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Chapter 38

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The Lunatics of Salvation Sect

They were able to quickly analyze the situation on the battlefield and adopt the best plan to protect themselves.

This was enough to make Bing Mengqi think highly of the two.

Soon, the number of Devibats around the group was reduced to only a few.

“Is everyone alright?” As soon as the battle ended, Li Heng immediately inspected the students.

This incident was mainly unexpected.

The Devibats weren’t strong. Their goal was to catch everyone off guard.

Everyone was in a sorry state.

At that moment, their eyes were gloomy, and their hearts were filled with mixed feelings.

The other side of the area resounded with Liu Yiyi and Su Bai talking and laughing instead.

“Freshman, you still like to be in the limelight. Even I can’t win against you.” Liu Yiyi looked at the depressing atmosphere and teased Su Bai.

“If you can’t beat me, then join me. Yiyi, you won’t despise me, right?” Su Bai chuckled.

Hearing that, Liu Yiyi’s face turned red.

“Su Bai?” Bing Mengqi, who was nearby, changed her expression slightly when she heard this name.

Before they set off, Lei Xing had specifically told Bing Mengqi to keep an eye on a student named Su Bai.

It was a rare holiday for Meng Baiqi, and she had been assigned a task. She wasn’t ready to look after the students, but she agreed verbally.

Furthermore, there was no gain in observing the students.

But now, it seemed that Su Bai had caught Bing Mengqi’s attention.

“Interesting.” Bing Mengqi’s eyes directly fell on Su Bai.

It was as if Bing Mengqi wanted to see more information.

Su Bai could feel Bing Mengqi’s gaze, but he pretended not to know.

Very quickly, a group of soldiers rushed over.

Seeing that everyone was okay, they were relieved.

Then, the soldiers reported what had happened to everyone.

As it turned out, they had encountered the swarm of Devibats that had migrated from the catacomb on their way. There were hundreds and thousands of them.

Therefore, it was still within the acceptable range for a few Devibats to escape.

However, before the soldier left, he could not help but laugh out loud when he saw the sorry state of the students.

As the saying goes, the face was earned by oneself.

Li Heng was angry and amused at the same time. He was mad because the students were so disappointed, but he laughed because he didn’t expect it.

This was already the sophomores’ second training, but their performances could have been better than Su Bai, a freshman.

The team regrouped and continued to move forward. They did not encounter any more unexpected situations along the way.

This time, they went deeper.

It was much better than the first time Su Bai and the others entered the catacomb.

Gradually, the group caught up with the soldiers and came to a door.

“Why is there a door in this place…?”

Some of the students were stunned.

It was indeed rather abrupt for a door to suddenly appear in the catacomb in front of them.

“It can’t be a ruin, right?”

“F*ck, we found a ruin?!

“Stop dreaming. If there were any ruins here, they would have been discovered long ago. We wouldn’t even have a chance to find them.”

“That’s right,”


A shout suppressed the excited crowd.

In the face of such a sudden situation, Lei Xing, a seasoned soldier, did not rush to open the door.

Instead, he first dispatched The Beastmaster in charge of scouting to assess the situation.

Soon, the soldiers entered the entrance one by one, under the watchful eyes of the students.

Although they were itching to do so, they could only stay where they were without any orders.

“What do you guys think will be behind the door?”

“There’s definitely no Beast judging from the sound of it.”

“There might be treasures. We’ll be rich!”

“Come on, even if there’s a treasure, it won’t be your turn.”

A group of students looked toward the door with eager eyes. They wished they had X-Ray eyes to see the situation inside.

Li Heng was also curious about what was beyond the door.

However, he still chose to stay in the face of these troublesome students.

Liu Yiyi looked at Su Bai, resting with his eyes closed. She couldn’t help but approach him and ask, “Aren’t you curious about what’s behind the door? ”

“You’ll naturally know when you’re allowed to know.” Su Bai said indifferently.

From the looks of it, there was no movement from behind the door.

It meant there was no battle, so there was no unexpected situation.

Naturally, it did not attract Su Bai’s attention.

Su Bai was more concerned about how Lei Xing and the others would investigate the catacomb.

Unfortunately, the soldiers were out of sight the whole time, so they couldn’t see.

Ten minutes later, a soldier walked out the door and said to the crowd, “Everyone, listen carefully!”

Hearing that, the students, who were already drowsy, were shocked.

Seeing that they were soldiers, they immediately perked up.

They thought that they were finally going to face their challenge.

However, they had never expected the announcement was…

“I’m very sorry, but your training this time will have to end here. Later, the academy teachers will lead you back to the encampment.

“I can’t tell you the exact reason. I hope everyone can understand.”

Hearing that, everyone’s brains were a little muddled.

It turned out that it would end suddenly before they had even done anything.

This was like a joke.

It was hard for them to accept this.

On the other side, the soldier roughly explained the situation to Li Heng and Bing Mengqi. The two of them frowned, obviously knowing the tension was developing in an uncontrollable direction.

“Indeed. We should prioritize the evacuation of the students.” Li Heng clenched his fist and said softly, ” to be able to move around in the Wilderness under the eyes of the academy, this is not something that anyone can do.”

The soldier replied solemnly, “Not just the academy. It’s the same here in the military.”

“It’s those guys from the Salvation Sect, right?” Bing Mengqi, who had always been unconcerned, also became cautious at this moment. She said, “Those guys like to twist their words while acting sneaky like rats.”

The Salvation Sect was an evil organization that promoted the idea of saving the world.

They proclaimed they would save the world from the Beasts and crazily recruited civilians. In the end, there was no news of them.

After several of their strongholds were destroyed, the true face of the Salvation Sect was revealed.

They ran experiments on humans, a crazy thought but great action.

They actually tried to modify a human’s genes into that of a Beast, which shocked all the Beastmaster associations in the country.

The people of the Salvation Sect were all extremely crazy, and even the military would find it challenging to deal with them.

Therefore, the evacuation of the students was the top priority.

“The Salvation Sect …” Liu Yiyi leaned on Su Bai’s back, frowning her delicate eyebrows.

Liu Yiyi and Su Bai got close without anyone noticing and heard unclear words. When she heard the Salvation Sect’s name, Liu Yiyi’s face suddenly darkened.

“You know them?” Su Bai asked Liu Yiyi.

Su Bai had heard of the Salvation Sect before, but it was only limited to that.

“I only know a little. I’ve heard from my family that the people in the Salvation Sect are all lunatics. If you encounter them, you must run away immediately.” Liu Yiyi said softly.

Recalling the first time they had boldly entered the catacomb, Liu Yiyi could not help but have goosebumps all over her body.

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