Douluo Dalu - Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

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Chapter 16

Part 1

Tang San did not take out five hundred gold spirit coins, he and Xiao Wu were on the verge of entering Shrek Academy, after passing, would need to use money in all respects. They still did not know how much Shrek Academy was. He could not because of this cause effect he and Xiao Wu’s entering the Academy. After all, this time they already no longer were reduced tuition working students.

Somewhat reluctant to part with the sight of that muddy crystal, Tang San sighed in his heart, he could only later again look for an opportunity. Like this he walked towards the outside.

“If you are leaving because you don’t have the money, I can accept the previous two hundred gold spirit coins, and slowly pay the remainder. Every month pay ten. No more than ten percent interest.”

Xiao Wu found his lisping voice very disagreeable,

“Profiteer, why don’t you drop dead? Practically even in the coffin holding out your hand, charging the dead.”

Xiao Wu was easily riled, but Tang San was not an impulsive person, hearing that middle aged man’s words, in his heart he was slightly startled, every month paying ten gold coins? Could he know I am a spirit grandmaster level spiritmaster? Otherwise, why just right to match my income?

Tang San could be sure, in previous course of events, that middle aged man’s body had not released a trace of spirit power, it would be impossible to examine his and Xiao Wu’s spirit power intensity, if under these kinds of circumstances he could determine his and Xiao Wu’s spirit level, then, this person was too scary.

If speaking of Dai Mubai giving the feeling he was sharply radiating all around, then, this person seeming like a crafty middle aged person actually was incomprehensible

Tang San grabbed Xiao Wu’s shoulder, shaking his head towards her, indicating she must not be impulsive, he once again walked into the shop, up to that middle aged uncle saying,


“Little San——”

Xiao Wu discontentedly called out, Tang San’s right hand shook behind him at her, indicating she must not say anything.

The middle aged man’s eyes finally opened once again, looking right at close range at Tang San, his gaze fell on Tang San’s waist,

“Yi, where did you get this belt from?”

Tang San’s heart moved,

“My Teacher gave it to me. You recognize this belt?”

The middle aged uncle sat up in his deck chair, looking at Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges on Tang San’s waist, eyes twinkling with an odd light, for a long time did not utter a word.

“You will not think to change price again, right.”

Xiao Wu unhappily poked out from behind Tang San’s back.

The odd look in the middle aged uncle’s eyes gradually faded,

“You unexpectedly are his disciple. You just take that crystal, then.”

Tang San inwardly breathed out, right hand touching Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, taking out two pouches of gold coins and handing them to the middle aged man,

“Afterwards I will come deliver ten gold coins every week.”

The middle aged man waved his hand, again lying back down in the deck chair,

“No need, the crystal is a gift to you. That originally was not some expensive thing. You leave, don’t disturb my sleep.”

Gift? Tang San was dumbfounded a moment, this middle aged person before and after difference was too big, previously still asking sky high prices, right now instead would present it as a gift. Subconsciously, Tang San already understood, the before him appearing a crafty middle aged man should be familiar with Grandmaster.

While Tang San pondered, Xiao Wu with no trace of politeness already held that crystal to her chest,

“Little San, we’re leaving, sparing certain people regret.”

Tang San somewhat without knowing whether to laugh or cry looked at her, saying:

“How can we casually demand someone’s things? This uncle, you still are saying no price, right.”

The middle aged man’s deck chair was once again rocking, this time not even speaking, and basically not paying attention to him.

Tang San looked at the crystal at Xiao Wu’s chest, again looking at the middle aged man, if according to his disposition all along, he certainly was unlikely to demand this crystal, but, regarding this crystal before him, it really was too important, to miss this opportunity, just in case other people bought it, he was afraid he would later regret it for a lifetime.

Every kind of thought flashed through his mind like lightning, finally stealthily left the two pouches of gold coins in his hand on the floor, like this able to depart the shop with Xiao Wu.

Only after the two had left did the middle aged man once more open his eyes, the crafty expression on his face fading away, frustrated saying to himself:

“His apprentice unexpectedly came to Suotuo City, this time, with spirit power like this. Apparently, they must be going to Shrek Academy. Grandmaster, ah, Grandmaster, you this fellow will not hide from me this time?”

Outside that odd shop, Xiao Wu at last could not help but ask:

“Little San, you why did you have to have this crystal? I still have never seen you longing so to obtain a thing. This crystal’s quality is so lacking, what use can it have to you?”

Tang San took the crystal from Xiao Wu’s hands, taking advantage of the surrounding people not paying attention, and quickly put it inside his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, pulling Xiao Wu’s hands, saying:

“Walk quickly, let’s first return to the hotel and speak again.”

The two did not even eat a noon meal, Tang San all the way hurriedly brought Xiao Wu to hurry back to the hotel. By now his mood was extremely excited, the palm pulling Xiao Wu’s hand already covered with a layer of perspiration.

Although Xiao Wu was ordinarily somewhat noisy, when Tang San was serious, she became very well behaved, following Tang San together returning to Rose Hotel.

Properly closing the door, Tang San quickly pulled the curtains all around,

“Come, follow me to the bedroom.”

Xiao Wu unfathomably mystified walked together with him to the bedroom, Tang San pulled the bedroom window curtains, shutting the door well, again unable to mask the excitement on his face. Revealing a somewhat obsessed expression, his face appearing a trace flushed.

Xiao Wu subconsciously tugged at her lapel, a thought flashing in her heart, he could not be influenced by the mood of this hotel, becoming a large beast, right? No, he certainly would not, he is just twelve years old. What am I thinking, ah, he is my Ge, how could he have this kind of filthy intention.

Part 2

Tang San naturally did not know Xiao Wu was letting her imagination run wild because of his weird actions, and taking out that precious and heavy head sized chunk of crystal from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, he placed it on the bed. Softly caressing the crystal’s uneven and jagged surface, just like he was caressing a most cherished treasure.

Xiao Wu knew Tang San was not an impulsive person, since he regarding this crystal attached importance like this, presumably it would contain some secret. Crouching down at his side, she waited for his explanation.

“Among crystals, purple crystal is not the most precious.”

Tang San after a long time just spoke this sentence.

Xiao Wu inquisitively said:

“Then what kind of crystal is that precious?”

Tang San solemnly said:

“It’s hair crystal[1].”

“Hair crystal? What’s that?”

Xiao Wu looked astonished at him, she had never heard this term before.

It was no wonder Xiao Wu did not know, this concept originally was not part of this world. Rather Tang San knew from Tang sect.

When at Tang sect, besides being responsible for making mechanism type hidden weapons, Tang San was also sometimes responsible for helping inner sect disciples forge every kind of hidden weapon, so regarding hidden weapons materials research as well as every kind of precious material he was extremely clear.

“What is called hair crystal, is a natural crystal that under certain circumstances, receiving outside influence, inside the crystal emerges some golden thread-like substance, this kind of golden thread is known as crystal hair or called hair gold, looking like the crystal’s hair. Regardless of what color crystal, as long as within it appears a crystal hair, its value also exceeds the best natural crystal of the same weight. A crystal that has crystal hair, is called a hair crystal.”

Although Xiao Wu was impulsive, she was also very smart, looking at the big crystal rock in Tang San’s hands, saying:

“You aren’t telling me, this chunk is hair crystal, right. How come I’ve never seen ‘oh, ah, gold thread’, and also, I never heard people saying they had any hair crystal, even if it is, without people recognizing it it’s the same as useless. Those two hundred gold coins you spent cannot be worth it.”

Tang San wearing a smile, said:

“No, this is not a hair crystal, it’s exactly a plate crystal[2], among hair crystals the best quality.”

Xiao Wu curiously asked:

“What is plate crystal?”

Tang San patiently explained:

“Among hair crystals the hair gold is all in a disordered mess and the quantity is scarce. But hair crystals that have existed particularly long, have the opportunity to increase hair gold quantity. As hair gold quantity reaches a certain degree, within the crystal they gather together, the gold hair seemingly forming plates, this kind of hair crystal is known as plate crystal. The reason is that the golden hair quantity within is numerous, and also has an extremely regular pattern, therefore, hair crystal is known as the best quality among hair crystals.”

“Although on the surface this crystal looks muddy, if looking carefully, one can discover within a glimpse of golden light, the inside of this golden plate crystal is actually covered by impurities, but I can be almost certain, within it is contained gold hair quantity in excess of ten thousand. That this existing for at least ten thousand years or more plate crystal could possibly appear is a miracle. Let alone two hundred gold spirit coins, as long as I have it, even if it is twenty thousand gold spirit coins, it would still absolutely be worth it. Why I want it, is not at all to resell it for money, it has special importance.”

Tang San did not directly say what that special importance was, and from Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges took out his forging hammer.

His forging hammer was twice the size of what ordinary blacksmiths used, after the first time using this kind of oversized forging hammer at San Shi’s store, Tang San had not changed it.

“Xiao Wu, you keep away little.”

Tang San lowered his voice.

Xiao Wu moved to the side. Tang San placed that plate crystal on the floor in front of him, faint white light slowly rushed out, from both his hands pouring into the forging hammer, his expression already becoming extremely focused, in a flash, Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength already elevated to his final limit.

“Tang San, are you……”

Xiao Wu looked shocked at him, she already had a premonition of what Tang San would do, but was not clear on why he would do it like this.

Lower legs abruptly generating force, body half turning, Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer Method’s first swing abruptly descended, this was a swing with Tang San’s entire internal strength. The white light on the forging hammer was magnificent, the air transmitting a succession of cracks. The tremendous hammer head smashing one after another onto that chunk of crystal.

Xiao Wu subconsciously covered her ears.

Peng——, with a loud sound, the entire Rose Hotel shook a moment, a ringing breaking sound rose under the iron hammer, striking with Tang San’s full strength, that plate crystal was immediately smashed to pieces.

But at the same time as the plate crystal was smashed to pieces, an odd scene appeared, countless flecks of golden light surged out from within the crystal, fluttering about within this large heart shaped bed bedroom. As if the entire room was covered by a layer of golden lustrous mist.

Xiao Wu was startled, hastily using her spirit power, blocking the golden flecks, fortunately, and those golden light launch power was not at all strong, and did not bring her any harm.

The dazzling beauty of all the flecks of golden lights gave people a kind of dazzled and stunned like feeling, with a tinkling sound melodious and beautiful, some colliding with the wall, some colliding with the door shutters, also some falling directly on that heart-shaped big bed, the entire bedroom, was completely covered by a layer of golden light.

The crystal turned into small pieces, but as the golden light in mid-air gradually dropped, Xiao Wu realized, the room’s floor and bed all had a layer of golden light flecks. Perhaps saying it was a layer of golden grains.

The size of each golden grain was unusually even, about the same as a grain of rice, and perfectly round, glimmering faintly with golden light, Xiao Wu subconsciously picked up a grain and pinched it in her hand, discovering this golden grain was somewhat soft, but completely flexible, even with her spirit power, she was still unable to pinch it completely flat.

“Ge, these couldn’t be pure gold, right. And even if it was pure gold, it would still not as valuable as your two hundred gold spirit coins.”

Tang San was very excited, truly very excited. After arriving in this world, this still was the first time his mood had been in this excited state, even more excited than when he obtained the first spirit ring making Mysterious Heaven skill break through the bottleneck.

Part 3

Because, he could finally obtain a hidden weapon ranked in the top ten in Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation. And also, the quality was still this high. Even if it was originally at Tang sect, nobody could possess hidden weapons made from plate crystal with such quality.

“Xiao Wu, quickly, help me gather these golden grains together, not one must get away, I will explain it to you later.”

While speaking, Tang San took action, under the effect of internal strength, using Controlling Crane Catching Dragon, sweeping the floor of the room, where he passed, those golden grains were one by one sucked into his palm, and afterward put into Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges without releasing anything in mid-air.

Not long after, outside was suddenly heard a knocking sound.

“Respected guests, I would trouble you a moment.”

Tang San knew, this was the effect of his hammer just now, fortunately, emitting strength on that plate crystal, he used the vibration force, without causing the floor any damage.

“What’s the matter?”

The servant outside said:

“Just now within the hotel was an unusual sound, respected guest, did you hear?”

The servant was instructed to come ask by manager Wang, after all, that big sound just now, could not be made by an ordinary person.

Tang San calmly said:

“We heard, only do not know what the matter is.”

In order to keep the treasured object, he had no choice but to lie this time.

Without telling the servant more, he could not allow entry to inspect.

The amount of golden grains that appeared was much greater than Tang San expected, he carefully examined every corner, doing his utmost to not let any golden grain escape, and very carefully they were completely gathered within his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges, on the basis of his own conservative estimate, this time’s harvest exceeded at least twenty thousand golden grains.

“Ge, in the end what is this thing, making me nervous like this.”

Xiao Wu held the last golden grain in her palm, looking at Tang San.

Having properly gathered all the treasure, Tang San also at last loosed his breath, plucking that golden grain from Xiao Wu’s hand,

“Still remember I spoke with you of hidden weapons? Hair gold inside hair crystal, can make an extremely potent hidden weapon, and also is naturally formed. The hair gold quantity within this plate crystal is so much, it completed my collection for this hidden weapon. Look.”

Spreading his palm, Tang San set the golden grain in the center of his palm, Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength rushed out, with milky white light appearing on his palm, an odd scene appeared. That golden grain under Mysterious Heaven skill internal strength infusion suddenly slowly extended, in a moment’s work, it already transformed into a thin golden thread like hair. Compared to real hair it still looked several times thinner, with a length of three cun[3]. Fortunately it was in itself gold, and could easily be distinguished in Tang San’s palm.

“So this is the hair gold you spoke of.”

Xiao Wu said astonished.

Tang San nodded, saying:

“That’s right, this is hair gold, leaving the protection of the crystal, hair gold will automatically curl up, forming a grain. Under spirit power infusion, it can once again reform as hair gold. If losing spirit power infusion, it also will curl up once more.”

Xiao Wu unconvinced said:

“This also has some significance?”

Tang San smiled slightly, continuing to infuse spirit power, picking up the hair gold, lightly pricking his finger, immediately, a bead of blood gradually flowed out.

“Hair crystal this fine, its tip compared to a needle is naturally much sharper, so piercing power after spirit power infusion can become extremely powerful. Its volume is also small, imagine a moment, if it pierced into the body, what effect it could have.”

While speaking, Tang San withdrew his internal strength, letting the hair gold return to its previous golden grain appearance, afterwards turning his palm, the golden grain disappearing in mid-air.

“How did it disappear?”

Xiao Wu saw this at such close range, but still could not discover how Tang San was turning that hair gold to nothing.

Tang San smiled calmly, lifting his right hand, middle finger suddenly extending, only saw a tiny quiet golden flash, silently entering within the bed.

Strange circumstances appeared, along with that golden thread shooting in, the quilt suddenly twisted rapidly, in the blink of an eye, already appeared a bulging protrusion.

“Hair gold is extremely durable, and has astonishing flexibility, if leaving spirit power support, it will once again curl up on its own.

Xiao Wu suddenly understood, she pounced onto the bed, grabbing that distorted protrusion in the quilt, forcefully pressing down, exposing a bit of golden light, using fingernails to pinch the golden light, striving to infuse spirit power, again slowly it pulled out, with a light tinkling sound, a golden grain once more appeared in her palm.

“This-, if this shot at a human body……”

Tang San coolly said:

“As one can imagine. And also, I can be certain, after shooting into a human body, it is certainly impossible to find it and extract the source. When wanting to take it out, then, one can only cut apart the entire chunk of curled up muscle and flesh together.”

Xiao Wu finally knew why Tang San wanted this crystal so badly, such a vicious and terrifying hidden weapon, let alone seeing, she did not even want to hear it.

“Ge, this kind of hidden weapon is too malicious.”

Xiao Wu realized, her voice was trembling somewhat, in her mind already imagining the terrible effect it brought after it was absorbed in a human body.

Tang San picked up the golden grain from Xiao Wu’s hand, saying:

“I call it Dragon Beard Needle[4]. In this world, whether my hidden weapons are malicious, is not for the weapon itself to decide, rather the reason for its use is decided by people, using it virtuously, using it nefariously. If using it to punish evil people, wouldn’t it be only suitable?”

What he did not say was, Dragon Beard Needle, within Mysterious Heaven Treasure Record Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation, ranked the eighth, and also, this was still not the most ruthless of needle type hidden weapons. After all, as long as Dragon Beard Needle did not shoot at vital points, it was unable to cause a person’s death.

Part 4

In Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation annotations was this kind of description of Dragon Beard Needle: ‘expert in breaking big dipper tail qi, requiring enough internal strength to launch, attacking the enemy off guard, giving the enemy immense suffering. Only the material is difficult to obtain, internal strength consumption also large, requiring sufficient internal energy to first support continuous effect.’

With Tang San’s current internal strength, he could only guarantee Dragon Beard Needle’s attack potential within three metres range. Beyond three metres, Dragon Beard needle before hitting the enemy could shrink back because of lacking internal strength. And as the attack distance increased, the internal strength requirement would also be higher and higher. This kind of astonishingly powerful and one hundred percent overbearing hidden weapon, could not be so easy to use.

But in the end a ranked in the top ten of inner sect hidden weapons, Tang San was confident that within a certain distance, even if it was Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Vajra Transformation it would still be unable to resist Dragon Beard Needle’s piercing.

Tang San’s fingernails were not at all long, but concealing a Dragon Beard Needle within each fingernail was absolutely no problem, in a short range fight, this was a killer of killers.

Of course, Dragon Beard Needle still was not the hidden weapon he yearned for the most, ranked in the top three of Hidden Weapon Hundred Separation hidden weapons, all required Mysterious Heaven skill attaining the seventh tier or higher to be able to use, this still required long term effort for cultivation.

“Little San, do you know what I’m thinking?”

Xiao Wu’s big eyes blinked, seeing Tang San a little flustered.

“Thinking what?”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying:

“I’m thinking, whether to abandon my spirit power, and study your hidden weapons. These things of yours are fantastic oddities of every description, truly are amusing.”

Tang San was speechless, ‘amusing’, those could all be killing weapons. Tang sect’s hidden weapons, how was the word ‘amusing’ able to describe them.

Seeing Tang San’s helpless expression, Xiao Wu giggling, said:

“Ge, put away your sour face, I am making fun of you. I could not give up my painstakingly cultivated spirit power.”

“Painstaking? You?”

Tang San looked Xiao Wu up and down as if discovering a new continent.

Xiao Wu resentfully said:

“What are you looking for? Don’t tell me I don’t try hard at cultivation? You just haven’t paid attention, that’s all.”

Looking at her adorable appearance, Tang San couldn’t help but laugh loudly. Obtaining a precious plate crystal, thereby possessing the first internal strength level hidden weapon, made his current mood very good.

Early the second day, the two left Rose Hotel after staying for two days, and from Suotuo City’s southern gate, heading towards their destination.

The impression Rose Hotel gave Tang San’s was still pretty good, only the price was actually somewhat expensive. As he and Xiao Wu left the hotel, the damage in the hotel hall had already completed repairs.

Regarding Shrek Academy, Tang San and Xiao Wu did not have any understanding, Grandmaster only told Tang San, asked him to come here to proceed with studying, all without saying more. But judging by Grandmaster’s expression at that time, Tang San was able to vaguely feel that the relationship between this Academy and Grandmaster seemed somewhat uncommon.

Going by age, Tang San and Xiao Wu should go to intermediate spirit master academy, but with their current strength, let alone intermediate, even if it was advanced spirit master academy the distance to graduation still would not be far. If this Shrek Academy only was an intermediate spirit master academy, then was it still necessary to come here?

Tang San believed, Grandmaster absolutely would not do pointless matters, since he asked him to come here, certainly Grandmaster had reasons.

“Little San, you know where Shrek Academy is?”

Out of Suotuo City, following the road straight southward, on both sides of the official road was a wide expanse of farmland, Suotuo City being famous for acting as Balak Kingdom’s granary could not be more clearly said.

But, besides the wide expanse of farmland, as far as the eye could see, within the reach of eyesight, certainly was not any building resembling an academy.

The address Grandmaster gave Tang San, was outside Suotuo City south gate would see Shrek Academy not far away.

“I also am not too clear on the specifics, we continue southward, we’ll always find it. Since that Dai Mubai was a Shrek Academy student, proves this Academy indeed exists.”


Xiao Wu suddenly softly called out.

Tang San seemed to understand her meaning very well, helplessly saying:

“You are also a grown up, still without walking will not get anywhere.”

Xiao Wu giggled, saying:

“No matter, who asked you to be my Ge.”

While speaking, with a run-up, suddenly pounced at Tang San.

Tang San was long ago accustomed to her actions, both hands supporting, upper body slightly bent forward, already carrying Xiao Wu on his back.

Xiao Wu’s body was very light, to Tang San she basically would not be any burden. But Xiao Wu’s cultivation was not second to Tang San, naturally would not feel exhausted because of walking, but she still never tired of happily having Tang San carry her. Happy and content on Tang San’s back and gesticulating at the surroundings, laughter bringing to mind silver bells in the air.

Whenever this happened, in Tang San’s heart would bubble up a kind of warmth, which was a kind category of family warmth. Bodies touching, gave a kind of feeling hearts being close, he would feel his heart was very rich, at least this proved, he was not all alone.

In the past six years, since the first time leaving Holy Spirit Village for Nuoding primary spirit master academy to study until now, Tang San had not seen his father again. Tang Hao left for these six years, not only without returning, but also completely without letters.

Whenever in the dead of night Tang San thought of his father, his heart would ache dully. Even though he was a person of two worlds, regarding family love he still had an uncomparable thirst.

But Xiao Wu in Tang San’s heart, was equivalent to filling the gap left by Tang Hao. Regarding Xiao Wu, Tang San was extremely doting, like she was his flesh and blood little sister. Before when at Nuoding, Tang San’s only way of resting was watching Xiao Wu. Whatever she did, he all along silently watched her, enjoying that warmth in his heart.

Xiao Wu’s happy smile brimming with sunshine, happiness coming from the heart, always infected Tang San’s heart. Even if cultivation again was dull, as long as he saw Xiao Wu’s smile, any fretting in Tang San’s heart immediately disappeared.

Part 5

“Ge, look at the village over there.”

When Xiao Wu was carried by Tang San was also when she was the sweetest, this moment she was sure to call Tang San ‘big brother’, and not just ‘little San’.

Tang San followed the direction of Xiao Wu’s finger with his eyes, but only saw approximately one li ahead, had a small village. Relying on Purple Demon Eye’s eyesight, he was able to clearly make it out, that village was about a hundred households or so, compared to Holy Spirit village’s scale it was a bit smaller. Surrounding the village was a wooden fence, seemingly used to guard against wild animals. At the village entrance there seemed to be good deal of people gathered, for some unknown purpose.

Tang San slightly smiled, saying:

“For our previous question, perhaps the people of this village will know where Shrek Academy is. A spirit master academy should be very famous, right.”

Xiao Wu pointed ahead, laughingly saying:

“Ge, go faster.”

Grumpily Tang San lightly swatted her bottom with the back of his hand once, underfoot slightly exerting himself, rapidly advancing in the direction of that village.

Coming near, Tang San and Xiao Wu both discovered something abnormal, at the village entrance indeed a lot of people were gathered, the majority youngsters similar to their age, among them a large portion followed by parents.

At the village entrance was arranged a desk, behind the desk sat a sixty-something old man, making Tang San and Xiao Wu dumbstruck was, over the arched village entrance made using logs was suspended a seemingly somewhat worn-out board, on it was simply engraved two words, ‘Shrek Academy’[5]. Above these two words was also a green portrait, looking similar to a kind of humanoid monster’s head. Bright green, a little cute. On the chest of the old man behind that table, also wore a similar green round emblem. It should be Shrek Academy’s crest.

“No way.”

Xiao Wu hopped down from Tang San’s back, staring shocked at the board, again turning her head to look at Tang San, the two in their hearts both somewhat stunned.

Even Nuoding primary spirit master academy’s scale would be much bigger compared to this, and also, this clearly looked like a common little village, the entrance’s arched door was not only wooden, but also still not even a third as large as Nuoding Academy’s. Could this still be called a spirit master academy?

“Ge, wasn’t Grandmaster mistaken? However I look, I still do not think this is like an academy. Probably wouldn’t be a scam, right.”

Tang San said with a wry smile:

“Come on, have a look before saying so again.”

Right now, lined up ahead of them, were approximately less than a hundred applicants, among them were not a few people with wrinkled brows, clearly in their hearts holding a similar opinion as Xiao Wu.

Ahead of Tang San and Xiao Wu in the line was a youngster followed by parents at his side, they just heard that youngster’s mother say:

“Isn’t this a mistake, this spirit master academy, possesses the reputation that on graduating the academy one can successfully become an imperial viscount?”

The youngster’s father somewhat uncertainly said:

“This is what Spirit Hall’s people said, should not be a mistake. But this academy truly is a bit worn down.”

The youngster said:

“Dad, I mustn’t study here, it’s too shameful. I still could go to Suotuo intermediate spirit master academy, right. How to say, at junior academy I was also considered a talent.”

The youngster’s father frowned, saying:

“Since we’ve already come, let’s wait a minute, right, maybe this is a kind of test. The genuine academy not here at all.”

Similar dialogue was absolutely not rare in the lined up crowd, the majority of the faces of the youngsters and parents displayed a strong disappointment.

Tang San’s gaze did not stay on these applicants for too long, his gaze looked ahead of the queue, to the application place. Eyesight and hearing promoted under the effect of Mysterious Heaven skill, he was vaguely able to hear the dialogue there.

The old man sitting behind the desk accepting applications looked to have a lazy appearance, to speak a bit pleasantly about his clothes they were simple and unadorned, what he saw, was like an elderly villager, even without the lively look of Holy Spirit village’s old Jack.

At this moment, a youngster came before the table to apply. The old man lazily said:

“Application fee is ten gold spirit coins, put it in that chest.”

The parents following the youngster hastily fished out ten gold spirit coins and placed them in the nailed together wooden chest to the side.

“Extend just a hand.”

The youngster as told extended his hand before the old man, the old man kneaded the hand a little while, shaking his head towards him, saying:

“Your age is wrong, you can leave.”

The youngster was stunned a moment, turning his head to look at his parents, more than ten years old children as precocious as Tang San could be not many.

His father hastily fixed a smile saying:

“Teacher, my son has only recently passed his thirteenth birthday, you see, couldn’t you be flexible once?”

The old man a bit impatiently said:

“Don’t affect later people. Do you not know the Academy’s rules? Our place only accepts children under thirteen years old. Exceeding thirteen years of age, without exception are not accepted. You can leave.”

The youngster’s father said:

“Then our application fee……”

The old man without a trace of politeness said:

“An application is generally not refunded.”

A clay figurine still was three tenths a warrior, the youngster’s father could not help but angrily say:

“This clearly is a swindle for money. Withdraw our application fee, if not we will not leave. Had I known earlier this Shrek Academy was this rotten, we should not have come.”

The old man shot him a glance, indifferently saying:

“Mubai, someone wants their application fee back, you handle it at once.”

On the ground to the side, a person’s figure suddenly leapt up,

“Wanting the application fee back, after beating me, the whole amount is returned.”

This person was exactly Dai Mubai, before because of sitting to the side, obstructed by the crowd, Tang San had not seen him. From that day when Tang San with Xiao Wu met him he was somewhat different, right now his expression was rather grudging.

Dai Mubai also did not speak nonsense, directly using his spirit power, releasing two hundred year and one thousand year altogether three spirit rings. Surging spirit power radiated out intangible pressure in the air, in the evil eyes a cold light continuously flashing, regarding that father and son.

[1] (发晶) Literally “Hair Crystal”, is a naturally occurring crystal with needle or hair like filaments of mineral embedded. It’s generally a translation for rutile quartz, but could also refer to other similar mineral formations like actinolite quartz. Supposed to have energizing properties.

[2] (板晶) Google Translate has this as “platelet”, and apparently platelet crystal is sort of a thin only different, but a Chinese search only gives fiction and pictures of really dense rutilated quartz.

[3] 3寸 = 10 cm

[4] Long Xu Zhen (龙须针) alternatively “Dragon Mustache Stitch”.

[5] Originally of course “five characters, Shi Lai Ke Xue Yuan”

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