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Chapter 498: This Little Girl, Unbelievable!Translator: 549690339Richelle Dunn was so amused by Roy Lewis’ words that she couldn’t help but laugh.“Master Lewis, if I massage you for just a while, I have to devote myself to you, so what about all the times I gave you acupuncture treatments?”Since est

Chapter 499: Other People’s Children are Just OutstandingTranslator: 549690339 |Mr. Quinn and Mr. Lewis chatted about calligraphy and painting for a while before Mr. Quinn asked Mr. Lewis how things were going for him.Mr. Quinn’s face was full of concern, but Mr. Lewis was all smiles.“Everything’s f

Chapter 500: With Two Good Brothers, Be a Rice Worm at Home Safely!Translator: 549690339Richelle Dunn and Timmy and Tiffany were now in Roy Lewis’ office, arguing passionately over a project.                          6 6The mother and children, who had always been in perfect harmony, strangely found

Chapter 501: In front of Mommy, They Are Still ChildrenTranslator: 549690339Timmy and Timothy took the charity project left to them by their father and turned it into a playground for showcasing their talents.Hence, a series of projects stemming from the original charity project might appear unfeasi

Chapter 502: Master Fu Leaves the HospitalTranslator: 549690339Roy Lewis and Richelle Dunn were both highly efficient people.On one side, Roy Lewis asked Nathan Caroule to return quickly and set up the most comprehensive security measures around the Lewis residence.Richelle Dunn conducted another th

Chapter 383: Chapter 383: Simply Don’t CareTranslator: 549690339If it is indeed about political matters, it would be even more difficult to find the right solution.And it is indeed related to every citizen.If they were to do something truly outrageous, then no matter what, Suri Drew and Yigol Novak

Chapter 384: Chapter 384 Unequal in SizeTranslator: 549690339Noticing that her husband seemed a bit off, Suri Drew immediately held him tightly, softly assuring him.“Everything is okay, Honey. I’m here with you. Don’t worry, the passersby will see my distress signal very soon.”To be honest, he did f

Chapter 385: Chapter 385: MechanismTranslator: 549690339“Yeah, I didn’t notice it either.”Then Suri Drew quickly pointed to the side.“Look, this part is totally different!”Everyone followed her gaze and, upon closer inspection, found that it was exactly as she had described.The sizes of these tiles

Chapter 386: Chapter 386: Almost ThereTranslator: 549690339At this moment, Suri Drew seemed to have discovered something, and excitedly spoke to Yigol Novak and Price outside the door.“You guys, come and have a look!”Hearing this, they naturally rushed to her side at top speed, wanting to see what s

Chapter 387: Chapter 387: The Power of FriendsTranslator: 549690339When they suddenly heard the sound, their eyes lit up, and they were undoubtedly very delighted.It seemed that the secret passage would appear soon, and all they had to do now was to wait quietly.Originally, they thought it might tak

Chapter 271: Promise (1)An old-fashioned imperial space.A dazzlingly gorgeous teacup.And a green tea bag in the teacup that broke the mood.ClinkAnyway, this story was even more shocking than the sight before my eyes.I was shocked, but I put down the teacup without showing it.Then I opened my mouth.T

Chapter 272: Promise (2)A day.Time was relative.The vice leader of the Shadow Mercenary Corps.Wolf sat on the workbench.In the past, he would have been drunk and rolling around on the bed.ClangWolf cleaned up his crossbow.He didnt know how long it had been since the last time he cleaned up his gear.

Chapter 273: It's me (1)It was so obvious that it made my mouth hurt.The excuse that I couldnt take a break on the Arcana Continent wouldnt work. In the first place, what was the reason I had decided that I would only spend one day on the Arcana Continent?ThumpThe view once the door was closed.On th

Chapter 274: It's me (2)What should you check first before reporting?Of course, it was the fact first.Especially if the news was not easily reliable.Moreover, VBC was not a small or medium-sized broadcasting station that hadnt been heard or seen. After the Cataclysm, it was reborn as a large broadca

Chapter 275: Those who are not merciful (1)Attachment file: PhotoWow! What else did our Hoyeol do this time?After running away from home for 15 days, he became a celebrity(Dancing puppy emoticon)Sisters Why do you guys just react like that???Huh.Lee Yerim let out a hollow laugh.The title floating on

Chapter 276: Those who are not merciful (2)Somewhere in the vast Zero Mountain.What was happening was not a battle.It was a one-sided slaughter.PVP(Player versus Player).Before and after the Cataclysm.The outcome of PVP did not depend on the absolute level.The most important thing in a match was exp

Chapter 277: Starting from Zero (1)A full charge of shame.After talking about the exploration of oddity, I ended up watching [Dragon Lord, Dark Dragon Lee Hoyeol. Shout to the World] from start to finish.Thats not me.It wasnt me.It couldnt be me.Perhaps because I muttered endlessly.I was able to reg

“…,” Duan Fei didn’t argue with him anymore. He suddenly calmed down, lowered his eyes, and with the gentlest tone he could muster, said, “If this is really what you want to do, and not just a way to humiliate yourself to spite Grandpa, then I apologize for my previous inappropriate comments.”Duan P

If Xiao Zhenyun was truly a heartless villain, he would’ve stabbed Si Di to death in the hospital when he had the chance. Instead, this lecherous guy is here swaggering around, calling Xiao Zhenyun a scoundrel.This kind of plot deviation is exactly the type of butterfly effect Xiao Nian fears the mo

Chapter 318: Amnesiac Lover (14) part 2 (H) World Nine. Amnesiac Lover (14) part 2 (H) Luo Chinot theredirtyah When the man blew gently on the trembling petals, Xue Xue felt that her soul was almost flying away. What made her collapse even more was what happened later. Pulling on both sides, he forc

Chapter 319: Amnesiac Lover (15) World Nine. Amnesiac Lover (15) Sex is sometimes meaningless, just a channel for humans to vent their desires. However, sometimes sex can become a bridge of communication, making the connection between two people even closer and more intimate. Although the parties in

Chapter 321: Amnesiac Lover (17)World Nine. Amnesiac Lover (17)Xue Xues sources were not bad.Yang Liuer did indeed have contact with Luo Chi.Two days ago, she asked Luo Chi out.The girls condition was not good, her face looked haggard, and there were thick dark circles under her big cat-like eyes, w

Chapter 322: Amnesiac Lover (18)World Nine. Amnesiac Lover (18)Why did you suddenly come to me to ask about Yang Liuer?Huh?Before you Luo Chi appeared somewhat hesitant. Isnt it that you dont like talking about her?Xue Xue thought for a moment.Indeed, because Yang Liuer is the existence that causes

Chapter 323: Amnesiac Lover (19)World Nine. Amnesiac Lover (19)So you heard it. Lifting her eyelids, Xue Xue said frankly: Yes, I did find someone to investigate Yang Liuer.Why? Because you suspect that she has something to do with the Dragon Gang?Hmm. Xue Xue did not directly answer Luo Chis questi

Chapter 306 Chapter 196: Epoch Relic!_1Translator: 549690339Three iron cages, each two meters in length, width, and height, appeared in front of Fang Mu.Just like the cage that held the Giant Brutal Butcher, these three iron cages also had chains forged from kingly steel.These chains didn’t appear t

Chapter 307 Chapter 196: Epoch Relic!_2Translator: 549690339Oh no, it’s a family of four!The graveyard-crawling corpse being attacked in the cage, subconsciously covers its abdomen when bumped, its body probably still harboring one more inside.Instead of your typical creatures from the Corpse Depart

Chapter 299: Chapter 299 – The Young Master is Extraordinarily TalentedTranslator: 549690339Hearing Jiang Xiaobai’s outrageous laughter, Zhuang Huanling was momentarily stunned.“Impossible, how could you have passed, and even six times!”Zhuang Huanling hastily replied with disbelief, “After passing,

Chapter 300: Chapter 300 Task Finally CompletedTranslator: 549690339Include Xiao Yuwei?Jiang Xiaobai squinted his eyes, starting to think rapidly in his mind.Did she need these Frenzy Demon Stones?Given Xiao Yuwei’s talents, it seemed like a waste to Jiang Xiaobai for her to enter any secret areas b

Chapter 301: Chapter 301: The Identity is RevealedTranslator: 549690339“I didn’t expect that this little girl is quite smart, knowing straight off to go to the fifth secret realm.”Xiao Ruyu coldly hummed, her charming eyes looking at the gate of the fifth secret realm, full of ice-coldness.Xiao Wuwe

Chapter 302: Chapter 302: Escape, CultivationTranslator: 549690339Jiang Xiaobai truly never expected Xiao Wuwei to employ such a tactic.He had never seen martial arts appear like this.Today, he had learned a lesson. Nevertheless, he had been trained for a long time by the idiotic trio, so his respon

Chapter 303: Chapter 303: Ao Cheng Goes Out!Translator: 549690339With every step, a surge of power burst from Ao Cheng’s body.Upon entering the Ancestral Land, the Dragon clan’s bloodline awakened, rapidly boosting Ao Cheng’s power to the initial stage of Dividing the gods!This is the horrific stren

Chapter 218HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]Ronan, your father, Elysia said. Ronans face stiffened. In the silence-filled space, only the faint hum of machinery could be heard.RonanAdeshan looked at Ronan, who seemed lost in thought, with concern. How much time had passed? In

Chapter 219HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]We need to transfuse the blood of his twin brother, Abel.What do you mean?Ronan furrowed his brows. Even if someone had told him to pick up dirt and eat it, it would have been less perplexing than this. He spoke up, puzzled.Why do we

Chapter 220HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]Z-Zafia? Instructor Navirose?Adeshans eyes widened. She couldnt believe it, even as she saw them. The sudden appearance of Navirose alone was surprising enough, but what truly astonished her was Zafia standing beside her.Ronan, what

Chapter 221HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]The griffin slowly made its descent, landing gracefully. The runway carved from the glacier shimmered faintly in a pale white hue. Ronan, the first to step off, thudded his feet on the ground.Wow, its really ice.Even stepping on it h

Chapter 222HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]Hey, is my request ready yet?What the?It was a heavy, low voice unlike any Ronan had ever heard. Even Zaifas growl or Itargands weight would not be at this level. His slowly moving hand rested on the hilt of his sword blade.Whatever

Chapter 223HEL SCANS[Translator Peptobismol][Proofreader Demon God]SoThis is clearly an insult to the Poison Dragon, Lord Drahavier!Even though he didnt know who was speaking, the voice was loud and clear. For a moment, the three of them stared at each other. Ronan let out a deep sigh.What the hell

Chapter 229 Teleport, ocean ?The world was gradually recovering after the demon attack, and now it was time to slowly take over the market – that was Adam and Amarantha's plan, who, after extensive discussions, decided to gradually crush their competitors. Thanks to Amarantha becoming stronger, the

Chapter 230 Beautiful singing ?Hello. After a short break, I have returned to writing. I was very tired, and lacking ideas and motivation; I hope for your understanding and support. P.S.: Tomorrow, I promise three chapters as planned. I apologize for the long delay. --- A week passed as Adam healed

Chapter 231 Tied to a table ?This is the author again. I feel ashamed for promising to publish chapters and then disappearing for such a long time. Honestly, the statistics started to decline, and it threw me off balance a bit, but I promise to return to the regular pace of releasing chapters. Addit