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Chapter 4

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Joining the Elite Class

“No, no, no!”


Hearing what Su Bai said, everyone shook their heads like rattling drums.

Especially the youngster who was holding his Ashenpent tightly. He didn’t want to experience jumping up and down again.

“Sir, what just happened? Did Su Bai’s Beast use its skill?” a curious student asked.

Otherwise, it would be hard to explain why Bearen’s roar could scare the other Beasts into a panic.

“It’s possible.” the director smiled. He added, “Other than that, there’s another more likely possibility. Su Bai’s Bearen’s level and potential are far above your Beast.

“In addition to the suppression of your Beast’s lineage, your Beast will naturally act as if they’ve seen their natural enemy.”

Everyone was dumbfounded when they heard that.

Especially that hot-tempered teenager. He had never expected this.

The Beast egg that the hot-tempered teenager had painstakingly chosen had hatched into a green tortoise.

On the other hand, Su Bai was in the unappraised Beast egg, and he had gotten a Beast with a potential value that far exceeded others!

At that moment, everyone was feeling a little down.

The hot-tempered teenager looked at Su Bai. He was laughing at Su Bai before, and now he had become a clown.

“Hmph, that’s just beginner luck.” The youngster in luxurious clothes snorted coldly.

The youngster in luxurious clothes was the only student with no Beast.

Because his family had already prepared a Beast egg for him, he was very confident.

After everyone had hatched their Beast eggs, the director began registering everyone’s information and arranging their dormitories.

“Try not to bring your Beast around with you for the next few days and open up your own Beast Space. The way to open up a Beast Space is on the academy’s official website. You can log in with your ID card.” the director said.

The benefits of the Beast Space were not only the ability to store Beasts but also the ability to accelerate the growth of the Beasts and increase their strength.

The students’ first goal was to open up a Beast Space that belonged to them.

Besides that, the Sigil on the students’ hand after the pact with the Beast was made earlier was another independent space other than the Beast space.

Not only could the Beast stored in the Sigil increase the Beastmaster’s strength, but it could also be used to summon the Beast at any time.

Usually, a Beastmaster would store their strongest Beast in the Sigil if needed.

But the Sigil couldn’t speed up a Beast’s growth.

Therefore, the students’ choices were determined by their own decisions.

Su Bai wanted to put Bearen into his Sigil, but the little guy held his arm tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Clearly, Bearen didn’t want to enter the Sigil.

“You poor thing,” said Su Bai.

Su Bai looked at Bearen’s slightly aggrieved expression and its big, cute eyes.

Su Bai smiled and thought, ‘I might as well keep it around me.’

Everyone filled in their admission information orderly, then rushed to the dormitory assigned to them, ending the day’s journey.

Only when Su Bai was about to leave did the director stop him.

“You have a B-level talent?” the director was a little surprised when he saw the information. He thought, ‘No wonder Su Bai could pick a Beast with great potential.’

The level of talent could determine the affinity of the Beast egg.

“Yes,” Su Bai had almost forgotten that his B-level talent was Battle Up.

Su Bai’s talent could improve the Beast’s willpower and elements in battle.

It was a Supporter talent.

“Hmm, a B-level talent. You’re qualified to join the elite class. It was rare to have a B-level talent in the academy,” the director explained with a smile.

The director added, “The academy has opened an elite class for students with advanced talents like yourself.”

Su Bai nodded and understood the meaning of the elite class.

Students with advanced talents were equivalent to top students, so they would naturally be assigned to the same class.

“Normal classes can enjoy the regular treatment. The resources given out during the academy term are evenly distributed, and you have to fight for the extra resources yourself.

“As a student with B-level talent and above, you’ll be given $3 million every year in the elite class. You’ll be able to allocate your own training resources freely. The academy won’t control what you buy, but we’ll guide you.” the director said solemnly.

‘$3 million?’ Su Bai thought, and his eyes lit.

Su Bai had never seen so much money in his life, so it was impossible to say he wasn’t tempted.

In Los Monstaria, where he was from, the average annual income of an ordinary family was only $80,000. $3 million was equivalent to an ordinary family’s income for 37 years!

However, that amount of money was nothing to the academy.

After all, nurturing an outstanding Beastmaster would bring endless glory to the academy as long as they grew up.

As for the Beastmasters, they would remember the friendship they had with the academy.

“Then… Are there any restrictions?” Su Bai asked.

“It can’t be considered a restriction. As an elite, the academy’s requirements for you will naturally be higher than those of the normal classes. That’s why they will provide you with actual combat experience.” the director explained with a smile.

Therefore, there were only benefits and no disadvantages to entering the elite class.

It was a profitable deal.

Of course, many wished to enter the elite class, but they weren’t qualified.

“I’ll join the elite class then!” said Su Bai. He immediately made his choice.

It’s obvious. Joining the normal class would give Su Bai only a few resources. Still, the elite class would give him $3 million as allowance.

Su Bai could also experience actual combat in advance, so entering the elite classes was more worthwhile no matter how.

“Okay, the new academic year will officially start in three days. The academy will send you a text message then.” the director nodded and said.

Before Su Bai left, the director gave him a Beastmaster Guide.

It recorded the basic knowledge of being a Beastmaster.

For example, the most basic types of Beastmaster talent.

Like Su Bai, he’s a Supporter and played a significant role in the team.

Other than that, there were also talents like Enhancer, Elementalist, Illusionist, and so on…

When Su Bai reached his dorm, he was pleasantly surprised as soon as he opened the door.

It was a large single room.

Since he signed up for the elite class, the director had assigned him a single-room dormitory.

The students from normal classes had four people sharing each room.

After Su Bai finished unpacking, he rested on the bed while Bearen jumped up and down like a little kid.

As Su Bai was about to fall asleep, his phone suddenly rang.

“Hello? Yan, how’s it going on your end?” Su Bai picked up the call and asked with a smile.

Li Yan and Su Bai were from the same orphanage, and the two had come together to attend the academy’s entrance examination ceremony this year.

Since Li Yan and Su Bai were of the same age, they were very close friends.

The orphanage Li Yan and Su Bai stayed was located in a small town more than ten kilometers away from Los Monstaria.

“It’s just so-so. I only awakened a D-level talent.” Li Yan couldn’t hide his joy and laughed.

A D-level talent was considered rather mediocre among Beastmasters, but becoming a Beastmaster was a hundred times better than being ordinary.

Especially for people like Li Yan and Su Bai, who came from poor backgrounds.

After becoming a Beastmaster, not only would the students’ safety be guaranteed, but they could also bring their families from outside the city into Los Monstaria.

“Not bad.” Su Bai raised his eyebrows and said with a smile, “I’m just a little better than you. My talent is only at B-level.”

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