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Chapter 286: A Huge Fish

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Little Lei jumped into the lake and did not come up for a long time. Xue Fanxin began to panic, feeling that she had been too careless. Despite knowing that the lake was perilous, she still let him go in it. If anything happened to him, she would feel guilty for the rest of her life.

Fifteen minutes, then thirty minutes passed. There was still no movement. Xue Fanxin could no longer sit still. She paced around the lake, fraught with worry.

“Why isn’t Little Lei back yet?”

“Your Highness, Little Lei is very powerful. He definitely won’t do anything he’s not confident in. Since he dares to enter the lake, he must have complete confidence in himself, so you don’t have to be too worried.” Zhuri was also concerned about Little Lei, but he trusted him.

Although he was not clear about Little Lei’s background, the Lord had once said that he was a special person and was very powerful. Even if he died, he might not really be dead.

“I hope so.” Despite Zhuri reassuring her, Xue Fanxin was still worried about Little Lei.

The people from the four great families were also waiting by the lake. Some were staring at the lake, while others were looking at Xue Fanxin. They were secretly gloating in her misfortune.

Third Master Xue was itching to ridicule Xue Fanxin, but he was secretly warned by Xue Hanxi, so he did not say anything in the end. However, his face was filled with smugness. Even if he did not say anything, anyone with eyes could tell what he was thinking.

Xue Fanxin was not in the mood though. She stared at the lake and waited anxiously, hoping that Little Lei would come out soon.

She no longer cared if he could catch the fish. She only hoped that Little Lei was okay.

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While Xue Fanxin was burning with anxiety and Third Master Xue and the others were gloating, the water finally rippled. The originally calm lake began to undulate as if something huge was about to come out of the water.

The crowd’s eyes were glued to the lake, unwilling to even blink. Those who had been gloating just now started to panic, especially Third Master Xue. He kept cursing in his heart, hoping that Little Lei would not come out alive.

There was a loud bang. A huge fish shot out of the lake and flew into the air. Immediately after, a handsome young man flew out of the lake elegantly. His speed was faster than the big fish. He flashed into the air and kicked the fish to the shore.

“Get lost.” Xue Fanxin’s tightened heart finally relaxed, and she heaved a sigh of relief. However, when she saw Little Lei pose as if he was prepared to kick the fish, and then looked in the direction he was kicking in, she panicked again. She called Gu Jinyuan and the others beside her and brought them to a safe place.

The four great families were staring at the large fish, as well as the young man, in shock. When they suddenly heard Xue Fanxin’s shout, they returned to their senses and immediately hid to the side.

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Still, some people reacted a little late. It was tragic.

The large fish slammed into the ground, causing a huge tremor and sending those who were slow flying.

Fortunately, they were only sent flying and did not get flattened by the fish. Otherwise, they would have died.

Little Lei flashed down and appeared in front of Xue Fanxin. He said excitedly, “Girl, girl, I caught an adult Electric Water Eel. Remember to make me a roasted fish.”

Xue Fanxin could not hear Little Lei at all. She stared at the fish in front of her in shock. What a huge fish!

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