True Color

True Color
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Qi Xing is a typical spoiled second-generation rich individual who has always had an easy and carefree life. That is until he encountered his nemesis, Ye Xingzhou, the illegitimate child of the Ye family who suddenly rose to power and quickly took control of the family business.

At first, Qi Xing developed feelings for the handsome young man Lin Zhinian who was always by Ye Xingzhou’s side, but kept being frustrated by Ye Xingzhou constant interference.

The second time, he stumbled upon Ye Xingzhou’s dark secret and witnessed him pulling a gun on his own uncle, and Qi Xing found himself caught in the crossfire.

The third time, he witnessed him setting fire to the coveted sports car that Qi Xing had longed for. Filled with rage, he impulsively confronted him and ended up getting pinned down.

In public, Ye Xingzhou appeared to be a refined and gentlemanly figure, but Qi Xing couldn’t help but dislike him, firmly believing that he was nothing more than a beast in human skin.

Qi Xing went to great lengths to expose Ye Xingzhou’s true nature, but in the end, he fell into the trap set by him, losing everything in the process.

Ye Xingzhou had always ignored Qi Xing, a second-generation rich kid, until he saw the person under him with teary eyes, revealing a sense of grievance, anger, and unwillingness.

Arrogant yet fragile, that was the type of person he liked.

Ye Xingzhou x Qi Xing

Sophisticated scum x Overbearing and pampered tyrant

From enemies to lovers.

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