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Chapter 344: Full Moon Voyage (1)   1. “Indeed.” After hearing the reason for her summoning, the Count nodded her head. “In short, it all ends if I just say you passed, doesn’t it? Simple. Easier than adding a slice of cheese to a hamburger.” “Why is yo

Chapter 345: Full Moon Voyage (2)   I blinked my eyes. “Are you saying you came here 300 years early?” “That’s right, junior…” The person, with their face hidden under a hood, nodded their head slowly, bowing it repeatedly. Suddenly, I had become the ju

Chapter 346: Full Moon Voyage (3)   3. I carried out a operation. “Hello, brother. Do you by any chance know the way?” You might think this is nonsense, but any nonsense in the world can make sense if you say it yourself. And the person who just said this was none other than me

Chapter 347: Full Moon Voyage (4)   4. [‘The Cat that Bit a Gold Coin’ makes a proposal to you.] The Constellation spoke to me, meanwhile also sharing the events that had unfolded behind the scenes. What events, you ask? The judge, who might still be observing from the 70th flo

Chapter 348: Full Moon Voyage (5)   5. So, what did I end up doing? Well, a friend told me to just keep doing what I’ve been doing. After all, there’s no reason not to heed a friend’s request if it’s for the sake of friendship. To be more specific about what I’

Chapter 349: Full Moon Voyage (6)   6. The cats’ response to my question about whether they knew the way was simple. The cats, being merchants, trembled but without a moment’s hesitation, they prostrated themselves neatly. “We surrender, meow!” They truly knew their

Chapter 350: White End Point (1)   1. It was my turn to ascend to another heaven, but in reality, floors 73 and 74 were nothing special. Literally the moment I set foot on the stage, I was deemed ‘pass’. “Ah, seriously. It wasn’t long ago that I got thoroughly defea

Chapter 336: The Constellations' Auction. (3)   5. I have many constellations. It sounds like a sentence that could become a novel title. Something like, [My Constellations Are Infinite] or [I Have 999,999,999 Constellations]. That’s how many constellations I have. “Peep.&

Chapter 337: Blood and Alcohol (1)   1. “So, what are you going to do?” I flicked the holy sword. The crocodile gentleman, who was already sobbing miserably, swallowed a scream upon seeing the tip of my blade, “Hik!” “What, what do I do? What do you mean?&rdqu

Chapter 338: Blood and Alcohol (2)   3. Just before the crocodile gentleman charged at me, he opened his long snout. “O Tower! Fulfill the promise!” Behind the crocodile, dozens of butlers were lined up. Clang! The wine bottles they were holding dropped. Clang. Shattered glass

Chapter 339: Blood and Alcohol (3)   4. The Goddess of Protection is made up of five fragments. Those pieces are now emitting light around me. [He is the one who is worshipped,] Idol Sword. The goddess is always respected by people. Borne. He is an entity of expectations. An entity that

Chapter 340: Absolute Music Part (1)   1. [You will be immediately transported to the 70th floor as per your request.] I was enveloped in a whirlwind without hesitation. [You have entered the 70th stage.] The scent of sand, heated by the sun since time immemorial, lingered at the tip of m

Chapter 341: Absolute Music Part (2)   “Let’s put the small talk aside for now.” A staff intervened between the Crusader and me. Turning my head, I saw [The Wand Of Ages] staring at me bluntly. “Before you go up to the 71st floor, listen to the last explanation.&rdqu

Chapter 342: Absolute Music Part (3)   4. -It’s really a stroke of luck. Bae Hu-ryeong clicked his tongue in disapproval. -Imagine if you, Zombie, hadn’t maintained your connections usually. Think if things weren’t great between you and the Crusader. Then you’d be o

Chapter 343: Absolute Music Part (4)   I could feel the children’s hearts slowing down. ‘Why is this interesting?’ I moved my fingers busily over the keyboard. Faster and faster. ‘Why am I fascinated just by watching people’s reactions, even when I can’

Chapter 333: Glass Palace. (3)   “Insignificant creature!” Hishmith Kritz spoke urgently. “What are you doing now!” The Constellation no longer spoke through just Patricia’s doll. Beyond the glass windows surrounding me, hundreds and thousands of dolls cried o

Chapter 334: The Constellations' Auction (1)   1. Right after slaying a Constellation. Let’s talk about something else for a moment. I’m not sure if this is the right time to bring this up, but what does it matter? I had the right to ramble on as I pleased. So. A long, l

Chapter 335: The Constellations' Auction. (2)   2. [The 68th floor stage is now up for auction.] [The 69th floor stage is now up for auction.] I blankly listened to the messages ringing one after another in my head, becoming so bewildered that my face almost turned into a fish face, li

Chapter 332: Glass Palace (2)   3. I knew it. 「What a shame.」 For a very long time, I think I already knew. 「Think about it. Whoever made the tower put effort into making it. That’s also a message for us. But no one cares.」 「Originally, it should have been a sight to admire and loo

Chapter 290: Breaking News (1)   [Castrology] Card astrology, Castrollogy. It had been quite some time since I welcomed my second customer. “Um…” The woman who faced me, first off, had goddess-like hair. The hair split so evenly, that if a woman wasn’t confident i

Chapter 291: Breaking News (2)   Sheron’s mansion. The cleaned artifacts were laid out on the table, personally wiped down by Sheron herself. “This one. This one. This one.” She selected a few among them. Most were restraints like handcuffs or restraining suits. “I

Chapter 292: Breaking News (3)   “What?!” Bell Moore received the news while at the club. —Your car exploded. “Why? I had it well-maintained.” He said, swirling his whiskey glass. -NO… Ah.” Over the phone, Riley sighed in exasperation. —

Chapter 293: Breaking News (4)   In Trick City, a place brimming with novel and mysterious things, I am here with soliette. “lt seems to be somewhere around here…” Sheron had given us these coordinates. “But, Candy, if it’s a person, wouldn’t it be diff

Chapter 294: Retribution   In the capital city of Edsilla, at a fine dining restaurant called “Finchile,”I sat across from Riley. “…I heard a lot of homeless people have disappeared. Isn't that a good thing?” Riley had brought up the mysterious incidents o

Chapter 295: Artificial Intelligence (1)   “lt’s definitely his doing, but there’s no physical evidence.” At the Intelligence Agency, I’m recording a conversation between team leaders who lost their right-hand man to Jeff. “That damned bastard…&rdq

Chapter 289: Pure White (5)   Confessing was easy. All I had to do was convey my condition to her. “My remaining days are not long.” It’s a rather melancholic thing to confess with my own lips, but it's an unavoidable truth. Carrying out my revenge won’t extend

Chapter 284: Annual (2)Tick-tocktick-tockThe wall clock ticked away in the room at dawn.I laid Johanna down on the guest room bed. Her breaths were shallow and mixed with the heavy scent of alcohol.How many bottles of spirits had she drunk?She was quietly asleep.Or at least, she appeared to be.Thump

Chapter 285: Pure White (1)Its pure white.Every part my eyes touch is pure white.But its not cozy.Quite the opposite, in fact.Its extremely cold and icy.The howling gale seems intent on carving up my skin, and the hammer-like chill taps at my bones.Its an extreme's quite fascinating.O

Chapter 286: Pure White (2)I brought Theia to the base camp. It was a modular housing unit set up at the edge of the Icefield.About twenty people, I guess.Theia counted the number of survivors. Since not even a day had passed, there werent many rescued, and most of them were in bad shape.They must h

Chapter 287: Pure White (3)Libra Intelligence Agency, Private Office.Really?I received information from Grawl.Yes! Mistrone pulled off a big one!The cat, 'Mistrone', successfully infiltrated Johannas residence and dug up quite some significant secrets.Johanna shes indeed a dangerous personGrawls voi

Chapter 288: Pure White (4)Perhaps my response was too quick. Maybe I should have pretended to agonize over it a bit more.I was slightly worried, but fortunately, the other party didnt seem to find it odd.On the contrary, this might be better.For now, I must become a man who loves Johanna.I must app

Chapter 279: Robot Rock (2)   I scanned my body up and down. It was the same as usual, identical to the Theo standing before me. What the hell is this nonsense? "Me, a demon?" Having just fought with a contractor of a demon, my disdain for demons was at its peak. While I was co

Chapter 280: Robot Rock (3)   In the central lobby of Ford Company, a fierce battle unfolded between Theo's comrades and the combined forces of Croc's paladins and a robot battalion. The vanguard of paladins effortlessly subdued the robots. Despite the robots' attempts at coordi

Chapter 281: Robot Rock (4)   The battle between the robot troops, the paladin order, and the forces I had called over unfolded before my eyes. Especially noteworthy were the robot troops, which, under the command of their leader, used organic tactics and strategies like those of the paladin

Chapter 282: Sacrifice (1)   Beyond the dust created by the metal entrance door, the intruders revealed themselves inside the command room. Thomas narrowed his eyes towards the entrance. "It's my first time seeing this in person, Thomas." It was Theo Lyn Waldeurk. Beside him

Chapter 283: Sacrifice (2)   Theo's [Subspace Bag], despite being a storage bag, contains items worthy of being registered in the great Waldeurk family's treasure vault. It boasts a generous storage space that can accommodate about three queen-sized beds. "Stuff it as full as y

Chapter 284: Sacrifice (3)   The magic binding the test subjects was lifted. ────! The test subjects, varied by race, let out grotesque screams as they raised their torsos from the experiment tables. As they looked around with murky pupils, “What on earth are you doing, Theo Lyn Wal

Chapter 285: Sacrifice (4)   Theo turned his back. He asked Jang Woohee. "Ask away." "...Have you seen how strong you become in the future?" Jang Woohee recalled Theo fighting against a robot. His movements were fast. It was to the extent that she, who had just learn

Chapter 286: Champagne Supernova (1)   Croc's gaze turned towards Theo. He hoped that the 'hero' he was talking about would be Theo. Theo said, "We all did it together. It was not an easy fight." "Is that so." After all, if they saw Maitri's corpse, an

Chapter 287: Champagne Supernova (2)   Crash! The table struck the spot where Adrienne had been sitting. She had already moved away. "You bastard, that's my line!" Swoosh─ The sword slid out of its sheath, maintaining its accelerating force and power as it was swung forward