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Chapter 1140: Unforeseen Circumstance

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The journey was much too far.

However, the coachman clenched his teeth and decided to accept this offer when Lu Liangwei offered to pay double the fare.

Lu Liangwei bought some dried food before getting onto the horse-drawn carriage.

Once everything was prepared, she got in.

The coachman began driving the carriage and went toward the exit of the little town, heading for the imperial capital.

Lu Liangwei’s tense mood finally started calming down slowly.

Barring any surprises along the way, speeding along this path would take at most eight days to reach the imperial capital.

She gently breathed a sigh of relief at this thought.

However, the carriage had yet to reach the exit of the little town when they were met by an unforeseen circumstance. There was the sound of horse hooves galloping toward them from afar and soon a group of bandits brandishing swords was rushing toward the town with savage looks on their faces.

The streets were immediately thrown into a state of chaos.

There were screams, shouting, and sobbing. The sound was loud enough to pierce eardrums.

Lu Liangwei grabbed tightly onto the cloth bag in her hands.

She did not need to look out to know what was happening.

The coachman’s trembling voice could be heard from outside the carriage.

“B…Bandits?” Right after that, there was a sound of something hitting the ground.

The coachman had abandoned the carriage and scrambled off in fear.

Lu Liangwei pulled the curtain open to take a look.

She saw that the bandits were still a distance away, but they were already blocking the exit of the little town.

Lu Liangwei gave this some consideration and, in a sudden move of determination, tied the cloth bag in front of her chest and got out of the carriage. Then, she sat on the coachman’s seat and grabbed the reins the coachman had flung aside. She whipped them down hard onto the horse’s back. Struck by pain, the horse suddenly began galloping toward the town’s exit.

She knew how to ride a horse, but had no idea how to drive a carriage. Lu Liangwei initially thought it might be similar, but when she really started doing it, she quickly learned that it was completely different.

The horse suddenly rushed off madly and she was nearly thrown off. Fortunately, she reacted in time and held on to safety.

The bandits who were blocking the exit were shocked to suddenly see a carriage coming toward them without any intention of stopping.

“Who’s this rascal tired of living? He dares defy me? Stop him right now so I can skin him alive!” the bandit leader yelled out viciously.

Despite his instructions, the bandits did not dare stop a horse-drawn carriage that was hurtling straight toward them and they jumped out of the way.

The carriage passed through the blockade successfully.

However, the bandit leader felt that his pride was being challenged and he turned his attention away from the people in town. He shouted out for a group of his lackeys to chase the carriage and shut it down.

The people of the town were greatly relieved to see the bandits running off like that.

Lu Liangwei did not stop even after leaving the town. However, the color drained from her face when she saw the bandits chasing behind her. She whipped the reins fiercely once more and increased the speed.

“Come on…”

Unfortunately, no matter how fast the carriage went, it could not outrun a horse without any baggage.

Not long after leaving the town, Lu Liangwei and her carriage were surrounded by the group of bandits.

Panting, Lu Liangwei stopped her horse.

She stared at the bandits surrounding her but was no longer afraid.

“Aren’t you good at running, you rascal? Go on and run!” The bandit leader sat on the horse and pointed his sword in Lu Liangwei’s direction as he spat the words savagely.

“Isn’t money all you want? I wonder if the leader would be interested in my proposition?” Lu Liangwei calmly started to negotiate, not feeling afraid at all.

The bandit leader was taken aback. He had never seen anyone this fearless. Could it be that he was not formidable enough to instill fear in the young man?

Every time he appeared in town, the people would be wracked by fear and hand their money over obediently. Only this rascal in front of him reacted differently.

Regardless of what the reason was, the bandit leader was very unhappy.

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