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Chapter 42: Are You Hungry?

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"Let's go, this young master will help you vent your anger." Mason took Jonathan with him as he left the box. He called a few of the mercenaries hired by the Monchi family. There was one with pretty decent strength named Mengsk, a 9th Rank Swordsman whose status in the family wasn't low. With such a capable subordinate protecting him, Mason felt a hundred percent safe. His eyes scanned across the venue as he tried to look for Mafa Merlin.

At this moment, Mason was already plotting, 'After finding that Merlin, I'll ask him if he wants to eat two glass bottles, or if he wants to eat two glass bottles and then be beaten up.'

Mason brought his group and looked around the venue for a long time.

It was so hard to find him because after the end of the auction, Cadgar invited Lin Yun to a reception room.

"Mage Merlin, your potions sold for a total of 4 000 000 gold. After deducting the 2 000 000 gold you used in the auctions, as well as the hundred twenty thousand gold in auctions fees, you earned a total of 1 880 000 gold. You can withdraw the amount in any place in Noscent affiliated with the Black Horn chamber of commerce."

When Cadgar handed over the crystal card, he was smiling while squinting. When he looked at Lin Yun, it felt as if he wasn't looking at a living person, but a walking and talking bag of gold.

It wasn't surprising that Cadgar would act like that...

A Master Alchemist could turn anything he touched into gold. Any materials he got his hands on could be changed into something magical that would create miracles. To be able to establish a cooperative relationship with such an alchemist was a rare opportunity.

Today's two potions were the perfect example. The final price was 4 000 000 gold, and the Black Horn Auction's fees were 3%... This 3% couldn't be overlooked, considering the size of the sale. It was almost the equivalent to the price of an Inheritance Magic Tool, and the auction house had earned that amount just with Cadgar's words.

Not to mention how much the incredible sales promoted the name of the auction house...

The auction just now was the perfect example. Two potions infinitesimally close to the Master Alchemist level were sold for 4 000 000 gold. It was enough to shake the eastern regions. In the next auction, there would inevitably be more alchemists and more wealthy patrons.

Who didn't hope to sell their wares at a high price, and who didn't want to buy the best things for themselves?

And everything was brought to them by this young Mage.

Cadgar's smile became even brighter as he reminded, "Mage Merlin, if you have anything good, don't forget to auction it at our Black Horn Auction."

"Of course, of course." Lin Yun was very clear about Cadgar's thoughts, but this was also a good thing for Lin Yun.

As a Mage, Lin Yun's needs in terms of magic materials could be described as bottomless, and in the entire Thousand Sails City, the place with the largest amount of rare items was without a doubt the Black Horn Auction House. Establishing a good relationship with this force would save Lin Yun a lot of time.

To a mage, time had always been the most valuable resource. Since Cadgar took the initiative to mention it, how could Lin Yun not agree?

The two men hit it off, and after a bit of discussion, established a cooperative relationship.

Afterwards, Lin Yun gave a list to Cadgar.

It was a list of over a hundred magic materials of all kinds. Each of them was rarely seen on the market, and many of them were materials that Cargar himself had never seen. After hearing Lin Yin's description of the more obscure ones, he got a rough understanding of what they were.

When Lin Yun first made his request, Cadgar patted his chest and assured that it could be done. But after reading the list of items, Cadgar felt a bit nervous. He inwardly admired this young alchemist's extensive knowledge, but his heart was also beating very quickly… Some of the materials on this list were too shocking, and even with the power of the Black Horn Auction House, they might only get a few...

Cadgar held the list of items for a very long time, hesitating whether he finalize the agreement or not.

If this was made known, no one would believe that this esteemed High Mage, the Chief Auctioneer and Chief Appraiser of the Black Horn Auction, Cadgar, would actually be hesitating and reconsidering in front of a young Mage. His nervous expression made it seem like he was too afraid of angering his counterpart. This was Cadgar, after all, someone who was both a High Mage and a Great Alchemist that also skillfully ran the huge Black Horn Auction House. His status in Thousand Sails City was more or less equivalent to that of Solomon, the Leader of the Sage Tower!

But now, Cadgar was truly wavering in his decision, as he was afraid of angering this potential source of business.

Because the person in front of him was a future Master Alchemist!

Once he stepped into the Master rank, his status would instantly soar. Even an Archmage would have no choice but to act respectful in front of him. Such a person was an existence that could make miracles and even decide the life or death of a High Mage. They could give endless benefits to a Great Alchemist with just a sentence. Being nervous and hesitant in front of such a person was perfectly normal.

Cadgar thought for a long time before giving an uncertain answer.

"To be honest, Mage Merlin, I don't want to deceive you. The materials on your list are too rare and hard to find. Even if I use the power of the Black Horn chamber of commerce, I might not be able to help you acquire them. The only guarantee I can make is that I'll spare no effort to obtain them for you."

After giving his reply, Cadgar carefully looked at his counterpart's expression, afraid that this uncertain answer would create a crack in their newly established cooperation.

"I'll be troubling High Mage Cadgar, then."

But that answer was actually enough for Lin Yun. Others might not know, but Lin Yun had gotten this list from a large encyclopedia on rare magic materials. All of these materials were among the rarest and most precious that Lin Yun remembered. Even at the peak of Noscent's magic civilization, those influential and practically omnipotent mages would pay a huge price for these rare materials.

Lin Yun only took out the list to try his luck. It would be great if he was able to obtain some of the materials, but he wouldn't lose anything if he couldn't. In any case, the Black Horn Auction House would be the one checking for him, so he didn't need to spend time or energy on it.

Cadgar definitely didn't know of Lin Yun's thoughts. Otherwise, how would he have reacted?

At this time, Cadgar was focused on how to form the best possible relationship with Mage Merlin. It would be good if he could put up another two potions at the next Black Horn Auction, or even make a deal to produce potions for each auction in the future. The influence of the Black Horn Auction would rise sharply!

'But, how can I suggest that politely…'

Cadgar was still working his brain when suddenly, a loud sound echoed outside the reception room.

Afterwards, the reception door was kicked open.

That's right, not pushed, but kicked open.

"Mafa Merlin, Iet me see where you can run this time!" Mason entered in a showy way, followed by the butler, Jonathan, as well as eight mercenaries hired by his family, all with aggressive attitudes. Even a fool could see that they had come to look for trouble.

Cadgar certainly wasn't a fool, but he was in a daze after seeing their sudden entry. 'What kind of situation is that…'

And it was no wonder that Cadgar was in a daze. The Black Horn Auction House was one of the most powerful forces of Thousand Sails City, and Cadgar himself was a High Mage and a Great Alchemist. His reception room wasn't a place that just anyone could enter. Even someone like Solomon would knock politely before coming inside.

In his twenty years here, no one had ever kicked the door to enter like Mason just did!

'He really kicked it…'

Cadgar's mouth was half-open for a long time, before he finally processed the fact that the door to his reception room had truly been kicked open.

For some time, Cadgar didn't know how to react. He looked at Mason, then looked at Lin Yun, his previously politely smiling face replaced by a stunned expression.

Mason didn't bother looking around and directly walked toward Lin Yun while taking two glass bottles out from his pocket. "Hey, Mafa Merlin, are you hungry?"

"No, but it sounds like you are." Lin Yun touched his nose, thinking that if there was ever a competition to show one's boldness, Mason would definitely get 1st place. He was way too audacious, to even kick open the door to Cadgar's reception room. Who else would dare to do that?

"Still not acknowledging your wrongdoings?!" Mason waved his hand, and the mercenaries immediately came in. Sounds of swords being unsheathed could be heard as the mercenaries encircled Lin Yun.

"What the hell are you doing!" When he heard the sounds of weapons being drawn, Cadgar suddenly woke up from his daze. Cadgar's expression suddenly sank. As the Chief Auctioneer, he never thought that anyone in Thousand Sails City would dare to openly pull out weapons in his reception room!

"Old man, you'd better mind your own business. Provoking this young master isn't advisable, I might also ask you to eat two glass bottles…" Mason wasn't paying attention as he threatened Cadgar while walking past him. As he continued past, he still muttered to Jonathan in a low voice, "That old man looks a bit familiar…"

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