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Chapter 198: 198 The Irregular Jealousy

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198 The Irregular Jealousy

“Is that the location of the labyrinth ruins?” Su Bai asked.

“What else could it be?” Xu Qingshan’s laughter was heard, followed by a text message.

The detailed coordinates were attached to the text message.

Beastmasters like Xu Qingshan who had stayed in the Great Wilderness City for more than ten years usually had their ways.

Su Bai wasn’t surprised that Xu Qingshan could get information faster than others.

Coincidentally, Bing Qingqing was ready.

As soon as he left, Su Bai stood up and said, “Let’s go.”


Bing Qingqing had no idea what had happened because it had happened so quickly, but as a soldier, her first reaction was to obey the order without question.

The two of them took a taxi and drove out of Great Wilderness City.

Along the way, many Beastmasters had already begun to take action.

“Everyone is well-informed.” Su Bai smiled.

At the same time, Bing Qingqing also learned about the labyrinth ruins and was shocked.

When they reached the location, there were already 600 people present, all Beastmasters from the Great Wilderness City.

Su Bai found Xu Qingshan and two energetic middle-aged men.

They were all experienced Gold-level team leaders who had been arranged to guard the border of the Great Wilderness.

When Xu Qingshan saw Su Bai, he smiled and introduced him to the other two, “This is the young man I told you about. You must have heard of him recently, right?”

“So, you’re Su Bai?” asked Ma Lunwen.

Ma Lunwen was a slightly famous leader of a team in the Great Wilderness City. All of his team members were Gold-level Beastmasters.

Ma Lunwen had always only accepted the most difficult missions and fought the most difficult fights.

“Yes! Haha, haha! I saw your live stream yesterday. You did well. My grandson was beaten up badly by you.” said Ma Lunwen with a smile.

“Huh…” Su Bai pondered.

Su Bai remembered that there was indeed a Beastmaster surname Ma among his opponents yesterday. However, Su Bai was in a rush, and he had Bearen eliminate the other party in an instant.

Therefore, Su Bai had not many impressions about the other Beastmasters. He didn’t expect to meet that Beastmaster’s grandfather today. He felt a little awkward.

“Take it easy. That kid isn’t very good at learning. It’s normal for him to be beaten up by you. Besides, I think you’ve beaten him up too lightly!” Ma Lunwen laughed loudly.

“Alright, Lunwen. That’s enough. The labyrinth ruins are about to open. Let’s get ready,” said Xu Qingshan.

Most of the Beastmasters present were Gold-level, and there were even a few Platinum-level powerhouses.

It would be a lie if Su Bai didn’t feel any pressure. After all, this was an event that shook the entire Great Wilderness City. It was reasonable for them to mobilize on such a large scale.

Su Bai surveyed the surroundings. This was a dangerous area at the border of the Great Wilderness. The lowest level of Beasts was Mid-Silver, and the highest level appeared Platinum-level.

Su Bai didn’t have the chance to do so normally.

Xu Qingshan saw through it at a glance. He smiled and said, “You shouldn’t have come to this place. However, you were lucky enough to catch up with the appearance of the labyrinth ruins.”

“Yes, thank you for your guidance, Qingshan.”

“Don’t mention it. Even if I didn’t tell you, someone would have informed you to come.” Xu Qingshan smiled.

“Why is that?”

“We are the soldiers that were invited here rightfully. Of course, the Great Wilderness City will favor us more.”

The Beastmasters in the Great Wilderness City were a mix of good and bad.

As Xu Qingshan had stated, the best way to distinguish the soldiers was through their status. The Beastmasters from the various major cities along the border would be the soldiers, while mercenaries and adventurers would be the second choice and expendable.

Su Bai nodded as he understood what Xu Qingshan meant.

At that moment, everyone was still waiting on the scene. More and more Beastmasters rushed over, with some expendable mercenaries mixed in.

“I knew someone would leak the coordinates. No matter, someone will make the move.” Xu Qingshan shook his head.

The people present waited for more than an hour. Suddenly, Beastmasters in black uniforms appeared. They moved in unison.

Those Beastmasters in black uniforms were the personal guards of the Great Wilderness City’s governor! They were made up of elite Platinum-level Beastmasters after many screenings.

Those Beastmasters in black uniforms were rarely seen. Su Bai felt more pressure from each of them because of their auras.

Su Bai could even sense the distinct attributes emitted by each of the personal guards. It was the symbol of a Platinum powerhouse!

The guards’ commander looked around and said, “The governor has ordered that the labyrinth ruins be opened to the public, with one exception. The first group of participants must be official Beastmasters from various major cities. It will be open to everyone without restrictions after 24 hours!”

The people present were immediately in an uproar. All the mercenaries and adventurers who came here protested.

24 hours was too long. To the mercenaries and adventurers, seizing the opportunities in the labyrinth ruins was crucial.

However, the guards ignored them and immediately announced the opening of the labyrinth ruins. Anyone could enter by showing their identity card.

“Su Bai, you have to be careful.” Xu Qingshan looked around and smiled.

“Are you saying that those people will deliberately seek revenge on us?”

“Smart! Those guys can’t do anything to the governor’s personal guards. Naturally, they’ll vent their anger on us, the military soldiers,” Xu Qingshan said helplessly.

This was not something uncommon. Xu Qingshan had personally experienced it a few times.

What Xu Qingshan cared about was that Su Bai’s level was lower than the military soldiers, so he might be taken as a pushover.

‘Great! Many people were already eyeing me before I entered the labyrinth ruins.’ Su Bai thought. He had nothing else to say now.

Su Bai had 24 hours anyway. As long as he didn’t dawdle too much, it would be fine, as long as those guys didn’t catch up.

“There’s one more thing. I remember you killed someone from the Charlie Mercenary.” Xu Qingshan’s expression suddenly turned serious.

“I couldn’t forget that.”

“Then you have to be even more careful. Although the other party is at fault, some things cannot be judged by right or wrong.”

“Understood!” Su Bai nodded.

Ever since that day, the Charlie Mercenary did not cause Su Bai any trouble. However, when he was carrying out missions in the wild, he could always sense that someone was watching him.

This feeling made Su Bai very uncomfortable, but the other party was fast and vigilant. Once Su Bai had the intention to approach, the other party would retreat immediately.

Everyone lined up in an orderly fashion to enter the labyrinth ruins, as directed by the governor’s personal guards.

At that moment, there were more than a thousand Beastmasters who were soldiers from the military! It was a huge commotion.

The mercenaries outside the labyrinth ruins did not hide their envy and anger at all. Shortly, the Beastmasters entered the labyrinth one by one.

Xu Qingshan left first, and then it was Su Bai’s turn to hand over his ID card to the guard in charge of the inspection.

The guard pressed the card against a machine.


“Su Bai, C-rank soldier of Los Monstaria. You may enter!”


“Bing Qingqing, C-rank soldier of Los Monstaria. You may enter!”

After the inspection was completed, the two of them were allowed to enter the labyrinth ruins.

After passing through the pitch-black cave entrance, there was a huge bronze door. Its overall height was 30 meters, almost as tall as Gigamaxed Bearen!

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