The Defeated Dragon - Chapter 1

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Chapter 1: Dragon, Elf and Flower Town

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After a week of recuperating the body after the poisoning of wild fruits, and trying to adapt to the identity after crossing, Liszt often feels incredible.

After working overtime, he was born again as a nobleman.

Still aristocrats of different worlds.

This different world is somewhat similar to medieval Europe, where castles and knights dominate everything on the earth. But it is a magical magical world. There are dragons and elves, knights can cultivate vindictiveness, and mysterious magicians. Even himself, he also cultivated "Basic Fighting" and became a trainee knight.

"Primary vindictive."

A constant flow of gas in the body, along with his mind, flowed between his hands, suddenly felt the palms hot, powerful power filled with them.

The kind of stinging swelling made him feel like he could tear the tiger and leopard.

The knight can rule the innocent land, relying on the vindictive power of power.

Doing qi cultivation.

It is the "training knight" who masters the primary vindictiveness. The master of the middle class is the "land knight", and the master of high vindictiveness is the "sky knight".

Liszt's father, the hereditary "Peace of the Coral Island", Lee William (Leewilliam), tulip, is a sky knight who has mastered the high morale. In your own territory, on the coral island equivalent to a prefecture-level city area, you have absolute life and killing power, you only need to loyalty to the sapphire grand public.


As the third son of the Earl, he did not inherit the tuition talent of the Tulip family. Even though he was 16 years old, he was still only a trainee knight.

His brother, Levis Tulip, became a land knight at the age of thirteen and is now an elite among the land knights. One can challenge three land knights.

My sister, Lvera Tulip, also became a land knight before she became an adult.

There is also a half-brother, Lytton Tulip, who is 12 years old and is said to be promoted to the Knights of the Earth.

Liszt inherited more of the appearance of his mother, the late countess. Light gold with a little curly hair, sapphire-like eyes, correct facial features, white skin, and long body, a noble aristocratic wind. But the qualification is too wasteful.

Perhaps the appearance is too much like a mother, and the count has placed great expectations on him.

The greater the expectation, the greater the disappointment.

When he grew up, his father was completely disappointed with him and even expressed disgust.

His brother Levi's was temporarily enshrined as a "life visor" and was destined to inherit the "hereditary count". My sister Li Weila, also rarely obtained as the Baron of Falcon Town, became the rare "hereditary female jazz" of the Sapphire Grand Duchy, not a short-lived jazz.

And he, just like his sister, is a baron, or the most remote flower town on Coral Island.

Liszt, whose character is like her mother, has always been soft and weak. She has been bullied by her brother and sister. After she grew up, her communication with the count has been reduced. She even prefers to live in the Knights College and is not willing to go home.

"Fortunately, he is a firewood that is not concerned. I replaced him. No one will notice... and have a piece of his own land, hereditary replacement, and mastering the land to kill and seize power. It is wonderful." Liszt has already spent The initial panic, trying to integrate into the world.

It must also be integrated to live like an indigenous person.

Because of this world, the traversor does not have much advantage - magic, vindictiveness surpasses science - he can't make nuclear weapons and grow mushrooms everywhere, so the idea of ​​using science and magic, fighting for enthusiasm must be shelved.

Even after he understood some situations, he felt that he was becoming a low-key person--the metal deposits were all from the dragons, and the plants were so strong that they could not do without the elves!

There are no dragons, no elves.

Want to farm, want the industrial revolution, it is a fantasy!

But the dragon and the elf are the rare essence of the world. The Sapphire Grand Duchy has only one dragon. It belongs to the sapphire dragon of the sapphire Grand Duke 150 years ago. The entire sapphire family is built on this dragon.

It is said that a dragon can live for a thousand years, that is to say, the Grand Duchy of Sapphire has hundreds of years of national transport to enjoy.

The elves are more than the dragon, but the level is clear.

Liszt’s father, Li William Tulip, owns a “Tulip Elf”, which helped the family grow a large number of tulips, and the family was established, and the surname was changed to “Tulips”. The elf can live two hundred years old, the tulip family can not enjoy accidents, but also enjoy more than 150 years.

Below the big elf, it is an elf that can live for a hundred years.

The tulip family, with twelve elves, helps the family cultivate a variety of plants.

Below the elf, there is an elf bug, an elf born from a plant that has a ten-year life and can affect the growth of plants. If you have an organic relationship within ten years, you can evolve into an elf. As for the elf bug itself, it is also a coincidence that one will be born out of the plant.

The tulip family has been cultivating coral islands for more than 20 years, and has harvested more than 100 genie worms. It is only dead more than 150, and only 12 of them have evolved into elves.

"The elf... but the predecessor did make the count disgusted, even Li Weila got an elf, and I, only four elves!"

At the Liszt's rite of rite, the Earl of Coral Island announced that he was the baron of the Flower Town and presented four genie worms.

That's it.

"Master, dinner time is up, is it open now?" Butler Carter knocked in the door and succumbed to it.

"Is it already time for dinner? Well, go and ask the two teachers to come and eat together." Liszt did not stretch his waist gracefully, and he could have suffocated him during this period of time.

After a while, the two teachers came together.

The blonde and tuxedo are the family teacher Gao Ertai. He is forty-five years old. He is a lonely Knight of the Knights. He is attached to the tulip family and is mainly responsible for Liszt’s academic education. Of course, his job is the administrative officer of the Flower Town, helping Liszt manage the entire flower town.

"Liszt, your face looks much better, thank God, you can see your healthy and lively running." Galthai said, very casual.

Another serious expression, meticulous action, is Liszt's knight teacher Marcus.

His strength is already a land knight, but he has not yet won the title of nobility. The family has been a tutor of the tulip family from the knight, to his generation, finally a land knight.

Liszt smiled slightly: "The two teachers have arrived, Mr. Carter, have trouble dining."

"As you wish, Master." The old butler Carter elegantly left the living room and went downstairs to inform the kitchen to deliver the meal.

"Mr. Marcus, my body has recovered almost, I hope to continue my knight course from tomorrow." Liszt said.

There is no expression on the face of Marcus: "Yes."

When Liszt saw it, he smiled and knew that the land knight was resentful. He hopes to make a meritorious deed on the battlefield, earning the Lord Knight, and smashing the society and becoming a member of the nobility. But he was transferred to serve as the Knight of Liszt, trapped in the backcountry of the flower town.

In the tulip family, Liszt is also a famous waste material, that is to say, following Liszt, the chance of becoming a nobleman is almost non-existent.

Soon, the old butler took the servant and the maid and brought the plate up.

There are not many meals, the quality of life in the town of flowers is very low, and the output is not much. Liszt is a son who is not favored by the count, and the materials he brings are not plentiful and cannot support the luxury life.

Liszt was eating very seriously.

Crossing is a technical activity, and it has become a great fortune to become a nobleman. You must know that except for the nobility, most of the civilians in this world are just two-legged sheep.

Including his two teachers, he is actually his servant, and his words can determine their life and death.

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