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Chapter 1649 (END): 1649 (END)

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Chapter 1649: Five Dou Di's Tear Through the Void

Time passed and it had been several decades since the legendary battle between the two Dou Dis.

Over the decades, the Dou Qi continent turned interesting once again. Generations of geniuses appeared, each stunning in their own ways. However, no matter how outstanding they were, there was always a shadow hanging over their heads.

Flame Di, Xiao Yan.

The man who saved the entire Central Plains from Hun Di was now the strongest figure in the Dou Qi continent.

Although he was no longer to be seen in recent years, legends about him continued proliferating. The name of the Flame Di reached every corner of the Dou Qi continent.

The peak of the Central Plains, a mountain that tore out of the ground during the battle between the two Dou Dis, was now named the Mt. Dual Di. It extended out to unreachable heights and it appeared to have a special energy barrier that no one could penetrate forcibly. Rumors had it that it was where Flame Di, Xiao Yan, secluded himself.

At the peak of the mountain was a manor garden. In it, a black-shirted man stood with his hands by his back as he looked up into the endless sky. There were no energy fluctuations coming from his body but the world only paled in comparison to his shadow.

"Father and Elder Zhu Kun will be here soon, right?" said an elegant figure with a sweet smile as she appeared behind the black-shirted man.


The black-shirted turned around and looked at the beauty that made everything lose its color. He smiled slightly and said, "You succeeded?"

"Yes, it was all thanks to you for blasting open the dimensional tunnel and sucking the Origin Qi from within. If not, it's possible that the Dou Di level will still remain unreachable by anyone." Xun Er nodded gently. She raised her hand gently, immediately causing flowers that were filled with vibrant vitality to bloom in the yard. This act was clearly not capable by a peak Dou Sheng.

"It's also time for Cai Lin to exit her retreat…"

Xiao Yan said with a gentle smile and just as he finished his sentence, a seven-colored brilliance that overwhelmed the area suddenly poured out from deep within the yard. Finally, the rainbow light coalesced, manifesting into a charming figure that appeared in front of Xiao Yan.

"After being in retreat for so many years, I've finally broken through…" Cai Lin languidly stretched her back and smiled seductively, "Is this the level of a Dou Di? It's indeed completely different from that of a Dou Sheng."

"Haha, Cai Lin, have you also reached the Dou Di realm as well? Congratulations. You rubbed off some of Brother Xiao Yan's greatness. This wish of mine has finally been satisfied…" The moment the sentence was finished, space rapidly distorted suddenly before two figures stepped out of it. They were none other than Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun. Although they did not appear too different, their auras were incomparable to the past. The feeling they gave off was that of a Dou Di!

Five Dou Dis!

Now, five Dou Dis had appeared at once, existences that were supposed to be extinct in the Dou Qi continent!

If this was made known, it would definitely cause a stir in the Dou Qi continent!

"All of you long had the strength needed to strive for the Dou Di realm but due to the lack in Origin Qi, it prevented you from making that final step. Once the problem was resolved, stepping into the Dou Di realm is only a natural process," said Xiao Yan with a faint smile.

"Hehe, although we have become Dou Dis, the gap between us appears to remain huge? What realm have you reached?" Zhu Kun asked out of curiosity. He realized that even after reaching the Dou Di realm, he was still incapable of fully discerning Xiao Yan's strength. After decades of cultivation, Xiao Yan had improved even more.

"That's… something I'm not sure as well…" Xiao Yan felt a little helpless. Dou Di experts were already the strongest figures in this world. No one knew what was higher but he knew that the present him was much stronger than when he first became a Dou Di. Strength at Hun Tiandi's level of yesteryear probably no longer posed a threat to him.

"The answer might lie in that dimension."

Xiao Yan looked up into the endless void as he muttered.

"I'm really curious!" Zhu Kun grinned, his eyes with a strange fire in them. He was already a supreme expert in this world but in that mysterious dimension, there might be more for him.

"Are you moved?" asked Xiao Yan with a smile.

"Aren't you too?" replied Zhu Kun with a laugh.

"Since all of you are here today, I believe you have put to rest all your other matters? All of you should know that that dimension is infinitely more dangerous than the Dou Qi continent. We are not the strongest there," said Xiao Yan softly.

"Zi Yan is completely capable of running the Ancient Void Dragon Clan. She has the Origin Qi you left her, so it's only a matter of time before she becomes a Dou Di. I shall head to that dimension to scout it out for her," said Zhu Kun.

"The Ancient Clan has produced quite a few remarkable rookies. With Gu Qing Yang's reputation, I believe he will manage the Ancient Clan well," said Gu Yuan with a smile. "After tending to the Ancient Clan all these years, it's time I experience some excitement."

Upon hearing that, Xiao Yan chuckled before turning his head to Cai Lin and Xun Er. "What about the two of you?"

"No one will dare offend those bunch of rascals in the Dou Qi continent even without us. We are obviously following you. We have already told them clearly. Once they attain the Dou Di realm, they will naturally seek a way to find us…" Xun Er and Cai Lin exchanged looks before answering with charming smiles.

Xiao Yan nodded and took a deep breath. He looked up and stared at the endless sky. He had a smile on his face that gradually turned bright. It had been years since such a smile had appeared on his face.

"In that case, let's move out. All these decades of resting have made me forget what combat feels like…"

Xiao Yan's body gradually rose into the sky. With that, thick clouds suddenly surged out of the empty sky. The sky instantly darkened for tens of kilometers out as countless experts looked up in astonishment towards Mt. Dual Di. They could sense an extremely terrifying energy turbulence stemming from it.

Under the watchful gazes of countless pairs of eyes, the sky above Mt. Dual Di began to distort violently. Thick clouds stirred before transforming into a black tunnel which emanated a feeling that left people shuddering.

That tunnel led to another dimension!

Looking at the pitch black tunnel that resembled a black hole, Xiao Yan flicked his finger, sending four beams of light into Xun Er and company's hands. "Exchange spiritual jade among yourself and leave a spirit mark on them. That way, if any mishaps were to happen, we will know of each other's situation."

When Xiao Yan said that, his expression turned solemn. The mysterious world was a place even he found dangerous. Therefore, he had no choice but to be careful and cautious about it.

"Follow me closely when we enter the tunnel. Make sure not to separate."

Xiao Yan turned his head and said to Cai Lin and Xiao Yan with a deep voice. No one knew what that mysterious dimensional world was. Although they were invincible in the Dou Qi continent, it might not be the case over there. If they were to be separated, he definitely would not feel at ease for Xiao Yan and Cai Lin to remain alone in an unknown world!


Cai Lin and Xun Er also knew the severity of the matter. They immediately nodded their heads.

"Let's go."

After delivering his instructions, Xiao Yan took another deep breath. He did not say anything further as with Cai Lin and Xiao Yan in his grasp, he moved, transforming into a black beam of light. He moved towards the pitch-black black hole as fast as lightning. Behind him, Gu Yuan and Zhu Kun gritted their teeth and followed.

Countless gazes watched as a few streams of light that resembled shooting stars streak across the horizon. Some of them seemed to know the plans of Xiao Yan and company. Countless figures knelt down across the continent.

"Our cordial farewell to Flame Di!"

"Our cordial farewell to chief of the alliance!"

The resounding voices reached a crescendo over the Dou Qi continent, roaring into the horizons and echoing throughout the world, the sounds lingering on.

"Little fellow… That world will be many times more interesting than the Dou Qi continent. Heh heh. When the time comes for me to attain the Dou Di realm, I'll visit that world too. When the time comes, you must conquer some region to let me enjoy it…"

Yao Lao watched the streams of light that streaked across the sky in the Sky Mansion Alliance headquarters as he muttered to himself.

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