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Chapter 1038: Milord, I Was Wrong!   Grains of sand gracefully cascaded down the narrow opening in the hourglass. Roughly when all the sand had sunk to the bottom, Lith saw a towering figure rush towards him. Sitting on a pillar with his legs dangling at the edge, Lith looked at the hourglas

Chapter 1037: Another Girl?   Inside an Inn on the outskirts of Semohr. "Another girl?" Mayzin sipped on a non-alcoholic drink and asked, raising her brows and pointing at a girl opposite to her. The girl's hands were on the table with her head down on them. She seemed to be

Chapter 1036: Confronting Khimav   Amidst the ongoing panic in the captal's center, one Giant stood calm in a corner and watched the battle unfold. He was still enough to be mistaken for a statue. Ever since the ex chief's faction began making movements, there was an uneasy feeling

Chapter 1035: Gunther's Conviction   Lith looked at the girl who was laying flat, with her back to the ground. She was about to… sleep. Yes, sleep. It was only a shockwave from the explosion which sent her tumbling on the ground, she hadn't suffered any other injuries. 'Is

Chapter 1034: You Can Kill Me Now   A cool wind swept past the green-haired girl with glasses. She opened her eyes and looked around. "Eh? Why do I not feel scared anymore?" The thing she was going to do was dangerous and she lacked courage. Yet, all of a sudden, her worries had

3122 Family Schemes (Part 2) Jirni told them about her vow to never leave one of her children facing danger alone and her quest for Awakening. Of how the Myrok had turned her down, forcing her to look for an alternative solution. How one of her allies had Awakened her first and Jiza Gernoff had co

3121 Family Schemes (Part 1) "You call that weird? What about inviting me to come along without even a single passive-aggressive remark?" Morok pointed out. "I'm not mister golden boy, here." He jabbed his thumb at Nalrond. "Your parents can't stand me, yet when Qu

3120 Not a Genius (Part 2) "There's still a lot of vigor in you and Zin. We must just fix your staff!" "Don't you talk about me like th-" "To your future children. To our siblings-to-be!" The Eldritches chanted in unison, cutting Vastor short and forcing a ch

3119 Not a Genius (Part 1) The presence of the seventh element, the element of life, could only mean one thing. The Shadow Dragon or at least part of her was dead no longer. Her troll and Abomination side weren't just coexisting anymore. They had somehow worked together to undo each other'

3118 Building Up (Part 2) He was the only Awakened in the Organization and the only person who knew the life forces of the hybrids in general and Zoreth's in particular like the back of his hand. Vastor had met the Shadow Dragon back when she still called herself Xenagrosh the Final Smile. She

3117 Building Up (Part 1) "It is a big deal to me to me." Kamila nuzzled her face on his shoulder. "Thank you. Do you have any other surprise up your sleeve?" "Just one." Lith took the Tuner he had given her as a betrothal gift out of his pocket dimension. Unlike the

3116 Moon and Sun (Part 2) "The moon is the constant reminder that even if you can't see it, the sun it's still there and you just have to endure the darkness for a while. I chose the moon for you because it gives hope and it's beautiful." Lith said. Kamila looked at the pend

3115 Moon and Sun (Part 1) The evening dress form of Kamila's lucky clothes wrapped around her soft curves, leaving a sweetheart neckline and slits for her legs on the sides open. "Damn, you look stunning." Lith had been true to his word and returned after one minute. "And you

3114 Rest and Recover (Part 2) "Should I point out that not many people died on the moon?" Leegaain said. "There's no soul here, believe me." "I do." Lith nodded, attempting the Call of the Void that failed as well. "Oh, well. I can live with this. I need to

3113 Rest and Recover (Part 1) "It's not that hard." The Maiden took the babies off Solus' and Kamila's arms and put them on Lith's chest. Dragon scales reassured Elisya and Valeron that their father was also fine and the three of them fell asleep like one. "Thank t

Chapter 2929: PENG!   Leonel felt like an explosion had suddenly gone off in his mind, but rather than pain, it felt like he was a blind man that could now finally see. Using the formation to finally be able to feel the full brunt of his own Force, his body roared with life and his cells shim

Chapter 2928: Thirteen Pieces   Joel and the others looked into the skies, only to find that Leonel was already there. He stood in the simplest clothes imaginable, without shoes or even a shirt. Nothing but a pair of sweats adorned his body, and yet it somehow didn't seem out of place. In

Chapter 2927: Split   Leonel strolled through the skies slowly. It looked as though he couldn't tell that there was a devastating danger waiting for him outside of the Human Bubble. However, this slow, casual walk by Leonel went on for an entire month. It looked as though he was just ca

Chapter 2926: Might   Leonel walked through the void, his steps slow and steady. He was unhurried, his mind churning. He could see through this path forward from the very beginning. He knew that once things had reached this stage, they would eventually force the Invalids to take action. And

Chapter 2925: Solemnity   The Mortal Realms were thrown into complete chaos. The appearance of so many Invalids after such a long dormancy caught almost them all off guard... With the exception of a few. The Human Bubble. The Ma'at Bubble. And a certain Dwarven Bubble. By extension, th

Chapter 2924: Zephy   Leonel took a breath. Even with his increased rate of killing, it was still a heavy task to kill so many. Had he not had such a breakthrough, it would have been much easier because no one would have sensed him and he could have taken his time to go planet to planet. But

Chapter 2923: Creation   Feeling the creation that came from it, Leonel took a breath, and it was like the entire world had been sucked into his body. He wasn't using the motes of light to strengthen himself, though he could have. Rather, he was using them to listen to the voice of Creati

Dimensional Descent Chapter 2922: Balance   Leonel's body shuddered, and at that moment, his Destruction Sovereignty became layered in two, reaching beyond the Gold Grade and entering the Life Grade. Soaring past that, then entering a new Grade altogether. One that Leonel could only call

Chapter 2921: Why Not?   Leonel sat cross legged in the void, leaning his head on a hand while his spear was in between his legs. His gaze looked calm and somehow also reflected the world, and at some unknown point, his lip curled into a smirk. 'That was easier than I thought. That Elys

Chapter 2920: My Path   Elysium would never think such thoughts, of course. He even felt that Leonel's actions were very stupid and only proved that he was far too weak. Why else would he be throwing such a tantrum? In Elysium's opinion, Leonel had certainly felt threatened by his le

Chapter 2919: Couldn't Afford   Leonel realized something shocking. The same bodily improvements that [Instant Recovery] allowed him appeared in [Life Steal], but it was even more straightforward. In fact, it felt more complex than that. He could even feel that he could make changes to h

Dimensional Descent Chapter 2918: Unbeatable   Leonel heard the voice, and he burst into a laughter, uncaring for the state of his body. Every rumbling chuckle seems to cause another rain of blood to fall from him, but he was at complete peace even with his body being ravaged to this extent.

Chapter 536: Eye For An Eye   'Shit, will I have to deal with this nonsense from now on?' Atticus thought, feeling annoyed about the current situation. A few minutes had passed, and Atticus found himself sitting inside his room. In front of him were Dario and Yotad, each holding a tr

Chapter 535: Order   Seeing as he was ignored, Dario silently cleared his throat and chose to shut up. He was starting to understand more about who his young master was. Atticus didn't bother to answer Dario, but his thoughts were occupied by something else. He was a little surprised tha

Chapter 534: Tour   Atticus fixed his gaze on the door Dario had just gestured to and immediately approached. A scanner suddenly emerged from the wall, a blue horizontal light radiating out and scanning Atticus from head to toe. The door parted open in an instant, revealing a simple and eleg

Chapter 533: Surbordinates   Atticus didn't refuse, he turned his gaze and focused at Yotad kneeling figure, causing the latter to bow down more. The same thing occurred as he turned towards Dario. Atticus nodded and immediately channelled his mana into his space ring, bringing out an en

Chapter 532: Aboard   Once again, Atticus gaze snapped open, this time slightly annoyed. This man was becoming all to used to moving him without any heads up. He shot magnus a stare but made very well sure to be subtle about it. He was so piss about the situation that he hadn't thought a

Chapter 531: Failed   Isabella gazed at the large screen displayed in front of her with a wide smile. She was currently in a very large control room, one bearing resemblance to the first-year control room that she usually visited to watch Atticus. But this was on a larger scale. She was in

Chapter 530: Left   Atticus meditated deep into the night, but that wasn't all he did. He finished preparing his mind for what was coming quickly and decided to use the opportunity to train his darkness element. To the shadow Seraphon watching Atticus with rapt attention, the tranquil au

Chapter 529: Chapter   Atticus tapped on his artifact, sending a message to each of the Ravenstein youths, asking them to gather in the mansion's living room. Within a few minutes, everyone had left whatever they were doing and gathered at the designated location, each gazing at Atticus

Chapter 528: Bye   Once again, a golden glow ignited and the figure of Atticus abruptly appeared, this time just beside the massive and imposing black terminal. Atticus's gaze instantly settled on the familiar view of the White Omen Division camp. He wasted no time and started heading to

800 New Waitress B0XN0VEL.CM 800 New Waitress Lumian admitted that he felt a bit provoked. However, it was still acceptable. If his guess was right, he and Albus would eventually cross paths again regarding 0-01. It was better for the Abscessed Hand’s head to be in Albus’s possession than lost or h

801 Pretending B0XN0VEL.CM 801 Pretending Seeing Julie remain silent, the black-robed female enforcer led her team across the square, continuing their patrol of Morora. Julie stood there, staring at her back, as if turned to stone. Hidden in the shadows, Lumian watched silently, musing to himse

802 The Most Special Point B0XN0VEL.CM 802 The Most Special Point A true god is unique… What does that mean? Is it impossible for another Primordial Demoness to exist, whether in a mirror or a painting? Franca pondered over the Demoness of Black’s final words, sensing they held critical mysticism k

803 Transmitting Information B0XN0VEL.CM 803 Transmitting Information Similar experiences were not new to Lumian; he had felt this way before. Whenever Franca prayed to the Primordial Demoness figurine made of bone, Lumian would sometimes be nearby. Even through doors and walls, through the wall of