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Chapter 695: 695 This Plan Will Do

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695 This Plan Will Do

Du Yuxuan did not doubt Old Man Yin Feng’s words at all. She believed him completely. Because of this, she became more and more panicked and afraid.

If the Heavenly Spirit Sect was really unable to resist the Nine Cloud Palace, the Sect Master would definitely sacrifice her in exchange for the safety of the sect. At that time, even her grandfather would not be able to protect her.

No, she would not allow things to develop to that extent.

“Old Man Yin Feng, you must have a countermeasure for coming to me to say this, right? Tell me. If it works, I’ll definitely support and cooperate with you.”

“Miss Du is indeed straightforward. Actually, I don’t have any good countermeasures. I only have one goal, and that is to kill everyone from the Nine Cloud Palace here.”

“Isn’t that obvious? Of course I know that those people have to die here, but the problem is how to make them all die here. Not only that, but there are also thousands of people who have to be silenced. Unless you can let those people from the Nine Cloud Palace die in an accident and make them die without having anything to do with us, even if they all die here, the matter can’t be hidden.” Du Yuxuan was not too stupid. After learning how powerful the Nine Cloud Palace was, she realized many things.

Of course, most people would be able to think about this. It was no big deal.

Old Man Yin Feng naturally knew how to do this. He smiled sinisterly and said, “I have a strange colorless and odorless poison here. As long as a person touches a little, the spirit energy in their body will gradually dissipate after two days. In the end, they won’t be able to gather spirit energy, but that’s the only effect it has. It can’t kill people. However, even an Earth-level alchemist can’t sense this poison. Even a high-level poison master might not be able to discover it. Therefore, even if you poison them, you won’t leave any traces.”

“This poison can’t kill people. So what if it’s mysterious? Don’t forget that we want the lives of those from the Nine Cloud Palace,” Du Yuxuan said ferociously. She wished she could tear Xue Fanxin into pieces and grind her bones into dust.

“Little girl, don’t be anxious. Let me finish.” Old Man Yin Feng’s smile became even more sinister. His evil appearance was like a poisonous snake. “That Xue Fanxin will definitely go and fight the rock monster in three days. If her spirit energy dissipates at that time and she can’t gather spirit energy, what do you think the outcome will be?”

“Needless to say, she will be killed by the rock monsters…” At this point, Du Yuxuan suddenly came to a realization.

So this was Old Man Yin Feng’s plan.

If this poison was really that magical, then this plan could work.

Old Master Yin Feng knew that Du Yuxuan already knew his plan, so he handed her a small medicine bottle. “I’ll leave the poisoning to Miss Du.”

“Why me?” Du Yuxuan asked unhappily.

“Because you can come into contact with Xue Fanxin more easily than me. You don’t have to consume this poison. As long as you put it in the air, everyone within thirty feet will be poisoned. You can find an excuse to cause a ruckus with Xue Fanxin. It’s enough as long as you can come into close contact with her.”

“You can do such a thing too.”

“I’m an old man and an elder. No matter what method I use to approach Xue Fanxin, it will make people suspicious. Didn’t you have a conflict with Xue Fanxin previously? Actually, you can use this matter to make a fuss, such as settling scores with Xue Fanxin. Of course, it’s just for show. You can leave after saying a few words in a rage. As long as you open the medicine bottle when you speak and wait for about ten breaths, it’ll be enough.”

Du Yuxuan was originally a little resistant and did not want to do this, but after hearing Old Master Yin Feng’s words and coupled with her hatred for Xue Fanxin, she finally agreed to Old Master Yin Feng and did as he said.

Anyway, this poison would not leave any traces, nor would it take her life. In the end, Xue Fanxin would die at the hands of the rock monsters… In that case, Xue Fanxin’s death could not be blamed on her.

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