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Chapter 264: Chapter 264: Others Can t

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Chapter 264: Others Can t

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Su Li shook her head and said, Ten bottles a month is enough. I dont want any more!

What she wanted was hunger marketing. If there were too many, would others still care?

She should leave some time to do other things!

When Yue Yingying heard Su Lis words, she said regretfully, I was still thinking of fighting for more. I didnt expect you to reject me so quickly! Su Li smiled and said, How is it? Do you want it?

Yue Yingying thought for a moment and said, Ill take it, but your price is a little expensive. See if you can reduce it. After all, weve worked together so many times.

Su Li shook her head slightly and said, This is my lowest price. I cant go any lower!

This was the price she had expected. She would not be willing to pay any less!

Yue Yingying saw the determination on Su Lis face and knew that there was no room for negotiation. She said, Alright, thats it then! Give me todays goods.

She couldnt wait to sell the perfume.

Su Li took out the perfume and placed it in front of Yue Yingying.

You can check the number.

Yue Yingying called the maid outside and said, Get the accountant to send twenty taels of silver up.

The maid nodded in agreement.

Soon, the accountant came back with the money. When he saw that Su Li and Yue Yingying were the only ones in the room, he was not surprised at all. After all, he had witnessed Su Lis ability.

Shopkeeper Yue, this is the silver you wanted. The accountant handed the silver to Yue Yingying.

Yue Yingying took the silver and handed it to Su Li. Su Li, count it.

Su Li took a look and kept the silver. She nodded slightly at Yue Yingying and said, Thank you!

Yue Yingying smiled flirtatiously. What are you thanking me for? I should be the one thanking you!

If it werent for Su Li, she wouldnt have been able to get to where she was today, so she should be the one thanking her.

Theres nothing much to do today. Lets have a meal together! Yue Yingying said.

Su Li rejected, No, we have other things to do.

The two children and Su Ze did not like to interact with Yue Yingying, so she did not want to make things difficult for them.

Yue Yingying also thought of this. She smiled and said, Then lets eat together another day. You must do me the favor!

Su Li nodded and said, Alright!

Since there was nothing else to do in the Exquisite Pavilion, Su Li stood up and bade farewell to Yue Yingying.

Yue Yingying sent Su Li downstairs.

Su Ze was sitting in a corner with He Qingyao and He Qingmu.

When Su Ze saw Su Li, he stood up from the stool. Sister, are you done?

He then glanced at Yue Yingying, who was behind Su Li, his eyes filled with vigilance.

When Yue Yingying saw Su Ze like this, she couldnt help but laugh. You dont have to be so nervous. Im not a tiger. I wont eat people!

Shes not a tiger, Su Ze thought, but shes a tigress.

He Qingyao and He Qingmu tugged at Su Lis clothes and said, Mother, can we change to another place?

They didnt want to be here because someone would pinch their faces.

Su Li saw through their thoughts and reached out to touch their faces. She nodded slightly. Yes, lets go!

Yue Yingying was a little envious when she saw that He Qingyao and He Qingmu did not avoid Su Li and even leaned over to let her touch them.

You two can let your mother touch you, but why cant you let me do so?

He Qingmu said, Because shes our mother. Youre not our mother.

He Qingyao nodded in agreement. Thats right. Youre not our mother, so you cant touch our heads.

Only their mother could touch them as she pleased. No one else could.

Yue Yingying pretended to be sad. Im really sad that you said that. You hurt me. I have to get your mother to compensate me. She can return the money she had earned just now!

When He Qingyao and He Qingmu heard this, they immediately became agitated. No! Your sadness has nothing to do with us.

Yue Yingying smiled and said, But Im sad because of you guys. Shouldnt you guys be responsible?

Mother? He Qingyao and He Qingmu looked at Su Li pleadingly.

Su Li said to Yue Yingying, Stop teasing them. Theyre not very bold. Yue Yingying said, Who asked them to be so cute? I have to tease them!

Lets go shopping elsewhere first. Ill leave the ox cart with you for now, Su Li said.

Yue Yingying nodded. Okay, remember to come here often in the future.

Su Li held He Qingyao and He Qingmus hands and said, Quickly say goodbye to Auntie.

He Qingyao and He Qingmu waved obediently and said, Goodbye, Auntie.


The corners of Yue Yingyings mouth could not help but twitch when she heard this.

Was she that old?

Was it so difficult to call her sister?

However, she could not argue with the two children.

Yue Yingying waved her hand and said, Goodbye!

Yue Yingying looked at Su Ze again and didnt forget to tease, Do you want to stay in our shop? With your face, youll definitely be able to survive well. You wont have to follow behind your sister anymore Su Ze was speechless.

He only wanted to rely on his ability to make a living.

Moreover, he was willing to follow behind his sister. This way, he would be at a peace of mind and at ease.

Upon hearing Yue Yingyings words, Su Li held her forehead helplessly. Was it really appropriate to poach someone in front of her?

After leaving the Exquisite Pavilion, Su Ze was obviously much more relaxed.

Sis, where are we going? Su Ze asked. Su Li said, Lets go eat something first. You should be hungry!

Su Ze shook his head. Im not hungry!

He Qingmu mercilessly exposed him from the side, Uncle, youre lying. I kept hearing your stomach growl just now.

No, you heard wrong, Su Ze argued.

He Qingmu pouted and said unhappily, I heard it, and that big brother heard it too.

The big brother He Qingmu was talking about was the worker in the Exquisite Pavilion.

Su Ze: Youre really my good nephew. Are you uncomfortable not exposing my shortcomings?

Su Li said, Lets go eat first. Well talk about the next place to visit after were full!

She planned to go to the shop later to see how Ling Yirans goods were selling. Then, she would plan the layout of the shop. When she took over in the future, she would definitely renovate the shop.

Su Ze nodded and had no objections at all. He would do whatever Su Li said.

When they passed by Ji Xiang Restaurant, there were quite a lot of people inside. The waiter in the restaurant was receiving guests at the door. When Su Li walked over, he subconsciously wanted to greet her, but when he saw Su Lis face clearly, he felt a little afraid.

He had not forgotten how this woman had treated those people back then. At that time, they had fallen to the ground and could not get up. The doctor of Huiren Hall had spent a lot of effort to save them. This kind of woman was someone he couldnt serve..

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