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Chapter 556: Extremely Poor

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Ye Jiushang brought Xue Fanxin to a restaurant and asked for a table by the window on the second floor. However, just to book this table, they had to pay 5,000 ghost coins first before ordering.

Xue Fanxin had never encountered such a situation. She had to pay for the table when she ate at a restaurant. Although the table was a little high-class and the environment was extravagant, these were all secondary. They were things that the restaurant should provide for free. It was really depressing to have to pay for these.

However, she had no choice. Ah Jiu said that anyone who came here had to abide by the rules. Otherwise, no one would have a good ending.

In other words, no matter how depressed and unwilling she was, she had to give them the 5,000 ghost coins. Or she could forget about enjoying delicious food.

Forget it, forget it. It was worth spending more money on delicious food.

When Xue Fanxin paid the 5,000 ghost coins for the table, the waiter handed her a menu and let her choose the dishes she wanted.

The menu was not ordinarily thick; it was very, very thick. It was quite exquisite. There were pictures and words, as well as a simple introduction to the dishes. The food was categorized in a regular manner. Despite being thick, it was easy to find the dishes you wanted to eat. There were detailed explanations for the soup, stew, and stir-fry. It was like a thick dictionary.

“This is the first time I’ve seen such a thick menu!” A second ago, Xue Fanxin was still marveling at the difference in the menu from before. The next second, she was so frightened by the price marked on it that her face turned black. “Oh my god! A plate of green vegetables costs 50,000 ghost coins.”

She only had a million ghost coins on her. Didn’t that mean she could only eat twenty portions of green vegetables?

This meant that her billions of spirit coins could only buy twenty portions.

Fortunately, every table in the restaurant was separated by a large distance and was blocked by a simple screen. The customers at the next table did not hear Xue Fanxin’s cry of alarm. Otherwise, they would have definitely cast a mocking gaze at her.

Ye Jiushang, on the other hand, sat calmly, unfazed by the prices. He looked at his stunned little consort and said, “These are not ordinary green vegetables but spirit herbs that can be eaten as vegetables. Eating a small portion can increase quite a lot of spirit energy. If a person’s spirit energy is depleted, they can recover almost completely after a simple meal here.”

“It’s that magical?” Xue Fanxin looked at the menu again and realized that every dish had the main ingredients written in detail, which were anything but ordinary. There were Nine Heavens Jade Rabbit, Chaotic Snow Wolf, Flying Fire Wind Chicken, and so on. She had never even heard of many of them.

Just by looking at the name, she knew that these main ingredients were incomparably precious.

As an experienced foodie, how could she control herself when she encountered so much delicious food that she had never eaten before?

She really wanted to eat all the dishes first…

However, each dish cost an arm and a leg. The one million ghost coins she had could at most get her four to five dishes.

Xue Fanxin suddenly felt that she was poor. She did not even have enough for a meal.

“Ah Jiu, I’m so poor!” Xue Fanxin closed the menu and stared at Ye Jiushang with a tearful expression. She did not dare to look at the menu anymore. If she did, she would be even more depressed.

“Order a few dishes first. These are not ordinary dishes and contain spirit energy. If you eat too much, it will be a waste if your body can’t absorb the spirit energy inside. When I have the chance, I’ll bring you here to eat as much as you want. When you go to the Mystic Realm, there will be even more delicious food there.”

Xue Fanxin rolled her eyes and said, “If you don’t have money, just say it. I won’t mock you. There’s no need to beat around the bush.”

A voice suddenly sounded. “Waiter, I’ll pay the bill for those two over there.”

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