master the Spore Domain, it might be much easier to deal with the conflicts between the ritual arenas. Although it cant solve all the problems, it can at least alleviate some of the conflicts..

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