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Chapter 482: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

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Chapter 482: Magical Mushroom and Spore Domain

Matthew thought to himself.

The Spore Domain was the natural proof that nature and death could coexist.

If he could prove that this domain belonged to nature, Matthews subsequent actions on balancing nature and undying would be smoother.

After seeing the lord of Rotten Sac, he was shocked.

Matthew had an answer to why the Dudley Elves on the island looked exactly like Dudley.

At this moment.

Dudley took the initiative and said,

It just so happens that theres enough dew today. Please allow me to show you how great Hussman is.

As he spoke.

He lightly jumped onto the petals, and several petals quickly twisted as if he were high-fiving Dudley.

Dudley came to the flower pond and jumped in.

Matthew raised his chin and tiptoed. Just as he was about to take out the magic carpet to take a look at it from a higher place, Margaret activated the flying spell and easily flew up with one hand holding his back.

Her actions were a stark contrast to her petite figure.

Matthew didnt have time to complain about his posture.

He could only focus on the flower pond below.

Dudley was swimming happily in the flower pond.

Following his actions.

The nectar-like liquid began to roll rapidly.

Dudley suddenly tilted his head. A head appeared beside him.

Then, his hands and feet.

He didnt move.

In the next second.

A brand new Dudley came out of his body!

Margaret gasped.

However, Dudley did not stop.

He stirred the nectar hard and made a strange sound.

Not long after.

In fact, Lord Clayde would occasionally bring some humans to the island, but most of them said that they could not accept it after seeing the contents of the Spore Society. Your current reaction is already quite surprising. At least you didnt run away after seeing my reproduction method.

At this point, Dudley laughed at himself.

However, in the next second.

He heard Matthew ask, What do I need to do to join the Spore Society?

Are you thinking of joining us? Dudley was stunned for a moment before he was overjoyed.

Matthew said gently,

I need to understand the obligations of joining the association and what I need to do before that.

Dudley quickly said,

We dont have any obligations. We just need to try our best to prevent the world from misunderstanding us.

It would be even better if it could promote the recognition of the Spore Domain by the Nature Domain.

As for the conditions to join us, I honestly havent thought about it yet. After all, youre the first person whos willing to join us.

Matthew reminded,

Im a Necromancer, not a Druid. Do I meet the requirements?

Dudley smiled bitterly.

With our current situation, we dont have the time to discriminate against other classes. Its already good enough that the Necromancer doesnt discriminate against us!

How about this? If you really want to become a member of the Spore Society, you just have to go and greet Hussman. If he agrees, you will become the third official member!

Matthew nodded.

He gave Margaret a look that told her to calm down. Then, he opened the domain of the oak tree and the undying and slowly walked toward Hussman, the Lord of the Rotten Sac.

Before he reached the edge of the sand.

A gentle power enveloped him.

In the blink of an eye, an extremely beautiful scene appeared in front of Matthew.

[Hint: Hussman, the Lord of Rotten Sac, has shared his Domain with you.]

You have entered the Spore Domain.

You have obtained the ability Brewing Wine .

You have obtained the ability Decomposition and fertilisation .

You have obtained the ability Four Seasons Like Spring .

[Your domain Plague resonates with the current domain. Do you wish to activate it?]

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