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Chapter 1287: 1287

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1287 She Wanted This Pretty-Looking Big Brother To Carry Her

Lu Liangwei was dejected to see Ji’er bawl so hysterically. Her eyes had even turned red from the crying. When Lu Liangwei saw Chu Qi enter the room, she quickly lowered her head to cajole the baby. “Ji’er, Lil Qi is here. Be a good girl and stop crying.”

Ji’er had spotted Chu Qi. She immediately reached out her little arms, calling for him as her sobbing changed to animated prattling, as if demanding that he hurry up and carry her…

Lu Liangwei felt rather miserable when she saw this, but at the same time, Ji’er’s actions melted her heart.

She did not blame Ji’er for having a special spot for Lil Qi alone.

Even though Lu Liangwei was the one who gave birth to her, she had not been able to protect Ji’er. It was Lil Qi who had saved her and he had taken great care of her.

Lu Liangwei felt nothing but gratitude toward Lil Qi.

Lil Qi came over to pick up Ji’er.

Ji’er almost instantly stopped crying the moment she was in his arms. She nestled within them quietly as Chu Qi carried her. There were still tear marks on her face, which made her look quite pitiful.

Chu Qi deftly wiped away her tears and whispered some gentle words to her. The baby immediately smiled as her fingers started playing with his hair again.

Lu Liangwei felt a mixture of sorrow and envy.

She had not expected Ji’er to be this reliant on Lil Qi.

Looking at Chu Qi’s youthful face made her feel a little unsettled.

She wondered if this was really a good thing.

Chu Qi was quite young, after all. With Ji’er being so dependent on him, Lu Liangwei wondered whether this would have a positive or negative effect on the boy.

At that moment, Yaoyao suddenly burst out crying, snapping Lu Liangwei out of her thoughts.

She gave a start and quickly went over to pick up Yaoyao.

Even though Yaoyao had no idea what Lu Liangwei was thinking about, this did not stop her from being very fond of her pretty mother.

The moment Lu Liangwei cradled Yaoyao in her arms, the baby immediately tugged on her hair playfully.

Lu Liangwei tried to save her hair from Yaoyao’s clutches. However, she failed to do so after several attempts and, in the end, she relented and let Yaoyao have her way with it.

She realized that children really enjoyed playing with the hair of adults.

“Lil Qi, reach out your hand and let me take your pulse,” Lu Liangwei said suddenly as she looked into Chu Qi’s blank eyes.

Chu Qi gave her a look and offered his hand as instructed.

Lu Liangwei checked his pulse with one hand while carrying Yaoyao with the other.

Yaoyao turned around and spotted Chu Qi, as well as Ji’er in his arms. She suddenly wanted this pretty-looking big brother to carry her too. She reached out her hands and began babbling.

When Ji’er saw this, she instantly glared viciously at her older sister, as if someone was trying to take away her property.

Yaoyao ignored the ‘fierce’ look directed at her and stubbornly continued reaching out.

Ji’er cocked her little head to the side and stared at Yaoyao’s fair, tender fingers that looked like baby lotus roots. Without warning, she grabbed Yaoyao’s finger and stuffed them into her mouth.

“Wah… sob…”

At first, Yaoyao was stunned, but soon she cried out in pain.

Lu Liangwei gave a start and quickly released Chu Qi’s hand.

When she saw Ji’er biting Yaoyao’s finger, she found the sight maddening yet amusing at the same time.

“Be a good girl, Ji’er. You can’t bite your older sister,” she said as she gently reached out a finger to tickle Ji’er’s chin.

Long Ji’er glanced at Lu Liangwei and finally released the finger from her mouth.

Yaoyao’s face was full of tears by now and she glared accusingly at Ji’er. Once that was done, she nuzzled pitifully into her mother’s chest.

Lu Liangwei felt upset for Yaoyao, but she could not bear to lecture Ji’er.

She rubbed Yaoyao’s head and cajoled her softly. “Your little sister, Ji’er, didn’t do it on purpose. Can you forgive her since you’re the older sibling, Yaoyao?”

Yaoyao looked at Lu Liangwei with a pitiful expression. Her crying had finally stopped, but her face was still covered in tears.

Lu Liangwei helped wipe her tears away and further softened her tone as she said, “You’re a good girl, Yaoyao.”


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