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Chapter 672: 672 My Hip

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672 My Hip

Xue Fanxin glanced at the man, then took out a bowl, and filled it with porridge. “For you.”

“Thank you!” The man did not hesitate. He stared at the full bowl of porridge. “I’ll repay your kindness in the future.”

“It’s nothing. You seem to have suffered serious injuries. Do you want me to take a look? I’m a doctor. Perhaps I can help you.”

“No need.” The man turned to leave. He was carefree and did not curry favor just because he had received someone else’s favor.

Xue Fanxin shrugged and laughed it off. She did not take it to heart, but she did not know how much support this bowl of porridge had given her in the future.

Heiyue had been watching from the side and did not have much of an impression of the man. She only thought that he was a rogue cultivator who had fallen into trouble here and had come to ask for some food.

Because of Xue Fanxin, not only did everyone have water to drink, but they also had something to eat. Their conditions were much better.

Thousands of people were gathered in the sandstone pit. Everyone leaned against the huge rocks to rest and did not disturb each other. Only a few people chose to join forces, but that kind of alliance was very weak. When they really faced death, everyone would take care of themselves first.

There was no night in this desert. The sun hung high in the sky day and night. Humans needed a lot of water to survive in such an environment. No matter how high their cultivation level was, they still needed water. Without it, they would die quickly.

Fortunately, there were quite a few water cultivators among these thousands of people who could provide water for everyone. Otherwise, more people would die every day.

Xue Fanxin finished cooking and sat by the grill to roast the fish. She also asked Heiyue about something.

“Heiyue, you’ve been trapped here for more than a month. Did anything strange happen with a stone tablet or something carved with strange words?”

“There’s no stone tablet, but there’s something engraved with strange words. It’s…” Heiyue was halfway through her sentence when she was suddenly interrupted by a sharp cry.


Then, there was a loud bang and dust flew everywhere.

It seemed like a person had fallen from the sky and smashed into the sandstone pit. The impact was great, smashing a huge hole.

With such a commotion, many people craned their necks to look over. Those in the tent also came out. They stared intently at the middle of the pit and waited for the dust to dissipate to see the newcomer.

If the person was weak, then wait to be robbed by them.

“Cough, cough… It hurts so much. Damn you, Little White. How did you lead the way and make me fall from such a high place?

“Cough, cough… Why is there so much sand?

“Aiya… My hip…”

Xue Fanxin heard a familiar voice and recognized who had fallen from the sky. Just as she was about to go over, she realized that not far away, many people were already preparing to attack him. It seemed like they planned to kill the person and snatch what was on him.

“No one is to move, or don’t blame me for being impolite.”

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