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Isaiah   “What the Hell is wrong with you?” When Mila joined them in the Kimali Mountains, the first thing she did was walk up to Isaiah and slap him full force in the face. Granted, her effective Strength was less than half his effective Toughness, so the blow didn’t hurt, but she knew how to use h

Isaiah   “What exactly was your plan, Aalam?” Mila asked after a couple minutes, taking a closer look at the formations in the cave. “For example, when are you planning on activating the gathering of souls?” “I was going to wait at least another twelve hours.” Aalam spoke as he made modifications to

Lander   Death. Sending his senses around the Violet Mountain Blessed Land, Lander Haxor couldn’t help but feel everything in his life had been pointless. He’d clawed, tricked, and betrayed his way to become number two in the Violet Mountain Sect, and he had enjoyed great wealth and privilege as a r

Lander   With several of the key hubs of the planet’s teleportation network seemingly having been sabotaged, it took them several extra minutes to arrive at the Kimali Mountains, the elders each carrying two D ranks with useful skills to make their movements faster along the way, including the one w

Mila   Mila let out a deep breath as Elder Haxor’s soul started to travel toward the Altar of Sacrifice. Then she walked over to where Isaiah was slowly taking his spear out of Kalin Hewin’s head and reached up to pat him on the shoulder. “Excellent job.” Focusing everyone’s attention on Kalin Hewin

Aalam   Getting to look at the inside of the blessed land with his own eyes, Aalam felt it was beautiful. Every point on the hemisphere, not including the ground, was linked to a different point, so looking up you could see the ground and looking out across the horizon you could see the entire bless

Mila   “Is that it?” Isaiah asked as he put down his 212th bag of spatial storage artifacts inside Mila’s quarters in the Violet Mountain Blessed Land. “Yeah.” It had been over an hour since Mila’d found anything worth stealing while using her sensory domain to look through the planet’s cities, so i

Thirteen_Life_Legion Author Recommendation 4: So far, I've only recommended books, but this time I am going to go with a TV show, specifically my favorite Korean drama from 2022, Alchemy of Souls. If you like the type of stories found on this site, you'll probably be drawn to the basic premise of

Diana   “So, where are Crafter and Knight?” Krysta asked as Diana, Nitya, and Irena met her, Henrietta, and the fourteen other elves in the 27th round of the War of the Chosen. The true answer was that Mila, Aalam, and Isaiah were all traveling back to Earth inside the blessed land, which was closed

Mila   Mila didn’t know why Aalam stopped sharing his senses after he finally managed to kill the Violet Mountain Lord, but it probably had something to do with the ridiculous amount of primal energy which started flowing into his body. She’d been chatting with Nana Xara during the last few days and

Mila   “Is it true Aalam tried to commit suicide? Is he okay?” As soon as Mila stepped out of the portal to the blessed land into a cave on the Greek Island of Zakynthos, Diana rushed up to her with a somewhat frantic expression, and the first question to enter Mila’s mind wasn’t how to make her fri

Krysta   Krysta was confused by the woman she was guiding. Light of skin, with blonde hair and blue eyes, she had neither the same hair, eye, nor skin color as Aalam, at least according to what Krysta had seen in the Trial Tower, and, while she’d learned Aalam had been reborn as an incubus, his skin

Krysta   “Hmm.” Joma looked at Krysta and then back to Ms. Li, her face showing the same type of expression she’d get whenever she came up with a new epiphany regarding one of the alchemy recipes she was always working on. “And that’s also why the two of you have such stupidly high grade classes. Aa

Krysta   Ms. Li burst out laughing. “I won’t lie and say the fact your force produces some of the most time efficient methods for increasing nascent energy wasn’t a consideration. “But I think you’re underestimating our purchasing power. We’re more after the discount we would receive from Aalam bein

Physically, I was seated on a stage, looking out over an auditorium full of anxiety inducing spectators. Mentally, I stood on an ancient battlefield, joined by my five most trusted teammates. While our in-game characters were on their way to the final objective, Rachel explained the plan one final t

It was a straight-up slaughterfest. The indignation that I felt every time those smug faces of Arthur and Bree flashed before my eyes had been fueling an engine of determinative rage. A rage that had caused me to completely eviscerate our opponents in the first semifinal game. Through relentless but

The commentators' voices echoed through the auditorium. "But how do you think they will do in the finals? Claw Esports is no joke." "Well, if they keep this up, with the amazing plays they showed in this last game, I think Team Undercover has a good shot to come out on top. If they play together, th

Lin Jin has always liked eating sweet things like desserts, ice cream, you name it. But for various reasons, he only occasionally indulges in a box of ice cream and rarely eats desserts. Usually, the supermarket jellies were the only type of dessert he ate. After stuffing himself at the dessert shop

The man named Xia Tian seemed to be in a good mood, but it was not because he was in the same room as a “beautiful woman” like Lin Jin. Rather, it was just because he liked cats. Xia Tian was considerate enough to share all his cat raising experiences with Lin Jin. Then, he became interested in Lin

After searching on Baidu, Lin Jin quietly waited for it to get dark. Because Baidu mentioned that if you want to find a hidden camera, it was best to do it in a pitch dark environment. That way, the camera will emit a red light, making it easier to find. So, the black cat wouldn’t lie to me, right?

After Xia Tian returned to his room, he discovered that there was actually a hidden camera facing his bed. Fortunately, he didn't have the habit of running around naked at home. He would wore at least a pair of briefs, and as a man, he felt that it didn’t really matter even if he was seen. As it was

The police outside the bathroom were confirming the situation with Xia Tian, while Lin Jin inside the bathroom was completely confused. So in this situation, should he act like nothing happened, take a shower, get dressed, and then head out to be eyed by the police and others outside who will think

The next day, Lin Jin wasn't feeling great. He was drowsily slumped over his desk, dumbfoundedly staring at the teacher lecturing upfront. His eyelids kept drooping, but he would quickly snap up and then frantically hold his eyelids open with both hands. F*ck, I’m so sleepy. "What's wrong?" Wu Min,

Lin Jin used Wu Min’s computer to apply for a livestream account while he was in the dormitory at noon. By the time he returned to his rental room at four in the afternoon after classes, he found that his application for the livestream account had been approved. That meant he could now start streami

He played five games on stream. As a bigshot who was proficient at games, although it was only beginner proficiency, Lin Jin still managed a five game win streak. However, the popularity of the live stream didn't improve much. By the time Lin Jin planned to take a shower and go to bed around nine in

Since Lin Jin rented an apartment and was broke, naturally he couldn't afford the low cut outfit that the black cat required. However, the black cat was very thoughtful had swiped one from somewhere to fulfill Lin Jin's punishment. Motherf*cker! Why are you so attentive when causing trouble? Lin Jin

The low cut outfit that the black cat had given him wasn't what Lin Jin had imagined. He didn’t know what the black cat counted as low cut. Anyways, Lin Jin was given a hoodie… It was the kind of hoodie with a zipper that went down to the chest. The black cat probably wanted Lin Jin to lower the zip

“Such a cute chick, there’s no problem being gay” Xia Tian said seriously into the camera. Lin Jin was right in the middle of a heated team fight in his game. But when he heard Xia Tian's comment, he was so startled that he fumbled his most crucial ability. As a result, they lost the fight and the g

After the stream finished on Friday night, maybe it was because the interaction between Lin Jin and Xia Tian was genuinely entertaining, or maybe it was because Lin Jin's crossdressing looked stunningly beautiful, Lin Jin’s livestream channel had somehow reached nearly two hundred followers by the e

Chapter 42: Guildmasters [MOON] I opened my eyes. Where.. where am I? The first thing I saw in front of me was a huge hole on what looked like a roof of a house. I looked around and saw rubbles around me. I tried to stand up but my whole body was aching. I’m.. alive? How? I am certain that I flew so

Chapter 43: Turning Point [MOON]   “Mommy, I didn’t know you were so strong. Are you stronger than daddy?” asked Daisy as she looked at my wife.   “Well.. stronger might be difficult to compare. For example, Lily is certainly stronger than your father but she might not be able to defeat him in a one

Chapter 44: Reverse Point [MOON]   “Oi, bitch. I’m in a lot of pain, thanks to you. Feel my pain,” I whispered to the Demon Queen before releasing Lightning Strike on her face at point-blank range.   The power was overwhelming and blinding that I had to squint my eyes peek on what happened to the Qu

Chapter 45: The Second Demon War [MOON]   Chaos ensued around me. It was certainly not a pleasant feeling. Now this is really war. Humans, elves and demons are fighting all around us. Yet all I can do is focus my attention on how to stop this rampaging brute. One swipe from his enlarged right hand a

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War Lizard: "(ΩДΩ)!!" [Fear level of War Lizard towards you +10] [Fear level of War Lizard towards you +20] Terrified, he hugged his shoulders, trembling, "Can... can I check it myself? Wuh wuh wuh!" Seeing the patient's resistance, Lynne nodded understandingly and pointed to a partition, handing hi

I tell myself that, if I want to survive, I must fight through the fear. With arrow drawn, I pull the string of my bow taut. The point of my arrow twists and turns in my hands, but the creatures fly above with unreal agility, shadows darting all around us, making it nearly impossible to line up my

“That’s not what you meant?” Huang Quan curled his lips and smiled, saying, “That’s not what the two Xuanling masters sent by the second prince said.” The man barely maintained his smile, responding, “The second prince just sent people to Qin Yang, and what

The theatregoers were in awe as they witnessed the scene outside. The entourage of the second prince was known for their arrogance, but the unexpected turn of events left them visibly embarrassed this time. Sighs of disbelief were exchanged among the onlookers as they redirected their attention to

Chapter 282: The Miniaturized SiriusHogwarts, Office of the Ancient Runes Professor.A fireplace.A burst of bright green flames leapt up, and Felix Harp emerged, carrying a box of candies. With a single-handed clap to dust off his robes, he pushed open the office door.Today marked the final day of th

Chapter 283: The Dueling CompetitionFelix carried a box of sweets as he walked toward Classroom Seven, still reflecting on his recent conversation with Dumbledore.Both he and Dumbledore were not easily persuaded individuals. Hoping to make them believe Sirius was innocent with just a story was not a