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Chapter 25

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Can Your Illucub Perform Somersaults?

“If you’re a freshman with strength, shouldn’t I be re-attending kindergarten?!”

Everyone’s mouth twitched. It was hard to imagine that Su Bai was a freshman.

“I’m really a freshman.” Su Bai shrugged and smiled bitterly, “I was just lucky.”

At the same time, the late-arriving students of Seasky High found it even more challenging to accept the death of the mutated Wilderfang.

They were under the most pressure from the Wilderfangs, but Su Bai and the others were one step ahead of them.

“Yiyi, be careful of them.” a student reminded.

Liu Yiyi shook her head and said calmly, “Don’t worry, there’s a rule in the Wilderness that students are not allowed to loot each other’s spoils.”

Other academy teams were also bound by the same rule unless the other party had no brain.

Otherwise, he or she wouldn’t have done something so stupid.

That group of people could only stare at Liu Yiyi’s team with fierce and unwilling eyes before turning around and fleeing helplessly.

After that battle, the entire team had a newfound respect for Su Bai.

Su Bai not only possessed remarkable Beast core extraction skills, but his combat strength also was not inferior to anyone.

A Beastmaster like Su Bai would be in high demand no matter which team he was in.

“Su Bai, you’re our hero!”

“A mutated High level Beast! I’ve never thought we could take it down, even in my dreams!

“Hahaha, we’ll definitely get first place in this training.”

“I just want to say, Su Bai, you are awesome!”

Everyone on the team praised Su Bai, and he could only smile helplessly.

After that, everyone was ready to extract the Beast core.

However, they discovered that Su Bai had already extracted the Beast core. It was a High Iron level and electric type Beast core worth over $1 million on the market!

The Beast core produced by ordinary Beasts usually only contained faint traces of element.

Almost close to no elements at all.

However, this Beast core contained a considerable amount of electrical energy.

That was why the price could exceed $1 million.

“It’s worth at least $3 million.” Liu Yiyi said while looking at the electric Beast core in Su Bai’s hand.

It was the same as a year’s allowance for the elites.

It was a considerable sum of money for them.


All of a sudden, Bearen, following Su Bai all this time, its two-meter tall body attached itself to Su Bai and kept rubbing against him.

Bearen was just like a coquettish and shy girlfriend.

However, this shy girlfriend’s figure was not cute at all.

“You want this Beast core?” Su Bai asked as he immediately understood Bearen’s intention.


Bearen nodded his head crazily.

It had no interest in ordinary Beast cores because they were not tempting enough.

However, this Beast core contained an electric element.

“Then let’s give this Beast core to Su Bai’s Beast.” Liu Yiyi chuckled and said to the crowd, “If it wasn’t for Su Bai, our chances of killing the mutated Wilderfang would have been slim.

“Besides, the corpse of a mutated Wilderfang is also valuable.”

Everyone agreed with Liu Yiyi’s decision.

“That’s right. We couldn’t have taken it down without Su Bai.”

“I agree!”

“Me too!”

“Su Bai, you’ve contributed the most, so it’s not a problem for you to take it.”

The team members had already realized they had a big shot to rely on.

What else would they do if not hold tight at Su Bai this time?

Especially when they had the support of their captain, Liu Yiyi.

However, one team member stood at the periphery with a ferocious face.

It was Lu Chen who had opposed Su Bai’s joining.

He was a member of the support team.

In particular, the position of the vanguard had always been high.

But after Su Bai’s participation, Lu Chen lost his position. She could only be the same as other ordinary support members.

The sense of loss from the height difference made Lu Chen’s eyes bloodshot.

Lu Chen wanted to object, but jumping out now was a stupid decision, so he could only hate Su Bai secretly.

“Then thank you, everyone.” Su Bai accepted it without hesitation.

After obtaining the electric Beast core, Bearen immediately swallowed it into its stomach.

It would take some time for Bearen to absorb the Beast cores.

So, Su Bai kept Bearen in his Sigil and let it slowly absorb the electric Beast core.

After that, the group cleared up the corpse of the mutated Wilderfang.

The night fell.

Everyone set up their tents and started a bonfire.

After a long day of battle, everyone was so tired that they didn’t even have the strength to speak.

Dinner was also easy to settle.

That was to eat the meat of the Beast directly. Although it was unpalatable, it was the only choice in the Wilderness.

Su Bai sat alone in a corner and took a bite of the Wilderfang’s leg.

The coarse fiber had a strange smell.

Yet, Su Bai could swallow it without a change in expression.

On the other hand, the other students spat out half a mouthful of food after eating it. In the end, their faces turned green.

After all, they were children who lived in the city and were used to being pampered and spoiled.

Even if it was not their first time in the Wilderness, they had not gotten used to such a harsh living environment.

After a silent dinner, everyone went to rest.

Liu Yiyi ran to Su Bai’s side and said with a charming smile, “Little freshman, your performance today has opened my eyes. Do you want a special reward?”

Su Bai pretended to be innocent and asked: “What kind of reward?”

“That will depend on what you want.” Liu Yiyi flirtatiously winked at Su Bai. As the famous campus belle of the sophomores, her suitors could line up from the classroom to the academy gate.

But none of them could pique her interest, and now there was a freshman as strong as Su Bai.

He had successfully piqued Liu Yiyi’s curiosity.

“I want to …” Su Bai thought for a moment and asked with a smile: “Can your Illucub do a somersault? I wanna see.”

“Huh?” Liu Yiyi was shocked by such a weird request.

The nonsensical words messed up the subtle atmosphere brewing with incredible difficulty.

“You’re really a blockhead,” said Liu Yiyi. She clenched her fists and glared at Su Bai.

Liu Yiyi was confident in her own appearance and had never stumbled before.

In the end, She had never thought she would encounter such a situation in front of a freshman.

“I can’t? I do want to see it.” Su Bai spread his hands.

The more Su Bai spoke, the angrier Liu Yiyi became. She snorted coldly and said, “Hmph, go and watch your Beast do the flip!”

Speaking of which, Liu Yiyi was reminded of Su Bai’s Beast Bearen.

It was two meters tall and had a huge body.

‘This freshman had made a pact with his first Beast not long ago. How could he have trained it to such a level?’ Liu Yiyi thought.

“Little freshman, quickly release your Bearen and let me take a look,” said Liu Yiyi.

“My Bearen can’t do somersaults,” said Su Bai.

“Who wants to see a somersault!” said Liu Yiyi.

“Alright, but you have to be careful.” Su Bai warned.

Su Bai shrugged his shoulders and released Bearen from his Sigil.

Bearen, which was absorbing the electric Beast core, was now fully focused.

It could be emotional after being released.

“What’s there to worry about? It’s just a Beast,” said Liu Yiyi. She didn’t take Su Bai’s reminder seriously.

The appearance of the two-meter-tall Bearen made Liu Yiyi excited.

Just as Liu Yiyi reached out her hand to stroke Bearen’s furry head, she was suddenly frightened by Bearen’s hostile eyes.

There was only one thought in her mind, ‘Su Bai’s warning was right.’

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