Zhanxian - Chapter 821

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Chapter 821

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Chapter 821: Yang Xi Takes Action


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Here Yang Chen, Gao Yue and Gongsun Ling were slowly enjoying the process of their magic weapons absorbing massive amounts of spiritual power and slowly upgrading. Over there, the core elders of the Greatest Heaven Sect, Yang Xi and Yang Lan were already living as if they were years.

Time passed slowly for about ten days, and the worries of Sect master Li and several core elders had reached their peak. The Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation has reached this point, and it is already trembling due to absorbing too much spiritual power. Anyone can see clearly that this is a precursor to the collapse of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation.

Things have developed to this point, and the Greatest Heaven Sect has been forced to the cliff. The only way is to rely on the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation to snatch the spiritual power from the outside world, and then consume those masters to death. When no one can threaten the safety of the Greatest Heaven Sect, one by one the masters will go out to face the tribulation.

The whole process, sect master Li estimates, will take thousands of years. Anyway, it was said before that the Greatest Heaven Sect would be closed for a thousand years, so sect master Li was not in a hurry. As the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation trembled, all the core elders began to panic.

Once the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation collapses and the sects outside have spiritual power, the current stalemate will continue for a long time. The allied forces of the sects had to besiege the Greatest Heaven Sect and look for opportunities at all times, but the Greatest Heaven Sect would still be trapped in this demon-sealing formation, unable to survive the tribulation or improve. That would be a disaster for the Greatest Heaven Sect.

Similarly, Yang Xi and Yang Lan, who were in the special formation eye, were also panicking. Just as Sect master Li guessed, everything has its limits. The demon sealing formation has its limits, and the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation also has its limits. Based on the same principle, Yang Xi and Yang Lan’s bodies also have limits.

Before experiencing the baptism of the thunder tribulation, the Yin fire tribulation and the raging wind tribulation, the bodies of the two of them at the Jiedan stage could only reach the realm of the third and fourth Human Immortal realm, no matter how high it was, the spiritual power will burst the body.

The strength of the formation eye depends on the master in the formation eye. The trembling of the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation  now is a sign that they are about to reach the limit. At this moment, the formation eye is connected with their bodies. If their bodies can bear it, the formation eye will be safe. If they cannot bear it, the formation eye will be destroyed.

In fact, if they can overcome the tribulation immediately while absorbing it, their bodies will be transformed to become stronger every time they pass through the tribulation. After the transformation, it will naturally be able to accommodate more spiritual power and improve their cultivation.

But the problem is that Yang Xi and Yang Lan are both in the demon sealing formation, no matter how powerful they are now. No matter what level their realm has reached, the heavenly tribulation is always isolated from the demon sealing formation and will never come easily.

Under this situation, it was difficult for the two of them to contain more spiritual power. However, despite this, in just over a month, others have only improved a small level at best. At most, it has improved two small realms to the point where it is on the verge of breaking through the big realm. However, the Yang Xi brother and sister had solidly crossed from the Jiedan stage to the Yuanying stage and the Dacheng stage in one fell swoop, and directly entered the human Immortal realm.

At this point, their spiritual power cultivation cannot continue to increase and the spiritual power from the outside world is still pouring in, which is fatal. In order to avoid being exploded by spiritual power, Yang Xi and Yang Lan had to stop and come out of the special formation no matter what.

The issue is, if they go out directly now, the special formation will stop. Then the Everlasting Universe Origin Suppression Great Formation will slowly return to normal. Next, if they don’t survive the tribulation, they will soon face questioning from Sect master Li and several core elders.

The time was too short, and they could only design the process reasonably, but it was not so reasonable that it was completely seamless. As long as they are questioned a few times and the confessions between the two people are compared several times, the problems can be easily discovered.

Once sect master Li and the core elders identify their brother and sister as the culprits that caused all this, their fate can be imagined. Yang Xi was never willing to go to that step, wasn’t the reason why he designed against Li Liheng just to give himself a chance of survival?

Therefore, after reaching this point, Yang Xi and Yang Lan were already ready to take action. And now they want to find a suitable opportunity to trigger the arrangement of the demon sealing formation without anyone noticing them.

Sect master Li and several core core have been staring at the special formation almost all day long. Yang Xi couldn’t find any opportunity at all. He had no choice but to forcefully push forward the original plan.

From the appearance of the controlling elder of the demon sealing formation, no one would be able to tell that he was controlled by someone under hypnosis. Even he himself had no awareness of this and had never found out that he had been hypnotized.

People who have not practiced the free demon heart sutra will never understand the mysteries of the free demon heart sutra. If you think that the free demon heart sutra can only improve your spiritual awareness, you are totally wrong. The most powerful thing is that he can control others silently.

The elder who controlled the second demon-sealing formation had unknowingly walked up to the core elder who controlled the other array. This move did not arouse anyone’s suspicion, and no one took it seriously. After all, being able to control the second array fully demonstrated the sect’s trust in him.

But this Yuanying stage elder who was fully trusted by the sect suddenly started to attack while everyone was staring at the special formation.

The flying sword summoned silently pierced the chest of the formation controlling elder. Then he released the restrictions on the entry and exit of the Greatest Heaven Sect’s demon sealing formation and released the restraints of the demon sealing formation. Next, hundreds of divine thunders of various attributes suddenly appeared next to the elder, and they all exploded suddenly.

Sect Master Li and several core elders were not far away. The sudden change left them no time to react. They watched helplessly as the demon sealing formation was opened, and then they were covered by a series of divine thunder explosions.

Originally, they wanted to snatch back the array disk and reopen the demon sealing formation immediately, but the explosion of a large number of divine thunder stopped everyone. Amidst the rumbling sound, all the people in this area who were having a cultivation base lower than the Yuanying stage were blasted to pieces by the divine thunder. Even sect master Li and several other Dacheng stage masters were injured all over their bodies.

Not to mention this, what made sect master Li and the core elders most desperate was that tribulation clouds instantly began to gather in the sky, and the auras of countless tribulations descended crazily. Those masters who have been pushed to the edge of tribulation in the past forty days, whether it is thunder tribulations or yin fire tribulations, have all been triggered.

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