Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince

Gifted Bride of the Sinned Prince
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He was the Son of Dragon!

However, he was titled as the ‘Sinned Prince’ when he killed his mother.

She was supposed to marry her childhood lover but stepped forward to marry the Sinned Prince, whom every woman from the noble families has rejected.

With one motto in her mind— ‘To end the Qiu Royal Family.’


Qiu Lóng Wei is the youngest prince of the Qiu Kingdom. He was prophesied as the Son of Dragon, but his acts made him the Sinned Prince.

Xu Li Hua, the daughter of a Low-rank official, was forced to leave her town when her family was massacred on one deadly night.

The gentle and petite woman, who hardly has seen the world, enters the most dangerous place where a small mistake can take her to the door of death and get entangled with Lóng Wei.


Li Hua fell on the mattress while Lóng Wei hovered over her.


“Whose ring is this?” Lóng Wei asked, looking at the red jade ring on her finger.

His palm went on her nape, and he pulled her face up, forcing her to look at him.

Li Hua pulled her hand back, but Lóng Wei didn’t let it go. Instead, he took out the ring from her finger.

“You are my official wife now. In your life only one man shall exist, and that’s me!” Lóng Wei authorized, clenching his fist which was holding the jade ring.

“The Prince cannot force his decision on me. Even if he takes my body, he can never take my heart,” Li Hua said, with a stern tone.

Lóng Wei clicked his tongue and twisted his lips into a smirk.

“Watch your words, Li Hua. Not only your body will be mine but your heart and soul too. I go crazy for the things that are precious to me. You are my wife, so my craziness for you is beyond description.”

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