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Chapter 8

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The Unbelievable Simplification System!

In the world of Beastmasters, having a talent was essential.

The level of a Beastmaster’s awakened innate talent almost determined the upper limit of a Beastmaster.

For example, Li Yan’s awakened D-level talent could reach the Lower Gold level of a Beastmaster through hard work!

With the addition of resources and opportunities, it was possible to break through to the Upper Gold level.

Of course, there have also been cases of low-level talent reversal.

However, the probability of this happening was very low.

In comparison, Su Bai’s B-level talent potential was very high. It was not an exaggeration to call him a genius.

This was also why the academy valued students with B-level talent and had specially set up elite classes to train them.

The small town that had returned to peace was now vivacious.

The news of Su Bai and Li Yan’s successful awakening had reached the ears of every townsfolk.

The orphanage, which had always been deserted, was now full of people.

The townspeople were only ordinary people living outside the city. They wouldn’t let go of the opportunity to get to know future Beastmasters.

“Li Yan, it’s been a while, and you two didn’t let me down.” A 60-year-old man said with tears in his eyes.

“Everyone, don’t be in such a hurry to eat. My daughter will be here soon!”

“Sigh, that spoiled son of mine. He’s like a parasite. I envy these two friends.”

Li Yan and Su Bai were being praised by the crowd.

Their smiling faces were stiffened.

The two of them couldn’t handle such enthusiasm.

“It’s time to deal with the Beast’s dead body.”

Su Bai chopped off Madjackal’s head with a chopper, exposing a crystal-like object.

It was a Beast core, a unique loot that only Beasts would have.

However, it was also worth noting that Beast cores were challenging to extract.

Although it was a crystal, it looked fragile, and it was easy for a newbie to make mistakes.

If the extracted Beast cores were incomplete, their quality would drop.

“Be careful. Just take it slow,” said Li Yan. He was watching from the side and wiped his cold sweat.

It was also Li Yan’s first time, and he had no experience.

If a Beast core was extracted from a Lower-3 Iron level Madjackal, its Beast core’s leevel would be the same.

On the market, one Beast core would cost at least $1,000!

It was equivalent to half a year’s living expenses of the orphanage.

Su Bai was nervous when he looked at the blood vessels on the Beast core.

The higher the grade of the Beast core, the more skilled one would need for the extraction.

If there were even the slightest mistake, the Beast core would be wasted.

As such, someone in a Beastmaster team would be in charge of dealing with Beast cores.

However, the town didn’t even have a Beastmaster. So, Su Bai had to do it himself.

Just as Su Bai was about to make his move.

Suddenly, a system notification sounded in his mind.


Master, Beast core extraction has been detected. It can be simplified through Massage to increase your proficiency.

Would you like to simplify it?

Su Bai was stunned. He thought, ‘This could be simplified?’

“Yes, please!”

Su Bai immediately put down the chopper and grabbed Li Yan’s arm.

“What are you doing? ” Li Yan asked, feeling confused.

‘Isn’t he going to extract the Beast core? Why is he grabbing my arm?

‘Was he too nervous about making a move?’ Li Yan pondered.

Next, to everyone’s surprise, Su Bai started massaging Li Yan.

“I’m too nervous. I need to relax.” Su Bai said with a smile and started to massage Li Yan’s shoulder.

Li Yan’s mouth twitched as he listened to Su Bai’s weird reason.

‘But Su Bai’s massage was enjoyable.’ Li Yan thought.

After a while, Su Bai went back to Madjackal’s dead body with confidence. He quickly extracted its Beast core and put it in a box.

The Beast core was appraised, and it was 93% complete!

“That’s awesome!” said Li Yan, who was watching from the side, gave a thumbs up and was amazed.

To be able to do so well on his first try, Su Bai could definitely be called a genius.

If Li Yan were to do it, it would only be 70% complete.

The meat of Madjackal’s remaining was very dry.

It had no edible value, so it was disposed of like garbage.

At that time, the town’s militia finally arrived.

They heaved a sigh of relief when they saw Madjackal’s body on the ground.

They had already rushed over without stopping after receiving the news.

They thought they were going to see a tragic scene.

In the end, they didn’t.

“Su Bai, you did this?!”

When the militia learned the whole story, they all looked at Su Bai in shock.

Especially after knowing that Su Bai and Li Yan had both successfully awakened.

They were even more overjoyed.

“That’s wonderful! Our town has finally produced some talented people.”

“Nice work, Su Bai. That’s a Madjackal.”

“Yeah, a dozen of us didn’t dare to rashly make a move, but you took care of it alone!”

“You two kids are up and coming!”

Su Bai was a little embarrassed after being praised so much.

When the captain of the militia, Luo Bing, arrived, he praised the two.

After all, he also had watched them grow up.

In addition, Luo Bing was familiar with Su Bai and Li Yan, so he was sincerely happy for the two of them.

Becoming a Beastmaster was very important to the people of this world.

“When Liu Xin comes back, she’ll probably be overjoyed.” Luo Bing laughed heartily and said, “She has high hopes for you two, and she sees you both as her own brothers.”

Liu Xin was the Sister from the orphanage that Luo Bing was referring to.

Even though Su Bai was an orphan in this world, he was under Liu Xin’s care and could still feel the warmth of home. So does Li Yan.

As such, Su Bai and Li Yan’s goal was to become Beastmasters and move the entire orphanage to Los Monstaria.

They wanted to let Liu Xin, who had worked hard for them for more than ten years, live a good life.

While everyone was chatting, Liu Xin, wearing a nun’s outfit, had already finished her prayers and returned to the town.

Liu Xin had been running around before dawn, and she looked fatigued.

When Liu Xin pushed the door open, she saw the people talking and laughing. Her eyes instantly turned red when she noticed Su Bai and Li Yan, who she had missed day and night, were among the people.

“Sister!” Su Bai and Li Yan said simultaneously and went to Liu Xin with joy.

Then, they told Liu Xin the good news of their success in awakening.

When Liu Xin found out, she was so excited that her eyes filled with tears of joy.

She took on the responsibility of the orphanage when she was only a teenager, despite rumors.

Su Bai and Li Yan did not let her down.

They had a chance of becoming a true Beastmaster after their talent awakened!

On this day, the orphanage seemed to be celebrating the New Year, filled with laughter.

Li Yan elbowed the quiet Luo Bing and said with a wicked smile, “Luo Bing, don’t dawdle anymore. Our Sister has been waiting for you.”

Luo Bing was born into a wealthy family, so he had the chance to enter Los Monstaria.

However, Luo Bing was willing to live in a town for Liu Xin.

Everyone knew that Luo Bing didn’t leave because of Liu Xin. Still, after so many years, their relationship had yet to progress.

This was closely related to their personalities.

“What do you know, kiddo?” Luo Bing’s face instantly turned red, but after thinking for a while, he said softly, “The next time you come back, you might have to call me brother-in-law.”

Just then, Su Bai suddenly asked, “Luo Bing, is the power system in the town still sufficient?”

“I think so. Why do you ask?” Luo Bing was confused and looked in the direction Su Bai was pointing.

Luo Bing was shocked by what he had witnessed.

On the street outside the window, Luo Bing was surprised to see that the Bearen was holding an electric wire and gnawing at it!

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