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Chapter 588: 588

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Chapter 588: I’m Afraid Her Time Is Running Out

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Lu Liangwei bowed back to her and said, “To tell you the truth, Abbess, I came here today to see Madam Zheng.”

Hearing this, the abbess hesitated. “But Patron Zheng…”

Noting her reaction, Lu Liangwei asked, “Would this be inconvenient for you?”

The abbess sighed and shook her head. “That’s not the case. The thing is, Patron Zheng has been ill for some time. I invited a physician to treat her, but her condition still hasn’t improved, and even worse, she’s been in a coma for the past few days. I’m afraid her time is running out.”

Lu Liangwei was astonished to hear this. Madam Zheng was dying?

“Please take me to her, Abbess.”

After another moment of hesitation, the abbess said tentatively, “You’re a lady of noble birth, Patron Lu. I’m afraid that Patron Zheng’s current state would be unpleasant for you…”

“Don’t worry, Abbess. I’ll just take a look to ease my worries,” Lu Liangwei insisted.

Seeing this, the abbess did not dissuade her anymore and led the way.

The meditation room where Madam Zheng lived was in the woods at the back. The place was tranquil and clean—a sign of how hardworking White Cloud Temple’s nuns were.

The door to the meditation room was pushed open, and they were immediately greeted with the bitter smell of medicine.

Lu Liangwei waited for the smell to subside before following the abbess inside.

The room was fairly spacious, although the furnishings were on the more basic side. However, the room was spotless, and aside from the strong smell of medicine, everything else was fine.

When Lu Liangwei saw the person lying in bed, she almost could not recognize that it was Madam Zheng.

Madam Zheng’s face was withered and looked like a skeleton’s. Her appearance was completely different from the pampered and high-fed woman she used to be in the Grand Duke Mansion.

If Lu Liangwei had not barely managed to recognize her from her features, she would have thought that the abbess had brought her to some random person to fool her.

Lu Liangwei was utterly stunned.

Madam Zheng seemed healthy before. How did she become like this in just a few months?

Still in disbelief, Lu Liangwei stepped forward and reached out to examine her, but the abbess stopped her hurriedly. “Please don’t, Patron Lu. Patron Zheng is severely ill, and you might catch her illness.”

Lu Liangwei turned and looked at her. When she met the woman’s clear and serene eyes, her initial suspicion toward her disappeared.

“It’s all right. I have some medical skills.” As she spoke, she used her fingers to feel Madam Zheng’s pulse.

Then she examined Madam Zheng’s eyes and mouth.

A moment later, Lu Liangwei took out her handkerchief and wiped her hands before turning to the abbess and saying, “Who’s the one who usually takes care of Madam Zheng?”

The abbess muttered Namo Mitabhaya before replying a little dejectedly, “When Madam Zheng had just been sent here, there was a maidservant who took care of her. The maidservant did her job well at first, but when Patron Zheng fell ill, the young nuns in the temple caught her being lazy and careless several times. I’ve also spoken to her about it a few times, and she promised that she’d change, but the next instant, she’d commit the same misdeed again. As Patron Zheng’s illness worsened, the maidservant eventually packed her bags and ran away. The one taking care of Patron Zheng now is Fahui, my disciple.”

Lu Liangwei fell silent. She did not expect Madam Zheng to become so miserable after being sent here. The poison in her body, especially…

“Has the Crown Princess come to see her?”

The abbess shook her head. “No.”

“Not even once?” asked Lu Liangwei.


Hearing this, Lu Liangwei felt a little sorry for Madam Zheng.

Lu Yunshuang had never visited Madam Zheng even once. Otherwise, she would not have fallen into such a plight.

However, she did not feel sympathetic toward her at all.

“Abbess, could you ask Sister Fahui to come over for a moment?” she said suddenly.. “I have something to ask her.”

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