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Chapter 1301: 1301 The One Who Loves You Most In This World

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1301 The One Who Loves You Most In This World

Yaoyao did not understand her words and continued babbling away.

Chang had no choice but to pass her over to Lu Liangwei to carry.

Lu Liangwei carried one sister in each of her hands as she said in a low, gentle voice, “You should love each other because you’re sisters.”

The moment she said this, Yaoyao suddenly reached her little hand out to snatch the pinwheel from Ji’er’s hand.

Ji’er was somewhat stunned and, when she finally realized what had happened, she grabbed hold of her older sister’s hair, unwilling to back down.

Yaoyao began crying from the pain, but kept a firm grip on the pinwheel, refusing to let go.

When Ji’er saw this, she started getting anxious and cried out, but she would not release her grip either.

Yaoyao cried even louder.

Frightened, Lu Liangwei quickly tried to stop the sisters.

Chang and Zhu Yu rushed forward to help as well.

It took quite a while before both little girls finally stopped fighting.

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With the pinwheel returned to her hand, Ji’er stopped tugging on her sister’s hair and lowered her head to play with the pinwheel.

Yaoyao leaned into her mother’s arms pitifully and sobbed quietly.

Lu Liangwei kissed her little face and said softly, “Be good, Yaoyao. The pinwheel belongs to your little sister. You shouldn’t be snatching her things when you’re the older sister. Not to mention, you have your own pinwheel. I’ll bring you over to get it.”

She wondered if Yaoyao understood what she said—the baby stopped sobbing right after that.

When Lu Liangwei noticed that Ji’er was no longer thinking about Chu Qi now that she had the pinwheel in her hand, she wanted to take this chance to carry Ji’er back to her bedchamber.

Chang knew what Lu Liangwei was trying to do and she took Yaoyao from Lu Liangwei’s arms.

Lu Liangwei carried Ji’er all the way back to the bedchamber.

All three siblings played together for the entire afternoon and seemed closer to each other now. There were no further occurrences of toy snatching.

Lu Liangwei was quite relieved by this and she decided to let the three siblings spend more time together from this day onward.

By the time Ji’er got tired of the pinwheel and began to think about Chu Qi, she realized she was in a strange environment without Chu Qi by her side.

She looked at Chang and suddenly cried pitifully.

In her current surroundings, Chang was the person Ji’er knew best. Without Chu Qi around, Ji’er wanted to be carried by her.

Chang felt her heart crumbld into pieces when she saw this, but she stopped herself from approaching Ji’er.

Her Highness and Ji’er had just met the day before and they needed to spend more time together. Her Highness had carried Ji’er over in order to get closer to her; it was not a good time for Chang to go to Ji’er at this time.

Lu Liangwei gave the older woman a grateful look as she rubbed Ji’er’s little head. She lowered her head and said gently, “Are you missing your Big Bro Lil Qi, Ji’er? He has something he needs to do but he’ll be back to pick you up soon. Don’t cry, okay? I’ll take you out for some fun.”

With that, she gave instructions to Zhu Yu and the others to take care of Yin’er and Yaoyao while she carried Ji’er out of Grand Phoenix Palace.

Lu Liangwei’s heart almost broke after hearing Ji’er cry, but she had to bear it.

Ji’er had gone through so much ever since she was born and had suffered much. Ji’er only ever had Chu Qi by her side and it was only natural that the boy was important to her.

However, Lu Liangwei would not give up the opportunity to get close to Ji’er because of this.

She could only harden her heart no matter how much Ji’er cried.

Lu Liangwei took out her handkerchief and wiped Ji’er’s face. She took out the rattle drum and teased the baby with it.

Perhaps Lu Liangwei’s exceedingly gentle look had an effect—Ji’er stopped crying before long. She leaned into Lu Liangwei’s arms and just sobbed quietly.

Lu Liangwei patted her back gently.

“Good girl, Ji’er. I’ll take you to see your father.”

Ji’er gaped at her with her clear, innocent eyes, as if wondering who was this father Lu Liangwei was talking about.

Lu Liangwei sighed gently. Even though she was still young, there was a chance she could understand her words. She explained patiently, “Your father and mother love you most in this world.”

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