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Chapter 281: 281 A Storming Is Coming to Great Peace City!

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281 A Storming Is Coming to Great Peace City!

“But I still had to ask. What plans do you have, Captain Su?”

Lu Xingping’s tone was heavy. He hesitated for a long time before asking.

No matter what, Su Bai was still too young even if it was the official support of the Great Wilderness City. It was too different from the reinforcement Lu Xingping had in the past. Age was also an important factor.

Beastmasters were a profession with an extremely high mortality rate. Those who could survive were either extremely cowardly or experienced, surviving through the thorns.

However, Su Bai’s expression didn’t make anyone feel inferior.

That was why Lu Xingping was testing Su Bai to see what ability he had to get the Great Wilderness City to send reinforcements.

“The plan is very simple. We need to get rid of the rebels as quickly as possible,” Su Bai said.

Lu Xingping could not help but clench his fists. He thought, ‘The fastest way to resolve this was undoubtedly to suppress it with force.’

Seeing that the atmosphere was not right, Lu Le immediately echoed, “Mr. Lu, the situation at the border is urgent. We don’t have time to deal with the rebels slowly. I hope you can consider the overall situation.”

Lu Xingping took a deep breath and walked to the window with his hands behind his back. He said, “I understand. But I hope that we can adopt the plan with the least casualties during the suppression process.”

Su Bai nodded seriously. He said, “Don’t worry about that. We are not bloodthirsty maniacs. We won’t go too far.”

Lu Xingping had no choice, and neither did Su Bai and the others.

“Then when do we act?”



Lu Xingping was shocked.

Su Bai looked at the mountain of documents and said to Lu Le, “I need all the information about the rebels. The sooner, the better. Go and prepare your men immediately. We’ll take action in an hour!”


Lu Le left in a hurry, and Bing Qingqing didn’t stay idle either. All the information given by the officer had to be reported to Su Bai through her.

Lu Xingping had a complicated expression.

After a short time of contact, Lu Xingping knew Su Bai was not an ordinary person. This decisiveness was something he did not have.

Thinking of this, Lu Xingping couldn’t help but think of the previous governor and reveal a bitter smile.

If Lu Xingping hadn’t been the governor back then, perhaps the situation in Great Peace City would have been better.

An hour later, over a hundred Beastmasters were ready for battle. They split into three groups and shuttled through the streets of Great Peace City.

“What do you think you’re doing!”

In a residential building, a woman stood by the window on the second floor. When she saw the Beastmaster’s arrival, she panicked.

However, the leading Beastmaster didn’t waste any time and kicked the door open.

“No one has the right to interfere with the affairs of Great Peace City!”

“Kill those who defy!”

Following that, more than a dozen Beastmasters swarmed into the residential area, their goal was obvious. They searched the basement for a few civilians. They were the wanted rebels.

Although there were only a few people, it was effective. The rebels were all brought to the prison.

A specialized Spiritualist Beastmaster would invade the rebels’ minds and search for information related to the other rebels’ memories. They do what they do best.

Su Bai sat in the conference room and read the intelligence that was handed to him.

After finding out the location of the other rebels, Beastmasters rushed over one after another and captured them all.

“This is the latest name list!”

Bing Qingqing rushed into the meeting room and handed over a document.

Su Bai checked and frowned.

There were more than 300 civilians on the list, but there was no leader of the rebels.

If Su Bai wanted to quell the internal strife, these small fries were useless. He had to take down the leader of the rebels swiftly and decisively to completely quell the internal strife.

“At present, a large-scale search has been conducted in the east, west, and north parts. As for the south part, the situation is a bit complicated,” Bing Qingqing said.

“Tell me.”

“The southern part belongs to the slums of Great Peace City. The buildings inside are very messy. It will take time to search them thoroughly.”

“Then search every house!” Su Bai said coldly.

Bing Qingqing nodded heavily and left.

Without a doubt, the situation in Great Peace City was going to change drastically tonight!

It was already three o’clock in the morning, but the governor’s mansion was still brightly lit.

Besides dealing with the rebels, Su Bai was also paying attention to the invading Beasts.

According to the information, huge spider-type Beasts were roaming the Great Peace’s border. They were extremely aggressive, and they would attack regardless of whether it was humans or other Beasts.

The last time Great Peace City was attacked was five days ago. There were at least 50,000 spiders.

There were many reasons for the formation of the Beast tide, so there were many ways to deal with it.

And this phenomenon basically confirmed that a powerful existence had appeared among the spider-type Beasts, and it was extremely aggressive.

Until now, there were no powerful spider-type Beasts in Great Peace City.

“What’s this”

When Su Bai was looking through the documents, he suddenly found a design drawing.

The pattern of the cannon was fine-drawn. It looked like a weapon of mass destruction.

With the current capabilities of humans, there was a way to build such a thing, but its effect was very small.

At best, it was one-third stronger than the previous civilization.

The strength of the Beasts was not something that ordinary cannonballs could deal with. In addition, Beastmasters, be it their individual abilities or team abilities, were more domineering than these firearms.

Therefore, naturally, the cannon had become a useless antique.

The cannon blueprint in front of Su Bai was exactly the same as what he remembered. But what was interesting was that it was powered by Beast-core.


After reading it carefully, Su Bai smiled.

As long as one was given enough Beast-core, the power released would be extraordinary.

Such a big guy was definitely a gold-devouring monster.

The strange thing was Su Bai had not seen such a thing in the Great Wilderness City.

He put the blueprint aside and asked Lu Xingping when he had the chance.

Tonight, Great Peace City was destined to not be peaceful. Because of the Beastmaster’s actions, tens of thousands of civilians began to march on the streets.

They had already surrounded the governor’s mansion three times inside and three times outside.

“Stop the violence! Give us our freedom!”

“Stop the violence!”

There was a clamor. An officer was looking at Su Bai with a troubled expression.


If Su Bai left things were, he would be the one who inevitably caused the conflict.

Therefore, the officer was waiting for orders.

Su Bai sneered, “Inform the Beastmasters in the governor’s mansion immediately. Tell them to summon their Beasts. The fiercer the Beasts, the better.”

There was only one reason for the civilians to come and cause trouble. That was to support the rebels!

There was no way to subdue them using conventional methods, so Su Bai had to use intimidation!

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