Xianxia Online

Xianxia Online
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Ever wonder how it would feel to live life from the beginning all over again? When Earth falls to ruin and humanity’s survival is at stake, all of mankind is forced to enter the fantasy universe of the world’s hottest VRMMORPG, Xianxia Online. To uphold law and order, past players’ profiles were erased and forced to start anew, while law enforcers and authority figures such as government officials were granted powerful positions right off the start. After all, this was a world where dog eats dog, and the weak are cruelly left behind. Xuan, alias Zero, had been the top player and a legendary figure on the leaderboards of the game when the news struck. He had been mere inches away from being the first player cultivator to ever enter Godhood, but now, everything he had once possessed—divine weapons, legendary artifacts, and mythical beasts for pets—was gone, along with his thousands of years of cultivation. Having always been a lone wolf and remained anonymous, this reset hit him harder than most players, who could comfortably rely on others for help when needed. But no matter. The path of cultivation was riddled with challenges and hardships—since when did he let something as trivial as this stop him? He may have lost all of his riches, but he still had the most powerful weapons of all by his side—knowledge and experience. Combine that with the various secret treasure stashes he had around the world of Xianxia Online, and his climb back to the pinnacle of strength would be inevitable. Very soon, he will rise to the top again, and crush those who dared to try and tie him down. This game was mankind's world now. And he... was the apex predator. Witness as Xuan climbs his way back to the peak of cultivation and dominates everyone else in existence!

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